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Readings are  ½ Hour - $45.00  |  45 min - $65.00  |  1 Hour - $85.00  |  1 ½ Hour - $120.00

Please book in advance to reserve your preferred reading time. Reader Bios

Rose Readings with Patrice
Saturday, Dec 1, 11:00am – 4:00pm

Readings with Ginny
Saturday, Dec 8, 11:00am - 4:00pm

Tarot Readings with Lesley-Anne (Les)
Saturday, Dec 15, 11:00am – 4:00pm

Shamanic Readings with Dr. Sally
Sunday, Dec 9, 11:00am – 4:00pm

Animal Readings with Aimee
Saturday, Dec 22, 11:00am – 4:00pm

Tarot Readings with Bobbi
Saturday, Dec 29, 11:00am – 4:00pm

Readings with Barbara
Sunday, Dec 30, 11:00am – 4:00pm

Aimee currently provides Animal Communication (including missing animal communication)
for your pets. She has an amazing ability to communicate with your animal friends that are
in your life now, have transitioned beyond, and those that could appear sometime in the
future. She will be offering animal communication readings monthly at Angel Light.

Barbara is an experienced spiritual intuitive and certified Akashic Records Reader. As the
complete record of every Soul and its journey, this spiritual resource can provide guidance
and inspiration as well as information on past lives for insights and resolution and healing
of present life questions and issues. The dynamic, radiant and compassionate quality of the
Akashic realm comes through in a reading, as received from the Akashic Masters and
Teachers. Because of the vast amount of information available, readings are most effective
when directed by questions from the client which provide a focus.

Bobbi is an Energy Worker and Spirit Channel who, through the use of tarot cards and
Native American wisdom cards, brings you messages from your spiritual team on the other
side. Each session is built for you to receive the loving support and guidance of your spirit
guides, who are eager to answer your questions and guide you through life. Bobbi has
worked with a variety of people, from all walks of life, and is a certified energy healer.

Ginny is a well known Medium and Angel Reader who accesses the wisdom of the higher
realms, providing information from your angels, guides, ascended masters and loved ones.
Ginny also facilitates monthly Spirit Message Circles at Angel Light.

Lesley-Anne (Les)
Start your day off with a wonderful earth-based reading with Lesley-Anne Raven, who
connects with Spirit through the ancient tools of the Celtic Tree Ogham and Viking Futhark
Runes. The Ogham offers the gentle deep wisdom of the trees, the Runes, a solid strong
knowledge of the stone, along with oracles of Mother Earth, Animal Spirit Guides, Chakras
and the Angels. These intuitive energies of old share unique guidance that your spirit guides
and the universe are happy to offer you at this moment on your life’s journey. This reading
will give you comforting clarity to help you on your path and help with questions. Watch for
those “ah ha” moments! Les has been connecting with these wonderful tools for over 25
years, and they serve as an inspiration for her artwork and music. She now looks forward
to sharing their magic with you!

Patrice uses Rose Energy Readings to validate your connection to Spirit and explore the
experiences and energies that are co-creating “you” in present time. Look at how long
you’ve been on planet Earth; past lifetimes that may be affecting this lifetime, present time
programmability, what or who in this lifetime is in the layers of your aura and may be
influencing your decisions and energy. Recognizing the connection to Spirit and various
intuitive abilities from an early age, Patrice has been on a journey that has led her to
explore and experience many spiritual and metaphysical practices- from channeling,
trance mediumship and visions, to the study and connection to the angelic realms, a
scended masters and stargates.

Dr. Sally is an energy healing practitioner and teacher with training and experience in
shamanic healing. Usui Reiki, the 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki, yoga and art. The Shamanic
are based on our in-born spiritual connection to the land, on our natural ability
to give and receive energetic information through our chakras, and on the power of breath
to carry intention. She may use sound induction, breath, stones, crystals, sticks, coins and/
or oracle cards in a reading, as the guiding spirits direct. Intuitive shamanic readings may
help you make a decision, understand the energy of a situation, or confirm your own
intuitive knowledge.


