Angel Light Center offers Shamanic Studies as part of the Art of Healing Program.





What Is Shamanism? Introductory Workshop
Facilitated by: Dr. Sally Stanton

Have you heard the term shamanism or shamanic healing? Have you wondered what it means
or what it's all about? Thinking about taking the Shamanic Healing Certificate Series? If so, this
workshop is for you!

This workshop will introduce you to a few of the basic concepts that are common to shamanic
practices and shamanism around the world. You may have already heard of some of them: sacred
space, journeying, altars, spirit flight, sound induction, recapitulation, etc. You will be able to get
your questions answered about the certificate series, and experience a group shamanic journey

Come and get a taste of what shamanism has to offer for your personal spiritual journey as well
as for those who practice the healing arts. Workshop Fee: $25.00

Taught by Dr. Sally Stanton, shamanic energy healing practitioner and teacher.


Shamanic Healing Series
Introduction to Shamanism & the Medicine Wheel
Medicine of the South and the West
Medicine of the North and the East
Medicine of the Earth and the Sky

Class 1: 4 Hrs Introduction to Shamanism and the Medicine Wheel
This introductory class will include a brief pan-cultural exploration and overview of Shamanism
in ancient and contemporary urban cultures. We will explore classic Shamanism including: a
discussion of purpose; Fundamentals of the 3 Journey Worlds; focus on the Shamanic States of
Consciousness (SSC); Journeying and Healing; meeting one’s Spirit Guides and Power Animals.

An overview of sound induction, including rattles, drumming, and vocalizing (chanting and
singing) will be included, along with the setting of intentions for the class and each of its
attendees. We will also introduce the traditional Peruvian shaman’s mesa and how they work
with power objects for healing.

The focus of this class series is the actual practice and experience of sacred journeys. Each
Journey is an Initiation and Empowerment into different dimensions of Shamanic
Consciousness. Weather permitting, during each class we will take “field trips” to the nearby
Elm Grove Town Park to do as much of the work outdoors as possible!

Class 2: 4 Hrs. Medicine of the South and Medicine of the West
In this class we will begin to begin to walk the Way of the Medicine Wheel, exploring the human
energy field and how to heal ourselves and to open the path of healing for others.

Medicine of the South – Snake Medicine
We begin with Snake Medicine. Just as snakes shed their skins, we will journey to understand the
beliefs, emotions, wounds, and experiences that limit and define us, and practice ways to move
those heavy energies and release them, including supportive breathing techniques and the basic
healing technique of Illumination. We will review the chakra system and study the Peruvian
shamanic view of energetic imprints, reality, and causes of illness. We will continue developing
relationships with spirit allies through lower world shamanic journeys. We will also learn how to
create and use sacred space/altars in healing sessions, ceremonies, and rituals. We will continue
to work with the shaman’s mesa and learn to conduct a traditional fire ceremony as a powerful
way to release that which we no longer need.

Medicine of the West – Jaguar Medicine
Next, we seek Jaguar Medicine, which helps us track energy, see into the shadows, and uncover
what is hidden. As we let go of our stories and beliefs, releasing them to the fire, we begin to see
ourselves and everything around us in a new way. The role of the shaman is to walk in two
“worlds” at once; to do that, shamanic practitioners must be able to easily make perceptual shifts,
to consciously construct reality, to see what is “not there.” We will journey to meet our ancestors,
to discover and honor the gifts they have given us. We will learn about and begin to practice
diagnostic and healing techniques such as crystallized energy 10.

Class 3: 4 Hrs Medicine of the North and Medicine of the East
Medicine of the North - Hummingbird Medicine
As the wheel of the year turns, so does the Medicine Wheel. Hummingbird medicine is about
making the so-called impossible possible, moving instantly and easily between realities, always
seeking the sweetness in life. Together we will journey to heal past lives, releasing roles and
labels given to us by others (and accepted by us) that have limited our soul’s journey on earth. We
will study further how relationships past and present have created webs, cords, and tubes of energy
that hold us back from experiencing joy, love, and true health, and fulfillment. Students will learn
and practice how to remove, cut, and untangle these energy bonds to heal themselves and help
others heal. We will also explore the concept of soul loss and learn a method of soul retrieval to
bring integration and wholeness.

