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As you know, the Angel Light Center strives to provide
our customers with products and services of the highest
quality and value. We also strive to serve our guests
with the highest degree of Customer Service and Satis-
faction. Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to help
you with the selection of products and services that best
fit your needs. We'd like to take this opportunity to intro-
duce you to some of the smiling faces that you will see
when you visit the center.


How can we help
you today?
  Kelly Halverson

I have been "hanging out" at Angel Light for a very
long time now and I am so excited to be a part of the
community in this new way. I have loved crystals and
rocks since I was a little girl and am passionate about
their healing properties for people. My goal is to assist
the Angel Light community through my knowledge of
crystals, stones and different energetic therapies that I
have learned through Angel Light's School of Energy Medicine.

I have earned certifications in Crystal Healing, Chakra
and Advanced Chakra Healing, Japanese Reiki and I
am currently a Reiki Level III practitioner with a special
interest in working with the animal community and
cherished pets.

Kelly will be working every Sunday at Angel Light.



Randy Kassa is Angel Light’s Hero Angel. He has spent
countless hours helping to build Angel Light. He has
toted, tugged, pulled, cleaned assembled and fixed.
Many of Angel Light’s customers have met him when he
was on his hands and knees bent over a project or
outside shoveling the snow. Without him, Angel Light
would still be a dream.

Randy is a full time Realtor and owner of Randall
Properties. He is a hero not only at Angel Light but in
the way he runs his business and in the way he
conducts his life. Everyone who meets him and has an
opportunity to work with him is truly blessed.

Randy is the husband of Sheri Bauer and a true partner
at Angel Light.


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