Sunday, September 16th
Agate Slice Tree – An agate crystal is helpful in stabilizing your aura, while soothing and
cleansing the mind to improve perception & concentration. In this circle we will enhance
a beautiful agate slice, by adding the calm, quiet knowing of a tree of wire, infused with
beads & crystal chips and rooted by three special crystals that call just to you!
Class Cost: $25.00
Material Fee: $18.00

Sunday, October 14th
Cobweb Broom - In the spirit of the Halloween season, come and make your own special
broom in this circle! A Broom has three traditional meanings and uses of old… First, as a
symbol of clearing and cleansing what is no longer needed…. Second, it is a symbol of
protection. Hang a broom over the door of your home, and it will “sweep” and keep away
any unwanted energy, and Third… which is the best… it is a symbol of astral visualization
journeys! You will draw symbols of meaning on your broom, such as a special Rune Sigil
or your name in Celtic Tree Ogham and infuse it with crystal chips! Then we will all hop on
our new brooms and take a maiden visualization journey ride and see where it take us!
Class Cost - $30.00
Material Fee: $22.00

Sunday, November 18th
Inner Self-Portrait – In this circle you will connect to your Higher Self in an amazing pro-
cess, very much like automatic writing. You will channel and draw You with a white colored
pencil on white paper. No art skill needed! Then using 3 colors that hold meaning to you,
you “color” over this drawing and watch as your Higher Self appears! This self-portrait can
be printed on a pendant, or other products such as a cup, yoga pants, T-shirt, bookmark, etc.
Class Cost $25.00
Material Fee: $7.00
Cost for Products: See product list provided in class (3-4 weeks for delivery)

Sunday, December 16th
Mandala: The Elements and You – In this circle, you will create your own personal
Mandala that will express your connection to the Four Elements and Mother Nature, Gaia.
Using colored pencils on black paper, you will begin with a center crystal that deeply
expresses you. Then you will experience the outward flow of elemental energy as you
move from the center to a crystal of each direction. As you build your Mandala, a special
Mantra will manifest and become clear to you. You can use your Mantra to assist you in
connecting, at the deepest level, with your higher self every time you look at your Mandala.
Class Cost - $30.00
Materials Fee: $18.00

“SPIRIT ANSWERS" Gallery Readings with channel Lucy Lucia
Fee: $40.00 per session with pre-registration

Got questions? Feeling stuck, anxious, confused? Searching for deeper meanings in your
life? Why not let Spirit guide you. High vibrational Beings including the Ascended Masters,
Light Beings of Wisdom, Arch Angels and your personal Angel Guides will share their
answers through the channel of Lucy Lucia.

Participants are encouraged to submit written questions which will be randomly drawn
throughout the program to be answered. Nothing is off limits and all things will be con-
sidered. We will answer as many questions as time allows. Join us for a lively dialogue
with the Divine.

What is a Gallery Event?
A psychic gallery is an event where attendees come to connect with their angels, guides,
loved ones, and higher self. The event is like an open Q&A or forum where attendees ask
questions and then receive information, love, and support through the answers of the
medium facilitating the event. There are a limited amount of readings available at each
Gallery event and not everyone attending the event will receive a message.

    About Lucy Lucia:
Lucy, who has a degree in Psychology from Loyola University, has
been practicing and teaching alternative healing modalities,
spirituality, and metaphysics since 1999. Energetically sensitive
since birth and gifted with clairvoyance and the abilities to heal
energetically and communicate with spiritual beings, Lucy has had
a lifelong passion to study metaphysics. As an experienced healing
practitioner, Lucy has helped clients located across the US, Canada
and Europe. Over time, she has developed her own healing modality-
Multidimensional Energy Healing (MDEH) - to refine her skill using the
energy of love to heal, and has been using it to help clients since 2010.

