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The Angel Light team of instructors is comprised of some of
the area’s finest energy workers and artists. Each instructor
possesses post-secondary certifications/degrees in a variety
of areas. All of them are life-long students of energy healing
and are eager to share their knowledge and experience with
each of you.

For more information about any of our classes, events
or certification programs, please contact the center
By phone...(262) 787-3001
By email... info@angellightllc.com

A selection of some of our
Instructor recommended CD's




Sheri Bauer, RRMT, CAHP, BD

        • Reiki Program
        • Chakra Healing Program
Crystal Reiki Healing Certification Program
        • Sound Healing Certificate Series

Sheri is the Director of the Art of Healing Institute. Her background
includes 20 years of experience as a workshop presenter/facilitator,
energy worker and intuitive healer. She has studied and practiced
Energy healing since 1981 and incorporates Reiki, Kahuna Arch
Healing, Breathwork and sound healing into her practice.


      Cathy Dante, MDiv, MSW, LCSW
        • Life's Biggest Questions

Cathy has been passionate about healing since she was a child. Her
lifelong interest has manifested in many ways, from her career as
a social worker on a psychiatric emergency team to an interest in
energy psychology and holistic healing. She believes that part of
healing is paying attention to life’s big questions. Faith and spirituality
are an important part of her work. In addition to being a social worker,
she is a trained spiritual director who listens with people for the call
of Divine Love through the story of their lives and helps them to
respond. She has additional training in EFT (Emotional Freedom
Technique) and AIT (Advanced Integrative Therapy).

      Holly Emmer, BSN, RN
Our Karmic Blueprint: Healing our Ancestors, Healing Ourselves
Sound Healing Certificate Series
Drum Healing

Holly is a spiritual ecology-focused shamanic practitioner and a
member of The Foundation of Shamanic Studies, trained in the
Harner Shamanic Counseling method, soul retrieval, extraction
healing, and psychopomp healing. She has also been trained by
Debra Morrill to do compassionate depossession shamanic work.

Holly graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from the
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee School of Nursing in 2009 and
holds certificates in the Courses of Chakra Healing, Chakra Intuition,
and Shamanic Healing through the Art of Healing School of Energy

Holly is circle keeper of the Bay View Drum & Journey Circle and
has a special interest in sound healing, especially through the sound
of the drum and often incorporates this into the Circle’s activities.

      Lucy Lucia & Michael Krajovic

        • Expanding Consciousness: Understanding Your
           Life, Love & Consciousness

        • The Healing Chemistry of Love

Michael and Lucy bring over 30 years of spiritual and
metaphysical study and practice to their teaching.

Michael has a Masters in Social Artistry from the Gradu-
ate Theologic Foundation and extensive experience
working with and within the private, non-profit and public
sectors at the local, state and national level, which has
provided him with in depth understandings of societal
systems and how they interrelate in complex issues. He
has written about the power of beliefs and their impact
on the state of the world on the website Uplifting

Lucy has a degree in Psychology from Loyola University
and has been practicing and teaching alternative healing
modalities, spirituality, and metaphysics since 1999.
Some of her certifications include: Developing Intuition
and Clairvoyance: Lightworker Metaphysician; Spiritual
Psychology; Reconnective Healing 1, 2 & 3; Holographic
Memory Resolution 1, 2, & 3; Reiki 1, 2, 3, and Master 1st
Degree; Reiki Cranial Fascia Practitioner; Reiki Powa (for
the dying); Egyptian Biogeometry 1 & 2; Mastering
Alchemy - 4 years in the Advanced Level 3 Program.

For more information please visit: www.sourcefulliving.com


Peig Myota, BSN, MSW, OMOHC
Wholistic Health Counselor, Consultant and Spiritual Mentor

        • Crystaline Matrix Workshop
        • Soul Passage Workshop

Peig Myota is a Spiritual Counselor and Metaphysical Teacher. She
is on the faculty of the International Jamilian University and teaches
in their Cosolargy International Program. She has been certified by
internationally recognized teachers in Energy Healing and Personal
Transformation Counseling. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher. Peig
is completing Bio-Acoustic Voice Frequency Training with Sharry
Edwards at the Bio-Acoustic Institute in Athens, Ohio. She has traveled
globally to study healing and spiritual traditions across all cultures.
Her most recent trips were to South Africa and Zimbabwe to exper-
ience the ancient solar cultures there. Peig presents national and
international seminars related to Energy Frequency Healing, Spiritual
DNA Activation and Solar Consciousness. She developed and
facilitates a Mind Power Competitive Edge TM, and Solar Light Private
Study Program. She recently returned to WI after a year sabbatical at
the Jamilian University in Reno, NV, teaching and doing research in
energy frequency healing there. Her current private practice at The
Healing Place in Germantown, WI, includes Bio-Acoustic Voice
Frequency Evaluations, Soul Centered Counseling, Energy Frequency
Counseling, Aura Color Personality Profile Analysis and Wholistic
Health Consultations. Peig also teaches Introduction to Cosolargy,
Esoteric Astrology, and the New Enlightened Christianity Classes.


