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Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts

TIME: 1-2:30 PM

The Power of Love and Awakened Consciousness A Protocol for Mind, Body, Soul Healing
By Peig Myota, BSN, MSW, OM
This is a FREE workshop and book signing!

From veteran healer Peig Myota comes The Power of Love and Awakened Consciousness, a
comprehensive guide to walking the path toward more inclusive love and awakened conscious-
ness as an expression of Soul-Infused living. In a vast departure from New Age hyperbole that
relies on repetitious platitudes about how love can save the world, Myota incorporates scientific
research, metaphysical evidence and personal experiences that establish the truth, namely, that
human beings were designed with the ability to heal themselves and achieve enlightened
consciousness. She also presents a strong case for how the Science of Light Energy Consciousness
reveals the living truth that the frequency of love can be found within the cellular DNA of the body.

Relying on over forty years of professional experience, Myota assists the reader in acquiring the
absolute conviction that the power of love was built into the fabric of human existence. The central
theme for this book is predicated on the concept that the power of love is the energy frequency
that must be accessed to achieve advanced stages of healing and awakened consciousness.

The Power of Love and Awakened Consciousness offers a detailed description of the true meaning
of the frequency of love in action, including:

   • The definition of love as purpose
   • The energetic structure for the frequency of love
   • How to access and demonstrate the power of love
   • How to command the power of love to heal ourselves, others and the greater world

The need for this book has never been so great. Myota addresses the current challenges being
experienced by individuals and the world at large as a “training ground” offering opportunities
for achieving personal and collective healing. The solution for healing individual and worldwide
crises during this current age of accelerated awakening has been held for eons within the secret
teachings of the ancient mystery schools. These teachings are being revealed at this time to assist
the evolution of human consciousness.

Designed for the modern mystic, The Power of Love and Awakened Consciousness provides a
creative structured protocol for mind, body, soul healing that will assist these wayshowers in
carrying out the mission begun centuries ago by Ascended Masters and other evolved beings.


Peig Myota, BSN, MSE, OM has over forty years of clinical experience in both traditional health-
care and the healing arts. She began her career as a nurse on the fields of psychology and
obstetrics, then transitioned into energy work. In addition to completing post-graduate study
programs in Cosolargy and Integral Psychology, she has studied the Science of Light Energy
Consciousness and Frequency Healing with internationally recognized professionals, as well as
advanced training in Intuitive Energy Diagnosis, Heart-Centered Healing, Regression Therapy,
Reiki Master Teacher Certification, Energy Psychology, and Soul Genesis Matrix Reading
Certification. Currently, Peig is continuing her scholarly research in cellular DNA healing and
awakening consciousness.

Her Body, Mind, Soul Healing is based on the concept that “Love is the intelligent light energy
that creates healing for the world.” She has developed a protocol for achieving advanced stages
of healing and awakened consciousness. Peig has traveled extensively and presented her work at
a number of international conferences.

Peig has held board member positions in numerous professional organizations, including the
American Association of University Women, the Wisconsin Association of Outpatient Mental Health
Facilities, the Wisconsin Association Task Force on Sexual Misconduct by Psychotherapists and
Counselors, the National Association of Women Business Owners, and the Wisconsin Women’s
Cancer Coalition.

She has also held faculty positions at Alverno College, the Institute for Healing Arts, and the
Milwaukee School of Massage. She has developed a number of private study programs including
the Solar Light Study Program, Cosmic Consciousness Study Program, Mind Power the Competitive
Edge TM, and Live Your Vision.

Peig currently resides and works in Brookfield, Wisconsin. In her private practice, located in the
Infinity Healing Center, she specializes in BioAcoustic Voice Frequency Evaluation, LED Light
Therapy, Soul Genesis Matrix Readings and Soul Transition Training. In her therapy work she
integrates light therapy, the power of love, and conscious intention with soul-centered mentoring
to assist clients in achieving cellular DNA healing and awakened consciousness. She also maintains
a busy teaching schedule, presenting classes related to the science of light energy consciousness
and cellular DNA healing.

October 12th, 12:00-1:30

Fee: $55 per person, Register by October 2nd
Due to the special nature of this workshop,
NO REFUNDS will be allowed on cancellations after October 2nd.

Your body, your energy, speaks louder than your words - it shows who you truly are, how you truly
feel, where you are headed in life, and where you are stuck. It alters people’s perception of you
and it ultimately impacts you on every level. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn what YOUR
body is saying - and the power that you can gain through body awareness.

Yana German, an esteemed Mind-Body Pattern Shifter, has the ability to read what you truly feel
inside and presents elusive concepts in a way that will allow you to understand them like never

This workshop will help you:
   • Connect with your truth, allowing you to experience an instant shift
   • Gain an understanding of the core obstacles that keep you from living your life to the fullest
   • Feel your own power and potential, ultimately becoming the powerhouse for yourself
   • Learn hands on tools that will allow you to move forward in a different way, including Yana’s      unique method for feeling more grounded instantly

Be prepared to be amazed at what you will discover and how you will change during this experience!

Yana German uses over 18 years of experience as a Mind-Body Pattern Shifter and Body Language
Expert to help individuals experience a positive transformation from within. She has an organic
approach to personal development, focusing on the relationship between the mind and the physio-
energetic body, in which thoughts, emotions, and behavioral patterns interact. This approach helps
her students understand the biology and psychology behind transformation, making the entire
process more relatable and tangible.

Yana’s unique gift is that of a Spiritual Analyst. She has the ability tune into the frequency of a
person's physical movements, specifically their walk, and to allow that energy wrap her up so she
can see what is functioning within the dysfunction of each person, analyzing exactly where they
are at this point in time. Through this spiritual analysis, she can know if a person is aligned with
themselves, identify how they truly feel inside, and sense not only who they are but what their
ultimate potential is. Her ability to read a person’s walk spot on amazes all who have the oppor-
tunity to experience her workshops and truly gives one the feeling of being truly seen, down to
their soul!

With this analysis as a starting point, Yana is then able to align a person’s perception so that they
can feel and sense their own power, allowing them to reach their highest potential in the physical

Yana shares her knowledge and hands on tools with students through Workshops, Master Classes,
and her life changing Weekend Intensives. She also speaks nationally, with appearances on
Access Hollywood, Good Day, Pix11 New York, Fox32, and other media outlets. Many of her TV
appearances are as an Anti-Bullying Advocate, sharing body language tips to help empower
children against bullying.


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The best way to learn and grow as a Reiki Practitioner is to share Reiki with others.

September 19th, November 6th
Time: 6:15 - 8:00
Fee: $15.00 per person, per share, 4 person minimum
Facilitated By: Sheri Bauer


Shares are a wonderful way for Reiki practitioners to share in the energy that is Reiki and to learn from each other in a trusting and loving environment. Participants must pre-register and pay in advance to reserve their spot. All shares will begin with an Opening Meditation.
All levels of Reiki welcomed.

Again, we must have a commitment of four practitioners to hold a Reiki Share. So, please register ahead of time.

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