    In addition to Lucy’s extensive personal reading, research, and practice, she has studied
formally under different teachers over the last 15 years such as Dr. Eric Pearl, Sonia
Choquette, Steve Rother, Brent Baum, Billie Topa Tate, Jim Self, Dr. Christine Page and
Dr. Robert Gilbert. Some of her training certifications include: Developing Intuition and
Clairvoyance, Spiritual Psychology, Lightworker Metaphysician, Reconnective Healing
Levels 1, 2 and 3, Holographic Memory Resolution, Levels 1, 2 & 3, Reiki Levels 1, 2 & 3
& Master Level, Ama Deus Levels 1 & 2, & Mastering Alchemy 4 Years of Advanced
Level 3 Program.

Wednesday, November 7th, 14th, and 21st from 6:-8:30 pm
Instructor: Holly Emmer
Fee: $150.00 or $60 per class with registration at least 7-days in advance of the
November 7th start date

This class series is inspired by Steven Farmer’s book, “Healing Ancestral Karma.” During
this three class series, students will begin an exploration of how their ancestors influence
their lives, right up to the present day. They will learn how they can connect with their
ancestors to access their ancient knowledge and how to heal their ancestral karma, thereby
assisting them in reaching their full potential in this lifetime. During the first class in this
series, students will explore how ancestors influence their lives from cultural, scientific, and
energetic viewpoints. They will learn about and discuss three types of ancestors and begin
to establish a relationship with them through the creation of a family tree and experiential
group work. Other subjects in this series include: Creating a Deeper Connection with Our
Ancestors and Healing Dysfunctional Ancestral Lines, Healing Yourself.

Thursdays, November 8th, 15th and 29th from 6:30-8:30 pm
Instructors: Lucy Lucia & Michael Krajovic
Fee: $40.00 per class or take all three $100.00 for full series

A growing number of people are experiencing extraordinarily high levels of stress and
anxiety and are desperate for relief. Join us for this 3 part series where we will unravel the
metaphysics of personal energy management. Learn how to find the peace, joy, love,
abundance and health you desire, regardless of what’s happening around you. Classes will
include tools, techniques, exercises and meditations specifically designed to heal the phy-
sical, mental/emotional and spiritual components of your energy field, and to empower you
to sustain your own happiness and well-being.

November 8; 6:30 - 8:30 PM
Part 1: Understanding Your Power

Everything is Energy - including YOU. Therefore, understanding the nature of energy and
cultivating mastery with it is key to neutralizing harmful energies such as stress, anxiety
and fear, which create disease. With a focus on brain science, you will learn that you can
disrupt negative thought patterns to vastly improve the energy you feel to sustain your
happiness and well-being.

November 15, 6:30 - 8:30 PM
Part 2: Using Your Power

Expanding upon Part 1, you will learn how to quiet the noise and tap into your own feelings
so you can uncover the root sources of your stress and anxiety. We will also practice tools
and techniques to reduce and ultimately, release them.

November 29, 6:30 - 8:30 PM
Part 3: Living Your Power

The last class will deepen your understanding of the metaphysics of energy. You will
practice how to control and direct energy to heal your life. You will learn methods to align
your heart and mind, to reduce internal disharmony. We will also discuss the importance
of self-compassion and self-love in creating a fulfilling life.

    About Michael & Lucy:
Michael and Lucy are co-creators of Sourceful Living
whose mission is to empower people through the message
of Self-Love. Their passion is to help people remember the
Truth of who they really are, and the Divine purpose of their
lives. They bring over 30 years of spiritual study and practice
to their work and offer various programs to teach individuals
how to expand their own unique connection to Divine
Source, so that they can create an abundant, healthy and
joy-filled life.

Sunday, November 25th from 11 am – 4 pm

Join us in celebrating the Holiday Season and the completion of our 12th year in business!
As a “thank you” to our community, we will be hosting free workshops and a Sound Concert
beginning at 1:15 pm, a food buffet from 11:30-3:00 pm, readers throughout the day, a free
tumbled stone for all our attendees, and a $50 gift certificate drawing.
Admission and Events are all free!
Readers are available by appointment: $45 per half hr.

