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The School of Sound and Healing is an integral part of the Art of Healing School of Energy
Medicine. It offers a Certificate of Completion in Sound Therapy – the study of the effect of
sound on human beings physiologically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. The
school was established in 2015 and provides a comprehensive curriculum that has been
designed with the input and talents of Wisconsin’s most experienced sound healers. The
intention in the development of the school was to create a program that provides students
with the information and experience they need most to be able to understand how to
facilitate their own healing process and that of others.


      •Ideal tool for your personal wellness journey. You will be able to enrich your
       meditation practices, calm racing thoughts, release stress, give voice to emotions,
       and gain tools to raise your consciousness. Sound healing is a wonderful gift to
       give yourself.

Become a Sound Practitioner/Therapist

Add Sound Healing to your Current Energy work or Holistic practice. A great
       addition for Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Reiki Practitioners, Yoga
       Teachers, Chiropractors, Psychotherapists, Music Teachers/Therapists, Nurses
       and a variety of careers within traditional medicine.

Work within an Established Business including Health Spas, Retreat Centers,
       Wellness Centers, Hospices and Hospitals that offer complementary modalities.

There are 14 instructors involved in the School of Sound and Healing program. Each
instructor brings their individual area of expertise and, collectively, they provide the
broadest knowledge base possible for the students enrolled in the program. Students
in the program will explore ancient and powerful sound healing techniques that were
used successfully by indigenous cultures throughout time, and will explore the latest
research and science available in the study of healing through sound frequencies that
encourage healing from within.

The School of Sound and Healing is a weekend program. Students enrolled will attend
classes for one weekend a month for six consecutive months.

Class times:
      •Friday Evening from 6-8 pm
      •Saturday from 10am -5:30 pm with a 1/2hr. lunch break
      •Sunday from 10am – 3:30 pm with a 1/2hr. lunch break

Class Fee:
The course fee for the Program will be $325.00 per weekend




Orientation: There will be an orientation for students covering the curriculum, discussion of
course requirements, required student projects, recommended reading, general expectations
as well as introductions to the faculty and fellow students.

History of Sound and Healing: From human’s early beginnings (as evidenced in recent acous-
tic archeology discoveries) in the upper Paleolithic through today, students will explore the rich
history of humanity’s use of sound and music as a vehicle for healing. This session will examine
how sound and music was employed by different cultures, time periods, and belief systems to
facilitate healing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. The class will conclude with
a clarification between sound and healing, music as therapy, and the profession of music
therapy as defined by the AMTA.

Learning outcomes: Students will be able to discuss the importance that sound has played
in human history and in healing. Students will be able to describe the difference between
sound and healing and music therapy (AMTA) certification.
Kathryn Rambo MT Instructor

Anatomy of the Subtle Body: This course focuses on providing students with solid foundation
of the different fields of Energy that make up the Subtle Body including the Chakras, Meridians
and Auric Field.

Learning Outcomes: Students have a solid understanding and working knowledge of the aura,
chakras and meridians and how Frequency and Sound affects these areas.
Kathryn Rambo, MT Instructor, Sheri Bauer, and Amy Prasad.

Manifesting with Intention: Intention can be defined as “the projection of awareness, with
purpose and efficacy, toward some object or outcome.” Students will discover how they
can influence physical matter via highly motivated and targeted thought. This class involves
active participation and will provide students with the basic components for creating their
own intention statements that have a healing focus for self- and/or other’s healing.

Learning Outcomes: Students will describe how words and intention play a significant part
in wellness, in sound healing, and in allopathic medicine. Given examples, students will be
able to identify and differentiate between intentions.
Kathryn Rambo MT Instructor

Sound Fundamentals: This course focuses on the structure, physics, and elements of sound
and music. Course covers: sound waves, amplitude, frequency, fundamental, partials/
overtones, hertz, pitch, timbre, rhythm, noise, harmonics, binaural beats, scales, intervals,
steps, rhythm, melody, dissonance, resonance, entrainment and music.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to describe the elements of sound including:
rhythm, harmony, melody, intervals, steps, consonance/dissonance, frequency, pitch, hertz,
timbre, sound waves, entrainment and binaural beats as these relate to the use of sound and
healing. Students will effectively demonstrate their understanding of the sound fundamentals
as they develop and demonstrate their sound protocols.
Kathryn Rambo MT Instructor

Creating Safe, Welcoming, and Sacred Space: Lecture and Demonstration of Personal
Protocols. A panel discussion will offer an overview of the many tools that can be used in
creating a space that feels safe, relaxing, comfortable, and free from the stress of the outside
world when clients come for a sound session. Instructors will share their techniques and
protocols for personal centering between clients as well as ways to create a atmosphere that
allows the client to let go of their stresses and tensions.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to distinguish harmonious or balanced energy
from dissonant or discordant energy of space. Students will be able to apply their knowledge
of energies to developing their own protocol for clearing and creating a comfortable space.
Instructors: Kathryn Rambo and Sheri Bauer