Medicine of the East – Eagle Medicine
The Medicine that Eagle brings helps us rise above our everyday life and world, and grasp the
larger picture, while also not losing sight of the details. In this class we will journey to the upper
world to meet our higher selves; continue developing our shamanic tracking and shapeshifting
skills; and practice walking in beauty. Students will also learn and practice a 7-chakra technique
to help souls that are ready to transition through the conscious dying process, and practice spirit

Class 4 – 4 Hrs Medicine of the Earth and Medicine of the Sky
Medicine of the Earth (Pachamama) – Earth Medicine
Shamans throughout time and across the world deeply honor the Earth as our Mother, the source
of all that sustains us. In this class we will study how to work with the spirits of the four elements
(earth, air, fire and water) and of the seasons to assist in healing ourselves, our clients, and our
communities. We will learn about the ceremonial practice of building an apacheta, and we will
work more deeply with the despacho ceremony, a traditional Q’uero medicine tradition that serves
many purposes, but which at its heart deeply expresses gratitude for the gift of an earthly life and
all it holds. We will also briefly discuss how to open and close energy portals and how to work
with natural energy vortexes.

Medicine of the Sky – Star Medicine
The Medicine of the Sky reminds us that we are made of ”star stuff” – infinite and eternal. We are
not separate from the Divine; it permeates every cell, every atom, every particle of our bodies and
our world. With this in mind we know that we are also surrounded by the unseen, the world we
call spirit, and so in the conclusion of this class we will take upper world journeys to meet, develop
relationships with, and work with celestial guides (ascended masters; angels, archangels, etc.)
Shamans can learn to master time and space with the help of those who are already Masters.
Their guidance is available to us at all times as we continue our soul’s journey and assist others
on their healing path. We will then end our Medicine Wheel journey together in ceremony
and initiation.

If you are taking the series, please bring to class three stones (any size, uncut/unpolished is best)
that resonate or “speak” to you. We will work with these in class and they will become “kuyas” –
sacred objects in your mesa.

Weather permitting, during each class we will take “field trips” to the nearby Elm Grove Town
Park to do as much of the work outdoors as possible!

Students who complete all four classes receive a certificate in shamanic healing and become full
mesa carriers in the Peruvian tradition.


The Nine Rites of the Munay-Ki
Instructor: Sally Stanton, PhD      

The Munay-Ki are the nine great rites of initiation of the Incan medicine way. The word munay
(moo-nye) means “I love you as you are” in the ancient Quechua language, still spoken by native
peoples of the Andes. The Munay-Ki rites are the nine gates that heal us and transform us by
planting seeds in our energy bodies that we can actively nurture and grow. We are born with these
aspects, but the momentum of our culture weakens and distorts them. The Munay-Ki Rites re-
awaken and strengthen these abilities, connecting us with an ancient lineage of healers and
luminous beings, and healing past wounds so that we can more effectively dream our new world
into being and live our daily lives in the ways that we truly wish to. The shamans of Peru have
gifted these rites to the world after centuries of silence because we are finally ready to receive
them and the world desperately needs the transformation they bring.

As you receive the Munay-Ki, your chakras will become clear and you’ll acquire a “rainbow”
body. This is when your chakras glow with their original radiance. Remember that each of the
chakras has a color, and when they’re shining with their original light, they emit the colors of the
rainbow. When they’re dulled by trauma from this and from previous lifetimes, our energy field
becomes a grayish hue and our chakras become pools of psychic sludge. Once we acquire a
rainbow body, the luminous beings that the shamans call Earthkeepers can reach out to us
because they recognize that we share a common vision and calling.

In this four-class series, presented on two weekends one month apart, you will learn about the
Rites, receive each Rite, and practice gifting the Rite to others. You will also learn how to nurture
the energetic seeds planted when receiving the Rites and receive instructional handouts to guide
you. At the final class, you will receive a Pi Stone, to be used in gifting the Rites to others. The
Rites themselves are to be given freely at no charge; this series is fee-based because you are also
taught how to gift the Rites and mentored through the process.