11:30-12:10 pm: Meet the Runes Workshop

Angel Light Reader, Lesley-Anne Raven, would like to introduce you to the Elder Futhark
Runes! These beautiful ancient tools of the Norse Vikings can offer you amazing insight and
guidance on your current life path and help you connect deeper to your Higher Self. Les will
share her unique relationship with them and you will experience creating your own “Rune
stone”, try RuneStance, and go on a guided Visualization Journey to meet your first Rune!

12:15-1:00 pm Blending Various Modalities to Optimize Healing

Demonstrations using a Shamanic Mesa, Crystal Mandala, and Directed Energy Therapy
Most of us have heard of at least one healing modality, whether it be Reiki, Shamanistic
healings, or Sound Therapy. But what we don’t hear about is what happens when
practitioners decide to blend two or more modalities, combining the strengths of each to
enhance healing. In this brief workshop, participants will learn how practitioners blend
modalities such as Reiki, Shamanism, Physical Therapy, and Crystal Mandalas, and the
myriad of benefits that this comprehensive approach offers. Participants will be actively
involved in the experience, as practitioners do a live demonstration of a portion of their
This workshop is facilitated by: Ashley Leonardelli, Ann Meidenbauer and Pam Wargin.

1:15-2:15 pm: Holiday Sound Concert

Find the true essence of peace, light, and love when you attend our annual Holiday
Concert hosted by Sound Therapist and Bowl Master, Kathryn Rambo, and School of Sound
and Healing graduate, Janine Trede. All of creation needs some time to pause and have its
spiritual energy renewed and so do we. Sound instruments have been used for centuries in
meditation, spiritual practices and to accelerate the body's healing process.

During this concert, you will listen as the vibrations of the Tibetan Bowls, Shang Bells, and
Alchemy bowls gently guide you to deep, meditative places of peace and healing. Bring
your intention to touch the place deep within that allows you to 'hibernate' from the chaos
of the world and rekindle your Divine Light. Please pre-register for this event.

11:00 am- 4:00 pm Holiday Party Readers are:

    • Barbara Lewczyk, Akashic Records Reader
    • Bobbi Gamache, Spirit Channel and Tarot Reader
      Pre-register please. $45 per half hr.


Breath for Health and Healing
Fee: $45.00
Instructor: Sheri Bauer, RMT, CCRMT

This workshop is all about using the power of your own breath to help maintain balance
for your body and promote relaxation and healing. Students will learn what type of
"breather" they are, why breath is so important on a physical and emotional level, how
breath works in the human body, and why breath can be one of the least expensive and
most effective tools we can use to benefit our bodies, minds and spirits. Several breath
techniques will be taught including the "Letting Go" breath, the "Morning" breath, the
"Wind" breath, the "4/7/8/" breath, and the "Rolling" breath.
$45.00 with pre-registration by July 15th.


The Healing Power of Color
Fee: $45.00
Instructor: Sheri Bauer, RMT, CCRMT

Balls of Color, Streams of Light! Through color we receive all the energy we need to
maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Color therapy is an ancient art believed to have
been used by the Ancient Egyptians who built their homes with colored panes of glass in
the roof through which the sun could shine and treat the person sitting inside. Light consists
of the seven color energies: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Each
color is connected to various aspects and areas of our body and can affect us differently
emotionally, physically, and mentally. By learning how each color influences us, we can
effectively use color to give us an extra boost of energy, heal our vital organs, and sooth
our nerves when we need it.

In this class, students will learn how to create colored balls of light to help heal the
physical body along with its emotional, mental and spiritual counterparts. Students will
explore seven different colors and learn how to use each color to boost their energy, help
strengthen a vital organ and calm their nervous system. A color healing protocol will be
taught and experienced during this workshop that can be used for self treatment or when
working with others.

The best way to learn and grow as a Reiki Practitioner is to share Reiki with others.