The Power of Deep Listening: Students will learn what deep listening is as it pertains to
using audible sound and healing including learning how to recognize the unique sound of
instruments and how that alters when played with and without intention. Students will then
experience the difference between hearing, active listening, and deep listening. Students will
also learn, using deep listening skills, how to hear energetic imbalances in the body or in a
room using voice, drums, singing bowls, tingshas and tuning forks.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to describe the difference between passive,
active, and deep listening. Students will be able to recognize the difference in timbre and
tone qualities when instruments are played using deep listening skills.
Instructors: Sheri Bauer, Kathryn Rambo, MT

Energy Diagnostics using the Pendulum Demonstration and Practice: This class will instruct
students how to use a pendulum to assess the chakras before and after using the sound
healing instruments of their choice (Tingsha, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Tuning Fork,
Voice, Drum…).

Learning objective: Students will be able to successfully use a pendulum to assess the energy
field of the chakras before and after a sound protocol is used on the chakras.
Kathryn Rambo, MT Instructor

Neurobiology of Sound: Whether it is the sound of a dentist’s drill, the atonal music of
John Cage, or a melody played on a Native American cedar flute, it is clear that both sound
and music have an enormous impact on human beings. Students will learn about the major
areas of the brain and their functions, the neuropathways through which sound and music
travel, the effects that sound and music have on the whole person, and current research on
the physiological, emotional and cognitive changes that occur when sound and music are
applied intentionally in a healing setting.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to describe the complex effects that sound has
on clients. Students will journal about and share their personal physiological, emotional,
and cognitive experiences with sound protocols taught throughout the semester.
Kathryn Rambo Instructor

Introduction to Brain Wave States and Tuning Forks: The class is an introduction to the
electrochemical workings of the brain and the five main categories of brainwaves that
are experienced by all human beings and are consistent across all countries and cultures.
Students will learn how the tuning forks have the capacity to help clients shift from Beta to
Alpha and even Theta brain wave states.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to differentiate between the brain waves
experienced by humans and be able to describe the characteristics of Beta, Alpha, Theta,
Delta, and Gamma waves. Students will be able to apply their knowledge of the brain waves
states to sound and healing.
Instructor: Sheri Bauer

Examining Disease: This is an overview of health and dis-ease from a Holistic medicine
viewpoint, which looks at the whole person: body, mind, emotions and spirit. In this approach,
all aspects are equally important. Students will use this model as the foundation and guide-
lines for designing effective sound and healing protocols for sessions by looking at the natural
“wound” healing process.
Instructor Kathryn Rambo

How Disease Affects the Aura Energy Field: The Aura collects nourishing energy which feeds
our energy centers. It also collects “pollution” or heavy energies that are believed to be the
root of illness and disease. When the aura gets full of this heavy energy it can no longer
channel the nourishing energy as it is designed to do.

Learning Outcomes: Students will learn the anatomy of the aura, the functions of the aura,
and the mechanics of the aura as it applies to the use of sound and frequency to correct
imbalances and dissonance within the auric field.
Instructor Kathryn Rambo

How Disease Affects the Aura Experiential: Measuring the Auric Field with Dowsing Rods,
and then using sound tools to correct and re-measure. This class will instruct students how
to use L-rods to assess the aura, the extent of the auric field and disruptions in the field.

Learning Objective: Students will be able to successfully use L-rods to assess the energy field
of the aura before and after a sound protocol is used on and in the auric field.
Sheri Bauer/Kathryn Rambo

Energy Diagnostics: Students will participate in several hands-on experiential classes
where they will apply the skills of Intention, Observation, and Deep Listening to determine
the potential energy blockages within the physical body and its surrounding energy field
using a Pendulum, Tingsha, Tuning fork and a single Tibetan Bowl. They will learn how to
“tune” into the shifting sounds of these instruments as they are passed over and around the
physical and subtle bodies in determining energy imbalances. They will experience how
using these instruments to help clear “stagnant” or “stuck” energy, assists the body, mind
and spirit back into homeostasis (balance). Students will also go be taught humming
techniques as a tool for a self diagnosis and correction of energy imbalances in the physical
body and surrounding energy field. Techniques will be drawn from the book, “The Humming
Technique” by Jonathan Goldman.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to demonstrate assessing the biofield using a
pendulum, tuning fork, Tibetan singing bowl, and a tingsha.
Instructors: Sheri Bauer and Kathryn Rambo, MT

Deep Relaxation/Altered states of Consciousness experiential: What are the indicators of
deep relaxation for a client in a sound and healing session? How is sound capable of
creating altered states of consciousness? Students will learn how trance-like states may
impact our emotions and consciousness when in a sound session. Class concludes with
a group experience.
Kathryn Rambo, MT Instructor

Energy of Words: What is said and how it is said can be powerful and must be well-
thought out. This class closely examines the impact that is contained in the words that
people invoke, decree, pray, chant, or sing. The class will also touch on the energetic impact
of words long after they have been spoken especially the sometimes detrimental effects of
the repetitive and purposeful use of words.

