Our tables and shelves are brimming with a wide selection of products. We have over 17,000 crystals, rocks, and gemstones on our retail shelves.
Our crystals and stones are selected for their quality and uniqueness. They go through five cleansing processes before they are placed on the shelves.
They are all Reiki energized. In addition to our crystal collection, Angel Light has natural stone jewelry, books, sound tools and CD’s, aromatherapy,
candles, statues, spiritual gifts, smudge supplies and so much more! Please stop by and view our full collection of items.


Every crystal at Angel Light is unique and carries its own energetic signature. The advantage of selecting your crystal in person is that you are
able to accurately see the color, size, and unique configurations that each crystal contains. Many crystal enthusiasts believe that feeling the energy
of a crystal has great value in its selection. The theory is that the right crystal “will choose you” because it has unique properties that can assist you
on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level. When you are in the presence of the crystal, you are able to bond with the crystal. When you
buy on-line, the use of all your senses is limited.

This gallery is an overview of some of our offerings. Just like Angel Light, this section will continue to grow.

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