Please check back for future dates.
Time: 6:30 - 8:30
Fee: $10.00 per person, per share, 4 person minimum
Facilitated By: Sheri Bauer


Shares are a wonderful way for Reiki practitioners to share in the energy that is Reiki and
to learn from each other in a trusting and loving environment. Participants must pre-register
and pay in advance to reserve their spot. All shares will begin with an Opening Meditation.
All levels of Reiki welcomed.

Again, we must have a commitment of four practitioners to hold a Reiki Share. So, please
register ahead of time.

December 13th
Fee: $25.00

Each Spirit Message Circle begins with a meditation to awaken intuitive guidance. The
circle will provide an opportunity to receive a message from spirit as well as give others
messages, if you are so inclined. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in
increasing their intuitive abilities or just wanting guidance from realms beyond.
No experience necessary.

Our very well know Angel Lady has been a fixture in the metro-Milwaukee area for over 20
years giving classes, lectures and readings to audiences that keep coming back for more.

Angel Light Art of Healing School of Energy Medicine Presents:
Instructors: Janine Trede and Monica Latus
Fee: $50.00 per class

Balancing and Energizing the Chakras with Essential Oils
Fee: $50.00

Are your chakras out of balance? How do you know?
Learn techniques to balance and harmonize your auric field and energy centers using
essential oils, colors, crystals and sound. You will also create your own essential oil
aura spray.

Create Skincare Products for Yourself or to Give as Holiday Gifts
Fee: $50.00

Treat yourself or create a holiday gift for someone else with Essential Oils. You will be
using chemical-free, all-natural skincare products that are nourishing and supportive to
the skin. The products include plant-based butters, oils, herbs, and essential oils that are
invigorating for the mind, body, and spirit! Students will be able to use recipes from class
to create their own products or to give decadent gifts for the holidays.

Janine and Monica are both Certified Aromatherapists from the Angel Light Art of Healing
School of Energy Medicine and hold certifications and training in a variety of healing mo-
dalities including Reiki, herbal and mind/body medicine, chakra, crystal and sound healing,
reflexology and acupressure. Janine and Monica enjoy working together and, through their
Angel Light experiences, have found educational and healing synergy in working in tandem.

Your Karmic Blueprint: Healing our Ancestors, Healing Ourselves
Instructor: Holly Emmer: BSN, RN, Shamanic Practitioner
Fee: $60 per class or $155.00 for the entire series.

Class Series Overview
This class series is inspired by Steven Farmer’s book, “Healing Ancestral Karma.” During
this three class series students will begin an exploration of how their ancestors influence
their lives, right up to the present day. They will learn how they can connect with their
ancestors to access their ancient knowledge and how to heal their ancestral karma, thereby
assisting them in reaching their full potential in this lifetime.

Learning How Our Ancestors Influence Us Today

In this class, we will explore how ancestors influence our lives from cultural, scientific,
and energetic viewpoints. We will discuss three types of ancestors and begin to establish
our relationship with our ancestors through the creation of a family tree and experiential
group work. Via a shamanic journey, we will also establish a relationship with a spiritual
guide whose intention is to help us with healing our ancestral wounds.

Creating a Deeper Connection with Our Ancestors

This class will focus further on exploring our family trees, and we will create an ancestral
altar in order to deepen our relationship with our ancient ones. We will also practice some
ways in which we can communicate and experience the lives of our ancestors through
various meditations and the use of messengers and guides.

Healing Dysfunctional Ancestral Lines, Healing Yourself

In this class, we will bring together what we have learned about our ancestors and use
several different modalities and protocols for healing ancestral karma which will help
unravel the unhealthy family patterns that affect us and, in turn, our descendants.

About Holly:

Holly is a spiritual ecology-focused shamanic practitioner and a member of The Foundation
of Shamanic Studies, trained in the Harner Shamanic Counseling method, soul retrieval,
extraction healing, and psychopomp healing. She has also been trained by Debra Morrill to
do compassionate depossession shamanic work.