Learning Outcomes: Throughout the semester, students will be able to demonstrate
communication competency when working in groups and interacting during class sessions;
students will be able to discuss the barriers to effective communication and methods to
breakdown those barriers; students will demonstrate self-awareness and monitoring when
communicating with others.
Kathryn Rambo, MT Instructor

The Sound of Silence: Ram Das writes, “the quieter you become, the more you hear”.
The practice of cultivating silence is found in all of the world’s religious and spiritual
traditions with the goal of facilitating a deeper connection with the Divine, to be renewed
and transformed. It is from the First Silence that the Creation began – it is from silence that
sound is born. Silence isn't just the canvas upon which music is painted. It's one of the colors
on the composer's palette. Students will learn the importance of both exterior and interior
silence and how to cultivate both. The class will end with an experience of interior silence.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to explain the value and importance of using
silence in their final sound and healing protocol. Students will be able to incorporate silence
as part of their protocol.
Kathryn Rambo, MT Instructor

Facilitating Deep Relaxation and Altered States of Consciousness: This class is designed to
help students become aware of the power of words, including overcoming the fear of using
their voice as a tool of healing. Students will examine five different types of meditations
designed to assist a client to a deeper state of relaxation in the treatment room. The different
types of meditations introduced and discussed will include a Cue Words meditation, two
Breath Awareness meditations, an Autogenic meditation, and a Deep Physical Body relax-
ation meditation. Students will be divided into and work in groups to enlist their collective
knowledge and experience in the creation of a guided meditation of their choosing to be
delivered to the student community at large.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be led to an awareness of the rhythm of their speech,
modulation of their voice, and the intention behind the meditation that they are creating
and delivering in a mock treatment scenario. They will demonstrate the use of their
speaking voice as a healing instrument designed to guide their clients to deeper and/or
altered states of consciousness, opening the gateways for healing and enhancing the
treatment room experience.
Sheri Bauer, Instructor

Maintaining Health Boundaries and Self Care Practices for Energy Workers: Sound is a
powerful tool and like any healing modality, has the ability to trigger strong intense emo-
tions, memories, or experiences in people. This session will focus on supporting clients who
are experiencing difficult, strong, and/or distressing responses during a sound and healing
session. This class will cover a definition of what boundaries are; how to recognize when the
client is beginning to have difficulty; maintaining healthy boundaries for both practitioner and
client; recognizing the crisis point; steps to take to de-escalate the client and, the importance
of having good pre-screenings tools to avoid problems.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to explain how to best support a client who is
undergoing a catharsis, explain the detrimental effect of “giving advice”, and be able to
differentiate between sound and healing vs. counseling a client. Students will be able to
identify when to refer clients to trained professional counselors and not to undertake
counseling clients.
Kathryn Rambo, MT Instructor.

Self Care Practices: The personal practices of self-care for energy workers that address the
whole person, body, mind, emotions, and spirit will be discussed.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to identify ways in which they take care of
themselves on an emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental level. Students will be able
to identify the aforementioned areas in which they need to improve.
Sheri Bauer and Kathry Rambo Instructors

Business Ethics: This course will provide an introduction to moral philosophy and ethics.
It will examine the problems that arise from making moral or ethical judgments and look
into historically important and still prominent theoretical approaches to answer these
questions. It will outline a personal code of ethics for practitioners in the healing arts and
discuss the legal implications/ramifications of not adhering to a code of conduct and ethics
while practicing.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to differentiate between the five theoretical
approaches. They will be able to create their own code of conduct, demonstrating their
understanding of how these five theoretical approaches can work together to create a
modern code of conduct by which to practice in their field.
Leia Scoptur, J.D. Instructor

Sound Healing with Tuning Forks: This class is an introduction to the use of tuning forks
and will include the history of tuning forks as used in instrument tuning and complementary
healing practices; the science behind the use of tuning forks; and the modern uses of tuning
forks in sound healing. Students will be involved in a visual introduction to four Otto (weighted)
tuning forks that can be used in a healing practice and learn about their practical applications.
Students will be guided through the process of how to hold, activate, clear and care for a
tuning fork. Students will listen to the sound frequencies of the four Otto Tuning forks. They
will also participate in a discussion of the precautions and contraindications when using
tuning forks.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to differentiate between the four basic types of
Otto Tuning Forks demonstrated. They will be able to describe their uses and be able to
demonstrate how to hold, activate, clear, and care for tuning forks.
Sheri Bauer, Instructor

