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Aromatherapy Enrichment Classes

To register or for more information, contact Angel Light at
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Instructors: Janine Trede and Monica Latus
Fee: $50.00 per class

Aromatherapy - What's in the bottle?
Free Sampler Classes
It is important to know what essential oils really are in order to use them safely and to gain
the maximum therapeutic value from them. Discover the plants behind the essential oils,
what is actually in the bottle and all the benefits essential oils have to offer!

Introduction to Aromatherapy-Incorporating Essential Oils into your Everyday Life
Fee: $50.00

Explore a brief history of aromatherapy and its use from ancient cultures to today. Learn
how essential oils interact with our body on a cellular level to impart their innate healing
and to help restore the body's natural balance. Learn how to select and use essential oils
safely and learn why they can be beneficial to us in our everyday lives. Students will learn
the essential oil basics related to 11 commonly used essential oils--why and when to use
them, who should use them, how to use them safely, and what to look for when selecting
essential oils. Attendees will also have the opportunity to create their own aromatherapy
product that they will personalize for their own special benefit!

Aromatherapy-Moving Beyond the Basics
Fee: $50.00
***Prerequisite required: Introduction to Aromatherapy

This class will focus on learning advanced blending techniques, enhancing your aroma-
therapy products and additional methods of incorporating aromatherapy into your life for
your holistic well-being. Become more proficient using your blending skills based on the
blending order of essential oils for synergy, odor note type, using a pendulum and based
on intuition. Learn how to enhance your aromatherapy products using music, crystals, Reiki,
the power of the moon and intention. Become comfortable with exploring the benefits of
additional essential oils and incorporating them into your life to support and improve your
holistic well-being.

Aromatherapy for Stress and Pain Management
Fee: $50.00
***Prerequisite required: Introduction to Aromatherapy

Stress is everywhere! Some stress can be beneficial, but continued stress can wreak havoc
on us mentally, physically, and emotionally. Stress causes inflammation, inflammation
causes 'dis-ease' and continued mental, emotional and/or physical 'dis-ease' can result in
disease. Stress and pain management are areas where essential oils truly shine. Plants are
exposed to environmental, weather, animal and insect related stress throughout their growing
life, they learn to adapt and their immune system and innate stress management abilities are
passed onto us in their essential oils. This class will focus on essential oil blends to help
manage and alleviate stress and its harmful impact on us and explore essential oil blends
to assist with pain management. You will also learn aromatherapy based techniques to
promote relaxation and to manage pain. We will close the class with a guided imagery
session for relaxation.

Balancing and Energizing the Chakras with Essential Oils
Fee: $50.00

Are your chakras out of balance? How do you know?
Learn techniques to balance and harmonize your auric field and energy centers using
essential oils, colors, crystals and sound. You will also create your own essential oil
aura spray.

Create Skincare Products for Yourself or to Give as Holiday Gifts
Fee: $50.00

Treat yourself or create a holiday gift for someone else with Essential Oils. You will be
using chemical-free, all-natural skincare products that are nourishing and supportive to
the skin. The products include plant-based butters, oils, herbs, and essential oils that are
invigorating for the mind, body, and spirit! Students will be able to use recipes from class
to create their own products or to give decadent gifts for the holidays.

Holiday or Everyday Stress Getting to You?
Fee: $50.00
***Prerequisite required: Introduction to Aromatherapy

Take a needed break and learn safe and effective reflexology and acupressure techniques
for relief from tension headaches, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other stress-related
issues for yourself and others. Learn how to incorporate essential oils and crystals to
maximize the benefits.

Janine and Monica are both Certified Aromatherapists from the Angel Light Art of
Healing School of Energy Medicine and hold certifications and training in a variety of
healing modalities including Reiki, herbal and mind/body medicine, chakra, crystal and
sound healing, reflexology and acupressure. Janine and Monica enjoy working together
and, through their Angel Light experiences, have found educational and healing synergy
in working in tandem.

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