Holly graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from the University of Wisconsin –
Milwaukee School of Nursing in 2009 and holds certificates in the Courses of Chakra
Healing, Chakra Intuition, and Shamanic Healing through the Art of Healing School of
Energy Medicine.

Holly is circle keeper of the Bay View Drum & Journey Circle and has a special interest in
sound healing, especially through the sound of the drum and often incorporates this into the
Circle’s activities.

Watch for upcoming dates
Fee: $40.00

This summer mini class will introduce the chakra system and include a “hands on”
experiential section introducing two protocols for working with the chakras.

Please visit our Chakra Healing section to see more information on the Chakra Energy System.

Fee: $15.00 (each session)
Watch for new dates!
These Clinics/Shares are for students who have completed the related certificate series.

Tarot Exchange Night
Time: 6:30-8:30 pm

Perhaps you have been reading Tarot cards for a while. Maybe you are self taught, took
online/onsite classes, or are an experienced Tarot reader. There are times where you find
a few glitches and want to sharpen your skills, or simply want to share a night with other
Tarot Enthusiasts.

Join us for a enjoyable evening as we being our monthly Tarot Exchanges for 2017.
Only $15.00. Pre registration a must for we only have room for 10 readers. Please do
not forget to bring those beautiful Picture cards of yours. Instructor, Ellen Davidson will
be available on site.

For every individual that you refer to Angel Light (providing they let us know you referred
them) who spends at least $20 when they visit, you will be sent a $5.00 gift certificate for your
referral as a gift of our appreciation. Many of our customers find this is a great way to pay for
products they really want or classes they wish to take.

Facilitator: Sally Stanton

Level I Fee: $40.00

Anyone can learn and benefit from Zentangle, which encourages you to slow down, be
completely present, and tap into the "Creative Native" within you by learning to draw simple
repetitive patterns according to step-by-step directions. No "creative bones" need be present in
your body. There are no mistakes and no erasers in Zentangle! As the founders of this art form,
Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, tell us, 'Anything is possible, one stroke at a time." Intuitive
With the Zentangle Method, anyone can create beautiful images from repetitive patterns. It
is easy to learn and easy to do. And even though it is a specified series of steps, it results in
a creative expression that transcends its own rules.

Fun and Relaxing
Creating Zentangle art provides a fun and lighthearted way to relax and intentionally facilitate
a shift in focus and perspective. The Zentangle Method of creating art is unencumbered by
dogma and cost which can weigh on other approaches. Nevertheless, it is sufficiently struc-
tured and organized so you can enjoy and benefit from an activity that otherwise might be
considered whimsical.

Unexpected Results
With our Zentangle Method we encourage you to not have a preconceived idea of your
final result. Following this somewhat unusual approach, your creation is not restricted by
your expectations.

Repetitive, simple steps are part of the Zentangle Method. These steps support relaxation,
focus and inspiration. It can be a wonderful daily ritual.

Creating designs, manipulating symbols and putting pen to paper is part of our human
heritage. In a time of keyboards, computer mice, and cell phones, the simple strokes that are
part of the Zentangle Method automatically engage you in a comfort and familiarity of
timeless, basic creativity.

Everything you need to create beautiful Zentangle art can fit in your pocket. This easy to
learn method of relaxed focus can be done almost anywhere, alone or in groups, without
any special abilities or costly equipment.

Zentangle II: Tangellations, Tangle-enhancers, Color, and More!!
This class is for students who have taken a basic Zentangle class (from any teacher) or
who have 6 months of Zentangle experience on their own. You will break out of the basic
Zentangle mode to create profound white-on-black tiles, inspiring Zendalas (Zentangle
Mandalas), and intuitively sourced free-form Zentangles, and as well as exploring more ways
to shade, color, and enhance your tangles! $50, includes advanced supplies (please bring your
favorite tangling pen(s), a shading stump (tortillion), and a pencil (items found in a basic
Zentangle kit).

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