Single Tuning Fork Experiential: This course is designed to teach students to effectively use
four differently weighted tuning forks including the 136.1 Hz, 128 Hz, 64 Hz, and the 32 Hz
tuning forks. Students will learn the specific uses for each of the weighted tuning forks and
their appropriate body placement. They will experience the frequency of each tuning fork
as they activate and place it on their own body and work in partnership with another student
to obtain feedback as to their partner’s experience and physical/emotional response when
using each of the individual, weighted tuning forks. Students will also be introduced to the
use of the Crystal Tuning Fork as a tool for deepening relaxation, sustaining a meditation
practice, and clearing space.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to discuss the use of the 136.1, 128, 64, and 32 Hz
Otto tuning forks and demonstrate their uses including placement on or above the human
body. They will be able to define which tuning fork to use for muscle relaxation, stress
reduction, restful sleep, spine balance, and the promotion of tissue healing. They will be
able to effectively demonstrate the use of a Crystal Tuning Fork when used as a tool to clear
the energy of space between clients, promote relaxation, and enhance a meditation practice.
Sheri Bauer, Instructor

Tuning Forks and the Chakras Lecture: Students will participate in an exploration of the
Hindu Chakra system and its relationship to the vital energy of the human body. They will
learn about each of the seven basic chakras including the traits of each chakra, their ruling
organs and glands, age of development, related senses, and colors. The basic human
emotions as they relate to each of the chakras and the subtle energy field will be discussed.
This class will lay the foundation for using the Solar Harmonic tuning forks which has a direct
relationship to the frequency progression of the basic 7-fold chakra system.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to identify each of the seven basic chakras and
describe each chakra’s location, relationship to human organs and glands, associated
dis-eases, related color frequency, and function in healing.
Sheri Bauer, Instructor

Chakra Tuning Fork Experiential: This course is an experiential clinic and designed to
teach students to effectively use three different protocols to clear and balance each chakra
in the 7-fold chakra system using the Solar Harmonic tuning fork system.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to execute three different protocols when using
the single fork method of chakra tuning and balancing. They will be able to demonstrate the
horizontal, vertical, and spiral tuning fork protocols designed to clear and balance the entire
chakra system.
Sheri Bauer, Instructor

Tuning Forks to Open the Heart Center: This course will overview the physical Heart
Center and its functions including the heart, lungs and thymus gland. Students will be
presented with materials that describe the potential emotions that can be held in the Heart
Center. They will also examine the thoracic vertebrae behind the heart and learn how physical
and emotional toxins can be released through a technique called the Spinal Flush. Students
will also be presented with a Heart Healing protocol using different sound tools including
weighted tuning forks, a quartz crystal tuning fork, Tibetan and/or Crystal Bowls, and voice
to help release and heal the emotions of the Heart Center.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to describe the typical emotions that can be held
in the Heart Center, demonstrate a Spinal Flush and, working in community with other
students, perform a Heart Healing protocol of their creative choosing using sound tools to
open, awaken, and balance the Heart Center.
Sheri Bauer, Instructor

Harmonic Level II - Double Tuning Fork Techniques (Offered as a Master’s Class): This
experiential course will assist students to a deeper understanding of the use of the Solar
Harmonic Tuning forks and begin their work of using two tuning forks simultaneously in a
sound healing session. They will learn the importance of working in intervals (sequences)
of fifths when using tuning forks to clear and balance the chakra system. Students will also
experience the use of five additional basic double tuning fork protocols designed to balance
and calm the nervous system, relieve anxiety, center and ground the client, stimulate the
release of nitric oxide, and promote joint mobility.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to select and demonstrate the use of two
resonant tuning forks using the appropriate fifth interval sequences for use in clearing and
balancing the chakras. They will also be able to evaluate, based on the client scenario, the
appropriate double tuning fork technique to use with a client to help calm anxiety and balance
the nervous system, stimulate the release of nitric oxide, center and ground the client, and
promote joint mobility.
Sheri Bauer, Instructor

Introduction to Himalayan Singing Bowls: Students will be introduced to the world of
Himalayan singing bowls. The class will cover: the history and origins of the bowls, types
of singing bowls, resonance, overtones, and frequency follows response, how to select a
singing bowl, and how to play a singing bowl. Students will receive hands on assistance to
learn different techniques including: the proper way to play the bowls, different techniques
to isolate the different partials of the bowls, proper ways to hold the wand and to make the
bowl sing.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to play Tibetan singing bowls: striking and
ringing. Students will be able to demonstrate three different techniques for eliciting and
isolating the various partials the bowls produce.
Instructors: Kathryn Rambo, MT; Amy Prasad, Graduate School of Sound and Healing

Working with the Aura with Tibetan Singing Bowls Experiential: Students will be taught
a protocol using one singing bowl, to “hear” the sounds of the aura, how to energetically
cleanse and re-harmonize the aura.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to identify the changes in the tones of the Tibetan
singing bowls as it passes through and around the biofield. Students will be able to effectively
demonstrate how to use one singing bowl above and around the body in the biofield to
cleanse and re-harmonize these fields.
Kathryn Rambo, MT Instructor