      Kathryn Rambo

        • Mindfulness & Meditation Courses
        • Sound Healing Certificate Series

        • Tibetan Bowl Concerts

Kathryn has 40 years experience as a board certified music therapist,
meditation instructor, Reiki master, dowser, crystal and sound therapy
worker. She has studied a wide variety of approaches: music therapy,
gestalt therapy, humanistic psychology, Reiki, meditation, dowsing,
sound healing, shamanic drumming, Ericksonian hypnotherapy and
trance induction as well as the indigenous healing traditions of the
people of the high Peruvian Andes.

Since 1995 she has taught meditation, wellness and spirituality
classes at locations throughout Southeastern Wisconsin, to help
people remember and reclaim the joy of living life fully. Her personal
and professional experience has taught her that there is a healthy,
happy, peace filled part inside everyone that can get lost during the
storms of life. Her workshops and seminars offer people a gentle way
to grow, to be creative, have fun and to experience opportunities to
rediscover themselves, offering them a path to their own valuable
inner resources, to once again see that life is filled with beautiful
opportunities to Be.


Leia Scoptur, J.D.

        • Business Courses

Leia is licensed to practice law in the State of Wisconsin. She
attended Marquette University Law School and graduated in 2007.
She graduated from Carroll College in 1999 earning her Bachelor's of
Science degree with majors in Political Science and History and
minors in Secondary Education and Psychology. She was a middle
and high school social studies teacher prior to attending law school.
She volunteered as a counselor at a teen shelter in Milwaukee for
three years.

      Sally Stanton, PhD, RYT, CZT, Certified Yoga Teacher
        • Shamanic Healing Program
        • Zentangle

Dr. Sally Stanton currently teaches professional and technical writing
in the English Department at UW-Milwaukee, specializing in writing
for nonprofits. She holds a master's degree in counseling and a
doctorate in cultural anthropology, with a graduate certificate in
museum studies. Dr. Stanton has sought to fuse her creativity with her
interests in spirituality, particularly ceremony, ritual, and mind-body
practices. She is a certified Yoga teacher, a Reiki II practitioner
(training with Sheri Bauer), a certified Zentangle ® drawing method
teacher and a former Nia Technique (body-mind-spirit holistic
movement) teacher with 8 years of experience.

Sally is also a full mesa carrier and practitioner of energy healing in
the Peruvian shamanic tradition. She believes as the Peruvian
shamans do, that every morning we wake up and construct our reality.
Her intention is to constantly learn from the masters and continually
teach others so as to equip herself and others with a rich treasure-box
of spiritual practices that empower us to construct the reality we desire
to experience - to consciously dream our world into being.

      Russell Strelnick, LCSW, CYT
        • Kirtan
Mindfullness and Meditation

Russell has been exploring human growth and healing for over four
decades. He has traveled and studied extensively to learn a broad
range of healing modalities which strengthen wholeness, compassion
and love. Russell is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and has
utilized both ancient and modern techniques to empower, re-balance
and enhance the well-being of his students and clients.

He practiced meditation in India for seven months and is a certified
Kripalu Yoga teacher. Russell’s mission is to assist you in reconnecting
with yourself in ways that broaden your foundation of self-acceptance;
and assist you in taking action towards the full expression of your joy
by being fully alive, aware, and appreciating this moment as it is.

      Doug Van Gemert
        • Intuitive Development Program

Doug Van Gemert is known as the Mystic Teacher. He is a gifted
Psychic and Psychometrist. He offers Tarot and Medicine Cards
readings and individualized Numerology Charts. He is also a Hypnotist
and a certified PSI Operator. His credentials include:

Radio & TV
“Psychic Encounters” - WEEN Radio AM: Providence, RI,
WCHC Radio: Holy Cross College - Worcester, MA
WCUM Radio FM: Clark University - Worcester, MA
TV Channel 13: “Psychic Worlds”
WKRS 1220 AM: “New Age Radio, Gurnee, IL

Newspaper Articles
Worcester Telegram & Gazette, Worcester Magazine, Psychic Times -
Amesbury, MA,
Psychic News - Holden, Ma, PSI Quarterly - Amesbury, MA

Professional Hypnosis Training Center of Holden, MA: Hypnotherapy
The Silva Method: Completed the specialized course in all phases of
Psychic Operation and earned the title of PSI Operator (Psi Op).

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