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From a small child on, I had an inner knowing that I was on
a journey, led forward by my many angel guides to arrive in
this time and in this space and in this creation. I believe that
Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts is my assigned mis-

About 10 years ago, I was addressing issues related to my
own health. Over a three year period, I went from doctor to
doctor and from test to test (blood work right up to MRI brain
scans) trying to find out why I was feeling so awful almost
every day of my life. I was tired and achy and suffered from
headaches and depression. So it was understandable that
the medical community came up with a variety of diagnoses
including borderline Lupus and Fibromyalgia.

Sheri Bauer, RRMT, CAHP, BD
Founder of Angel Light
Center for the Healing Arts

At that point in my life, I could have accepted the medical opinions and started the typical
offering of medication and therapy; however, something way down inside of me, my inner
knowing, told me that I needed to look deeper into the connection between my mind, body
and spirit for possible answers. After all, I had been interested in alternative healing modali-
ties and energy work since the early 1980’s. Wasn’t it time to practice and apply, for myself,
what I had already learned? Wasn’t it possible to take back my power and ability to help
myself while still being able to tap into the marvelous resources of modern medicine if

It was then I decided to investigate nutrition and natural remedies. I began to work with Chi
energy through Tai Chi and Qigong and began practicing with a marvelous Tai Chi instructor
trained under well known Chinese Masters. I began by learning how to move energy through
breath. It was the key that unlocked the first door. I also began reading about the practice of
Reiki. Within three months, I had re-balanced my energy system and restored my health.
More importantly, I had regained a positive attitude and optimistic outlook, and was ready to
face life and new challenges. This was all pretty amazing to me.

It was at about this point in time, that I began visualizing a Center where people could come
to learn about their own spiritual development and self healing. This Center would not replace
traditional medicine, but work in tandem to provide a greater understanding of the mind, body
and spirit connection, expanding beyond the physical and promoting healing at all levels of
being. The basis for this Center would be the recognition that every individual is a unique and
wonderful creation, made up of many components, and that every unique and wonderful
creation, deserves respect, appreciation and support along his/her individual path of discov-
ery, healing and spiritual becoming.

While visualizing this center, I saw a home that had different areas for books and music and
aromatherapy products. I saw life changing and inspirational books on the book shelves,
featuring authors like Carolyn Myss, Deepak Chopra, and Dr. Wayne Dyer. I saw visionary gifts
from artists in the USA and all around the world and I saw exquisite, handcrafted art and
accessories. This Center had music that touched your very heart and soul and information on
just about every subject that could positively influence your mind, body and spirit. There
would also be classes offered on just about every subject including self-improvement, spiritual
development and energy work.

Finally in December of 2006, after 10 years of holding this vision in my mind, and on a spark
of divine love and faith, Angel Light opened its doors. It has been dedicated as a gathering
place for all people, of all cultures and of all beliefs. Angel Light is my Center and it is your
Center. It is a place of love and peace and spiritual exploration. So, if you would like to take
a ride on angel wings and gentle winds, I welcome you.

Many blessings~
Sheri Bauer

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