Himalayan Singing Bowl Protocol for Stress Reduction: The health benefits of deep
progressive relaxation have been researched for years. The work of Dr. Herbert Benson,
Harvard’s Mind Body Institute, will be examined as well as research findings from Universities
and Medical Centers that all demonstrate the importance progressive relaxation plays in
combating stress related health problems. Students will learn the role of the sympathetic
nervous system in the physiology of the stress response as well as the role the parasympathetic
nervous system plays in “turning off” the stress response. Using one and two singing bowls,
techniques will be demonstrated that will assist clients to “turn off” their internal stress to
achieve a state of physical, mental, and emotional equanimity.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to describe the physiological benefits of deep
relaxation as well as it’s affect on the ‘fight-flight-freeze’ stress response. Students will be
able to recognize indicators of deep relaxation. Working with a partner, students will be
able to apply their knowledge using two Tibetan singing bowls to facilitate a relaxed state
in their partner.
Kathryn Rambo, MT Instructor

Himalayan Singing Bowl Protocol Stress Triangle: The stress triangle refers to upper
shoulder, neck, and head pain caused by stress and tension. This is a common complaint
for many people. Students will learn how to use one singing bowl to help the client relax
that triangle area thus reducing stress related pain in the shoulders and neck area. Students
will learn how stress plays a role in tightness in the neck and shoulders as well as several
relaxation techniques to help clients develop a better proprioception of when they are
unconsciously tightening those areas of the body.

Learning Outcomes: Working with a partner, students will be able to apply their knowledge
of the use of a single Tibetan singing bowl to reduce neck and shoulder tension by designing
their own protocol using a Tibetan singing bowl.
Kathryn Rambo, MT Instructor

History of Beliefs about the Human Heart: This class begins examining how humanity as
viewed the human heart throughout time, culminating in a look at current research about
the anatomy and function of the heart. Two Heart Center techniques using one Himalayan
Singing bowl will be demonstrated: one for personal heart center work for the practitioner,
which will be demonstrated, and another for heart centered work with clients that the students
can practice on each other.

Learning outcomes: Students will identify the role the heart plays in the overall wellness and
well-being of self and others. Working in pairs, students will practice the heart-centered
protocol presented.
Kathryn Rambo, MT Instructor


Crystal Bowl Healing: Students will be instructed in using the sound healing potential of
the Chakra Tuned Crystal Bowls. They will be presented with the history and uses of the crystal
bowl, its modern day production techniques, and examples of how quartz crystal bowls can
be used in sound healing. Students will learn how quartz crystal acts as an oscillator,
magnifier, and transmitter of pure tone and why it is used in all of our most advanced
communication systems, medical equipment, computer systems, and digital devices.
Sheri Bauer, Instructor

Crystal Bowl Experiential: Students will learn how to use crystal bowls to open the
different gateways of consciousness, how to release “stuck” energy, and how to rebalance
the physical and subtle bodies using crystal bowls. They will learn how to synchronize their
energies to that of the bowl they are working with, along with the protocols for creating
harmonious sound. Students will then learn how to play the crystal bowls in harmony with
one another. This class will incorporate the use of Guided Meditation with the frequencies of
the Chakra Singing Bowls.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to demonstrate the use of a single crystal bowl
including its proper activation, use of appropriate tension when playing, and ability to
evaluate and adjust its tone to create a seamless and relaxing sound healing session.
Students will also demonstrate their ability to synchronize their bowl with the frequencies
of other bowls in the creation of a harmonious sound healing experience when playing
with others.
Sheri Bauer, Instructor

Drumming: Connecting Our Spirit, Celebrating Our Song: Students will be led in a powerful
celebration of community, creativity, and connection. Participants will use hand drums and
other instruments to play “invented” music designed to lift the spirit and soothe the soul.
Students will learn to "drum with intention" based on themes and suggestions from the group,
exploring the full spectrum of sound from the thunderous bass of an African djembe to the
undulating peal of a bell.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to explain how drumming helps to build and
celebrate community. They will be able to describe how hand drumming can be used in
sound sessions as a medium of self expression, promoting positive exchanges and energy
release. Students will apply the use of intention to drumming and other sound instruments.
Students will be able to play simple drum rhythms.
Tom Gill, Instructor

Shamanic Drumming class: This experiential class will include scientific evidence of brain
wave states with focus on the Theta Brain Wave which is considered a shamanic state of
consciousness or luminous awareness. Students will explore why the Theta Brain Wave state
is the frequency that people are striving to achieve through mediation, yoga, and other types
of work. Intention prior to shamanic drumming will be explored along with rhythmic drumming
as a tool to facilitate a shamanic journey. Shamanic drumming will be experienced as a tool
to relax and release any heaviness causing energetic blockages. Students will also ex-
perience shamanic drumming as a brain state to achieve guidance and clarity from
Creator/God/Universal Energy. Students will participate in several drumming experiences
and journal after each experience. The session will end with a drum wash to clear chakras
and energy fields.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to demonstrate basic Shamanic drumming
techniques to facilitate deep relaxation and a Theta Brain Wave state. They will be able to
communicate in a group setting how intention affected the outcome of their experience and
what clarity they received because of the shamanic drumming experience.
Kristina Nez Begay Instructor


