Angel Light LLC strives to keep our students and customers informed of all School and Store policies. If any of your questions or concerns are
not listed here, please contact the center

       In Person: 13300 Watertown Plank Road, Elm Grove, WI 53122
       By Telephone: 262-787-3001
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In maintaining our privacy policy, Angel Light LLC will always keep your information in the strictest
confidence. We do not sell, trade, loan or distribute any contact information with any third parties
unless required by law.

This information includes name, address, phone number, email address, payment information and
any other personal details that you wish to remain private.

Angel Light treats all Student, Client and Customer information as confidential.


    • Full refunds or pro-rated refunds will be issued if a student incurs a medical emergency
      prior to or during a classes series providing that he/she has a signed statement from their

    • If a student has a non-medical emergency or a personal situation which enables them
      from competing a class, workshop or class series, a pro-rated refund may be issued in the
      form of a credit towards a future class in the amount of their deposit or payment in full as
      long as this request is made with at least 3 days (72 hrs) notice prior to the posted class or
      event. Students may elect to take the same class or have the amount of their payment
      credited toward another class of their choice as class availability or seating permits.

    • A cash refund may be granted upon written appeal; however, each refund granted will be
      subject to a $10 administrative fee and each request for a refund must occur at least 3 days
      (72 hrs) prior to the class, workshop, class series or scheduled event.

     • If a student no-shows for a class, workshop or special event, no refunds will be disbursed
      or credits applied for future classes. Some Classes/Events may have a no-refund policy.

   • Students will be refunded their class deposits or payment in full when a class minimum
      of at least (four) students has not been reached.

    Some Special Events may have a no-refund policy.


     • If the City of Milwaukee and outlying communities declare a snow emergency and the
       Milwaukee Public Schools are officially closed, Angel Light and the Art of Healing School
       of Energy Medicine will close as well to ensure the safety of all students. Students will be
       advised via email or a personal phone call if a class should need to be cancelled.

    • Classes will not be cancelled as long as the roads are passable and snow emergencies
       have not been declared.

    • If your instructor needs to cancel/reschedule a class due to circumstances beyond their
      control, your instructor will notify Angel Light and the Art of Healing School of Energy
      Medicine to procure a unified decision to cancel. An email or phone call to you from the
      instructor and/or an Angel Light staff member will then be made to advise you of the
      cancellation and to let you know the make-up date for the cancelled class.


    • Your instructor will provide his/her contact information to you at the beginning of a class
      or class series. In case of any concerns regarding the Art of Healing School of Energy
      Medicine, the facility, the School policies, class instructors and/or the curriculum content,
      please contact the school Director, Sheri Bauer, at or by phone
      at 262-787-3001. All concerns and information provided will remain confidential.

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