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Sheri offers Reiki treatments for your physical, emotional and
spiritual well-being. Feel the stress of your busy life melt away
during your session.

Current Rates:
$65.00 per hour, $75.00 for 75 minutes, $90.00 for 90 minutes.

$195.00 for four 60 minute sessions
$225.00 for four 75 minute sessions
$270.00 for four 90 minute sessions
Sheri Bauer, RRMT, CAHP, BD

For available
appointment times, please call The Angel Light Center at 262-787-3001.


Sheri Bauer, owner of the Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts, is a Registered Reiki
Teacher, Certified Arch Healing Practitioner and a Birth Doula. After more than 25 years in
the corporate world, she decided to pursue her life long interests and dreams. The outcome
is the Angel Light Center and the “Art of Healing” program.

Sheri also owns an accessory business, Celestial Designs LLC, and works in partnership with
her sister Dana on this venture.
To learn more about Sheri, please visit Sheri's Story.


In addition to her Reiki Practice, Sheri also incorporates Tuning Forks, Crystal energy Work,
Guided Meditation and Sound Healing into her Energy Medicine practice. Sheri has learned
through a lifetime of study and experience that one treatment plan or one specific model
does not work for everyone. With the full understanding that every individual is unique and
and that they may resonate differently from session to session with the available tools of
of treatment, Sheri specifically designs each session with the highest healing good of every
client as her primary consideration.

Sheri is experienced in all of the modalities listed below and has incorporated them into
her healing practice over the past 25 years. Your session may include one or more of the
following healing modalities:

At the beginning of each session, Sheri will use guided imagery along with breath work to
assist each client to a deep state of relaxation. Through Guided imagery, clients will find
that they are able to relax their bodies more quickly and effectively, often getting in touch
with deeper levels of wisdom (held on a subconscious level) that would help them better
manage their lives in ways that would reduce stress. The studies demonstrating the health
benefits of imagery are so numerous that many hospitals are incorporating imagery as an
option to help with treatment. All of Sheri's sessions incorporate Guided Meditation.

A Reiki Healing session will assist with rebalancing your energy centers, reducing pain and
stress and releasing blocked emotions which often manifest themselves in physical symptoms
of illness. Sheri works with both hands on (radiating energy) and hands off (in the energetic
field) in each session.

During a Tuning Fork session, you will experience the gentle, yet powerful frequency of the
tuning forks that will promote deep states of relaxation and altered states of conciousness.
Tuning Forks are helpful for stress relief, balancing your body's nervous system, increasing
your level of physical energy and mental concentration and improving mental clarity and
brain functions.
Depending upon the type of tuning fork and their specific purpose, they can
be used on or off the body.

Sheri will incorporate specific crystal layouts utilizing sacred geometry to amplify the effect
of each treatment session. Crystal layouts will be used upon request of each client.


How do Crystals work in healing?
Crystals heal by vibrating harmoniously with our body, restoring its balance. Each crystal
has its own vibrational signature, according to its internal structure, mineral content, shape
and color that resonate specifically with the physical structure of our bodies, our organs, our
glands, our emotions, and our mental and spiritual states of being. The skills of each crystal
therapist allow them to choose the crystals which are most effective for the 'dis-ease' or
emotion which needs healing.

What is Reiki Energy Work?

Reiki, pronounced Ray-Kee, is derived from the Japanese word KI. It is the activating energy
of the universe. It directs the energy movement within the body; the energy that creates the
body and determines its state of health. Everything alive contains and radiates life energy,
and Reiki is the biomagnetic energy of all life.

The physical body is made of dense matter consisting of information and energy, but people
and animals are much more than their physical body alone. There also exists a body of vi-
brational energy that directs the state of the physical body. Where conventional medicine
treats only the physical body, Reiki energy work addresses both the physical and the vibra-
tional body. Reiki energy work opens the body's energy channels and clears obstructions,
enabling the body to receive an increase in life energy for faster, greater and more complete
healing. It helps energy circulate around and through the body to keep it healthy, promoting
well-being on a spiritual, emotional and physical level.

Most metaphysical healers believe that all physical pain and disease has nonphysical origins
in emotional trauma, negative mental patterns, or spiritual despair. Reiki energy work, when
combined with conventional or complementary medicine or mental help therapy, can ad-
dress the non-physical causes of disease and distress, increasing the possibility for faster,
greater and more complete healing to take place.

Reiki relieves pain, speeds the healing process, relaxes the receiver, opens and balances
the body's energy centers. It is appropriate in both acute and chronic disease states as well
as emotional and psychological distress. Reiki is a refuge of well being in a world of suffer-
ing. It comforts, calms and soothes. It can release emotional trauma from the present and
past. Reiki energy work can facilitate peace, healing, wellness and positive change.

A Reiki Energy session is gentle and non-invasive. It never causes pain or harm. A session is
facilitated fully clothed, on a massage table, by the application of exceptional light touch. A
session usually lasts 50 to 60 minutes.

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