Peruvian Whistling Vessels In 1972 Daniel Statnekov discovered a Pre-Columbian psycho-
acoustical whistle made of clay at an auction in Pennsylvania. He spent the next 15 years
researching the vessels that are known as Peruvian Whistling Vessels. Known as ‘huascos’
to the Inca, and huaca silbador or vacijas silbadoras by the Spanish, the ancient Inca used
them to evoke shamanic visionary experiences. These Whistling Vessels could possibly be the
oldest biofeedback device known to man. Students will learn the history of the vessels. The
majority of class time will be spent playing the vessels.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to discuss the role that these vessels played in
the Inca Culture. Students will be able to explain how the vessels have the ability to
alter brain wave states, inducing an altered state of consciousness similar to that of
shamanic drumming.
Instructors: Dan Huber PhD and Kathryn Rambo MT

Creating Sacred Space using Gongs. The history and use of gongs (and other metal
instruments), as one of the oldest therapeutic instruments used in vibrational therapy, will
be discussed. Theories and research about how gongs affect cell structure, awaken the subtle
body, and help the nervous system to achieve a sense of balance will be explored. In recent
decades a renewed interest in the therapeutic impact of resonant frequencies on the human
organism have prompted experimentation and research from individuals such as Manfred
Bleffert born in 1950 in Altenahr, Germany. After leaving school and working as a caregiver
for cancer patients, he entered his path as a tone artist who paradoxically…… works with
silence. From this time forward, Manfred began to explore and create new instruments to
enter into what he calls, “The Garden of the Inaudible” where he works and teaches others
to work with and experience the “Sounding Fields of the Inner World”. Students will be
introduced to the Bleffert instruments and attune their senses to experience and identify
the tone qualities present. They will receive instruction on the proper techniques to play the
instruments allowing optimal sound to be produced. A range of gongs, finger cymbals, Tam
Tam, and iron bars will be demonstrated and students will be given the opportunity to
experience each individual sound tone and frequency from the instruments provided.
Students will then play the instruments as a group, creating a unique "cascade of sound
frequencies" as they explore the experience of tones and silences resonating in collective
harmony with each other.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to explain the effect and use of gongs in
vibrational healing, explain the role of a gong in a sound session, particularly on the
nervous system and biofield, demonstrate the use of a gong including proper striking
technique, production of frequencies, materials used, and the ability to evaluate and
adjust the gong's use in a gong sound bath session.
Gail Sauter MSW Instructor

The Sound Healing Practices of the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia. This class highlights
the Didgeridoo, its healing properties and practices. The Aboriginal people of Australia are
the first known culture to heal with sound. Their ‘yidaki' (modern name, didgeridoo) has been
used as a healing tool for at least 40,000 years. The Aborigines healed broken bones, muscle
tears, and illnesses of every kind using this enigmatic musical instrument. Included in this
segment will be a brief history of the Aboriginal Culture and uses of Sound, and a demon-
stration and experience using the Didgeridoo.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to discuss the use of the didgeridoo by the
Aboriginal peoples of Australia, and their personal experience of the didgeridoo as the
instructor demonstrates how the instrument was and is currently used for healing. Students
will be able to describe the basic playing techniques of the didgeridoo, how the drone is
produced, and how other sounds are made by controlling the throat, tongue, and cheek
muscles, plus adding one’s voice.
Jeoffrey Hutcherson, Instructor

Rife Frequency Technology, PEMF (Pulse Electro Magnetic Frequency) and Low Level
Laser Therapy in Healing.
Students will learn about the benefits of utilizing frequency
technology in healing and supporting the body. Students will gain a basic working knowledge
of the use of Rife Technology, PEMF (Pulse Electro Magnetic Frequency) and LLLT (Low Level
Laser Therapy) to support immunity, increase cell oxygenation, reduce pain and inflammation,
address cancer and auto-immune issues, and boost general health and well-being. Jean
Schoenecker, Wellness Advocate & Hypnotherapist, will share her path to overcoming Lyme’s
Disease with this technology, and without pharmaceuticals. This class will expand students’
understanding of body resonance with the earth. They will learn to synchronize their energy
body with the beneficial energy of this technology for healing.

Learning Outcomes: Students will leave with a working knowledge of the history and
applications of utilizing frequency and resonance machines in supporting the body's ability
to heal and thrive through demonstrations and case reviews. Students will be able to explain
the concept of why this technology is beneficial and utilized in medical healing in both
alternative and allopathic medicine today and look at possibilities for the future. They will
have had the opportunity to experience all of these technologies personally.
Jean Schoenecker Instructor

Frequencies of Light and Color in Healing (Alternate Class/Offered as a Master’s Class):
In this class students will participate in a demonstration to learn how modern light technology
integrates the ancient art of color, sound, and frequency healing. Research has substantiated
that integrated light therapy assists the body to heal at the cellular DNA level and release
trauma memories from the biophysical system. Students will learn what the energy frequency
is that infuses the healing power of light, color, and sound to achieve body, mind, spirit
healing. Specific essential oils and crystal disks developed in Germany to assist the penetration
of light will be demonstrated. Students will learn how integrated light, color, and frequency
assist the body to adjust to increasing incoming cosmic solar frequencies radiating our planet
to assist the evolution of consciousness.

Learning Outcomes: Students will experience how modern technology integrates color,
light, and frequency healing. Students will understand how integrated light therapy assists
cellular DNA healing and releases trauma from the biophysical body system.
Peig Myota RN, MSW Instructor

The Tools of Sacred Space - An Introduction and Demonstration: Students will learn
about and experience many of the sound tools and space clearing techniques that can be
used in a treatment room and in the physical space surrounding a client in preparation for
a healing session. The space clearing tools include sage, incense and aromatherapy. The
sound tools include rattles, drums, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, the crystal pyramid, and the
crystal bowl. A demonstration of sacred geometry, using crystals laid in geometric patterns
that evoke healing, will be a part of this student experiential.
Instructors: Sheri Bauer, Kathryn Rambo plus guest demonstration contributors
that may include: Amy Prasad, Janine Trede, and Monica Latus.

Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls Heart Meditation Experience for Students: Students will
experience a group guided sound meditation using Himalayan Singing Bowls and Crystal
Singing Bowls. The intention of the meditation is for a Heart Center healing and energy
sound cleansing. Sound instruments students will experience include: Himalayan Singing
Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, a Crystal Pyramid, and a Crystal Tuning Fork. Students will
be assigned homework to develop a protocol using intention and sound to heal their heart.

Learning Outcomes: Students will experience a sound and healing session with guided
imagery that focuses on the Heart Center. Students will be able to identify how the
experience impacted them on a physical, emotional, and/or mental level.
Sheri Bauer, Kathryn Rambo facilitators


Core Curriculum Instructors

Sheri Bauer
Holly Emmer

Kathryn Rambo

Guest Instructors

Pema Lisa Antoniotti, FAPC
Kristina Nez Begay, Hohzo’ Healing
Tom Gill
Dr. Dan Huber
Jeoffrey Hutcherson
Peig Myota
Jean Schoenecker
Leia Sculptor
Gail Sauter
Russell Strelnick

Sheri Bauer, RMT, CCRT, CAHP

Sheri Bauer is a Reiki practitioner, Reiki Master teacher, and Sound
Healing practitioner and teacher. She has attended hundreds of
workshops and conferences relating to complementary healing over
an eleven year period and has attuned over 1000 students as Reiki
practitioners. She is also a certified Crystal Reiki Teacher and
Practitioner and holds certificates of training in Ama Deus Healing,
Huna Healing, and Holistic Healing with Aromatherapy Level I and II,
completing over 240 hrs of training. Sheri is one of the first tuning fork
teachers in the state of Wisconsin and incorporates the use of Tuning
Forks and Tibetan and Crystal Bowls into her holistic practice. She is
the owner of Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts and the Director
of the Art of Healing School of Energy Medicine where she has been
teaching Healing with Sound for the past eleven years. Sheri is retired
from the corporate world where she held positions as a Director of
Public Relations and Marketing and a Director of Career Services in
a for-profit nationwide technical college system.

Holly Emmer, BSN, RN

Holly is a skilled musician and spiritual ecology-focused shamanic
practitioner. She is a member of The Foundation of Shamanic Studies
with training in power soul retrieval, extraction healing, and psycho-
pomp healing. Holly graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing
from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee School of Nursing in 2009
and holds certificates in the Courses of Chakra Healing, Chakra Intuition,
and Shamanic Healing through the Art of Healing School of Energy
Medicine. Holly is a Circle Keeper of the Bay View Drum & Journey
Circle and has a special interest in Sound Healing, especially through
the sound of the drum and often incorporates sound into the Circle’s Activities.


Kathryn Rambo, BA Music Therapist, Reiki Master

Kathryn has 40 years experience as a music therapist, meditation
instructor, Reiki Master, dowser, crystal and sound therapy worker.
Her degree is in music therapy and she is also trained in Gestalt
Therapy, humanistic psychology, Reiki, meditation, dowsing, sound
healing, drum circle facilitation, Ericksonian hypnotherapy and trance
induction as well as the indigenous healing traditions of the people of
the high Peruvian Andes.

    Pema Lisa Antoniotti, FAPC
Mantras and Chants from the Buddhist Tradition

Ngawang Pema (Lisa Antoniotti, FAPC) is an ordained monastic of
the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and is a registered yoga teacher in
Alignment Yoga’s 500-hour training. Pema completed a Master’s of
Adult Education Program with an emphasis on Human Services and
Counseling at UW- Platteville in spring 2017. She is the Co-Founder of
Joyful Path Meditation and Healing Center, where she serves as a
teacher and administrator. Pema has over 20 years experience working
in various aspects of state government, nonprofit and corporate America,
including management consulting. She currently serves on the Meriter
Association of Spiritual Caregiver's Faith Ambassador steering
committee, helping to educate faith communities about Advance Care
Planning. Pema is past President of the Board of Directors for White
Conch and is currently leading program development at Joyful Path.
She serves as the Program Coordinator for the Foundations of Yogic
Healing program.

    Kristina Nez Begay, Hohzo’ Healing
Shamanic Drumming

Kristina Nez Begay (Dine') is a Reiki Master and practitioner of energy
medicine and shamanism. She has her bachelor’s degree in American
Indian Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and is
continuing her education in metaphysical science. Kristina has received
teachings from many people, including Jose Luis Herrera, the shamans
of Peru, Amy and Dave Wilinski, and the Foundation for Shamanic
Studies. Continuing to learn and share with her community, her deep
connection with Spirit and Mother Earth enables her to travel between
the worlds to bring information back to help people.

    Tom Gill
Drum Healing: Connecting our Spirit and Celebrating our Song

Tom Gill is a teacher, workshop presenter, and rhythm facilitator who
shares his love of drumming and “community building” with people of
all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and abilities. Since 1998, Tom has shared
the drum circle experience with over a thousand groups in schools,
churches, hospitals, businesses, retirement communities and family
gatherings. Some of Tom’s most powerful experiences have come
through working in the health care field, drumming with elders
challenged by Alzheimer’s, and other forms of dementia.


Dr. Daniel Huber, Ph.D.
Peruvian Whistling Vessels

Dan holds a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology/Human Development
from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has worked with children
and families for over 35 years as a school counselor/psychologist,
child/marital and family therapist, and has taught university courses
on a wide range of human development topics. Dan currently is using
this background and training in shamanism, meditation, drumming,
sound healing, and other forms of spiritual development to foster
spiritual growth for his clients.

    Jeoffrey Hutcherson
The Sound Healing Practices of the Aboriginal

Jeoffrey is the author of two books, Hot Chocolate Happiness and
Happy Cuz I Said So. He is also a sound healer, massage therapist,
artist, life coach, and certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer. He has
studied with many different masters from African and Burmese martial
arts to Native American and Asian Shamanism along with his training
in massage. These masters have given Jeoffrey unusual techniques
and tools, both ancient and modern, allowing the harmony of both to
ease the body, mind, and spirit.

Peig Myota
Using the Frequencies of Light and Color in Healing

Peig Myota as a spiritual counselor, metaphysical teacher, international
presenter, and author of numerous articles related to personal
transformation and energy frequency healing. As a nurse, psychologist,
and ordained minister, her work involves teaching people how to heal
themselves in body, mind, and spirit. Peig has studied and worked with
internationally recognized teachers in the field of energy medicine and
spiritual transformation. She currently combines the ancient art of
healing with the most current research and technology in the field of
Energy Frequency Healing. She specializes in LED Light Energy
Therapy, Bio-Acoustic Voice Frequency Profiles, and teaching the
Science of Light Energy Consciousness.

Jean Schoenecker
Rife Frequency Technology, PEMF (Pulse Electro Magnetic Frequency)
and Low Level Laser Therapy in Healing.

Jean Schoenecker is a Wellness Advocate, Transformation Therapist,
and Certified Hypnotherapist. She is a co-author of the “Soul of Success”
with Jack Canfield. She will share with students her path to overcoming
Lyme’s Disease with Rife, PEMF, and Low Level Laser technology -
without pharmaceuticals.


Leia Scoptur, J.D.
Business Development

Leia is licensed to practice law in the State of Wisconsin. She attended
Marquette University Law School and graduated in 2007. In 1999, she
graduated from Carroll College where she earned her Bachelor’s of
Science degree with majors in Political Science and History and minors
in Secondary Education and Psychology. She was a middle and a high
school social studies teacher prior to attending law school. She volunteered as a counselor at a teen shelter in Milwaukee for
three years.


Gail Sauter, MSW, LCSW
Sound Healing with Gongs

Gail is passionate about helping people create value in their lives. Her
entire professional career is rooted in these values and particularly
focused on discovering and promoting emergent therapies that support
personal and individual health and healing through artistic, energetic,
and social interactions. She has pursued studies of the mind/body
connection for four decades and holds two certifications in massage
therapy, training in the US and Germany. Gail is currently serving as
the president of the Raphael Foundation for New Impulses in Music in
Pewaukee and has led a number of sound scape experiences locally
over the past 20 years. She is pleased to introduce the Manfred Bleffert
instruments to the local Milwaukee scene and to be a part of the
furtherance of energetic and vibrational sciences.

Russell Strelnick, LCSW, CYT
The History and Experience of Kirtan

Russell has been exploring human growth and healing for over four
decades. He has traveled and studied extensively to learn a broad
range of healing modalities which strengthen wholeness, compassion,
and love. Russell is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and has
utilized both ancient and modern techniques to empower, rebalance and
enhance the well-being of his students and clients. Russell practiced
meditation in India for seven months and is a certified Kripalu Yoga
teacher. His mission is to assist students in reconnecting with themselves
in ways that broaden their foundation of self-acceptance and taking
action towards the full expression of their joy.

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