Students may experience profound dreams, visions, and other spiritual or psychic phenomena
after receiving each Rite, as your energetic and physical bodies are cleared of stagnant or toxic
energies and your vibrational level is increased.

The four classes must be completed in order. Even if you have received one or two of the
Rites previously, it is recommended you sign up for the full series and receive them again (you
can receive the Rites as many times as you like and/or think is necessary for you to gain their
full benefit).

Detailed class descriptions:

Class One – Introduction to the Rites and the Healer’s Rite.
Students will receive a brief overview of shamanic beliefs and practices among the descendants
of the Incas who still live high in the peaks of the Andes in Peru, and will learn about the Nine
Rites of the Munay-Ki and why they are so important. Each student will learn about and receive
the first rite, the Healer’s Rite, which awakens the healing abilities in the recipient’s hands, so that
everything and everyone they touch is blessed. Each will then be taught how to transmit the Rite,
and have one or more opportunities to practice gifting the Rite to others in the class.

Class Two – The Seer’s Rite and the Bands of Power Rite
Each student will experience the Seer’s Rite, which installs filaments of light extending from your
visual cortex in the back of your head to your third eye and heart chakras. This Rite awakens and
enhances your ability to perceive the invisible world of energy and spirit. Then each student will
receive the Bands of Power, which consist of five energetic bands representing earth, air, fire,
water, and pure light, installed in their energy field. These bands act as filters, breaking down any
negative energy that come your way into one of the five elements so that these energies can feed
you instead of making you toxic or ill.

Class Three – The Harmony Rites, the Daykeepers’ Rite, and the Wisdomkeepers’ Rite
    • The Harmony Rites: Students will receive seven archetypes into their chakras as
      seeds that must be germinated with fire.

    • The Daykeepers’ Rite: Energetic transmission that connects you to a lineage of
      shamanic healers from the past, begins the process of healing your inner feminine,
      and helps you to step beyond fear, and practice peace.

    • The Wisdomkeepers’ Rite: Wisdomkeepers are medicine men and women from the
      past who defeated death and stepped outside of time. The job of the Wisdomkeeper
      is to protect the medicine teachings and share them with others when appropriate.
      This rite helps you to step outside of time and taste infinity.

Class Four – Earthkeeper, Starkeeper, and Creator Rites
    • The Earthkeeper Rite: This rite connects you to a lineage of archangels reputed to have
      human form and be as tall as trees. As an Earthkeeper, you become a steward of all life
      on the Earth, and come under the direct protection of these archangels. You can summon
      their power when needed to bring healing and balance to any situation. This rite helps
      you learn the ways of the seer, dreaming the world into being.

    • The Starkeeper Rite: When you receive this rite, your physical body begins to evolve.
      The aging process is slowed down, and you become more resistant to diseases. You
      begin to live and process the events of your life at the level of Spirit. You acquire
      stewardship of the time to come and all future generations.

The Creator Rite: This Rite awakens the God-light within you and you acquire steward-
      ship for all of creation, from the smallest grain of sand to the largest cluster of galaxies
      in the universe. It helps to awaken your Christ or Buddha consciousness. Before 2006, this
      Rite was only transmitted directly from Spirit to those who had attained this level of
      initiation. Now it can be transmitted from person-to-person, as the shamans of the Andes
      have seen how much it is needed on this planet and asked their guides to allow this.

Each student will be taught how to transmit these Rites, and have one or more opportunities to
practice gifting them to others in the class.

After the final Rites are given, the class will then learn how to perform a simple candle fire
ceremony to be used regularly to nurture and grow the gifts of the Rites. Students will also
receive a Pi Stone of their own to be used in gifting the rites to others. The fire ceremony
will close the series.


Ancient Celtic Shamanism: Walking the Awenydd Path
Fee for this 2-part series: $70 when paid in full 1 weel prior to start.
When paid separately, the class fee is $40 per class ($80 for the series)

An “Awenydd” is a Spirit Keeper in the ancient Brythonic (of Britain, which includes England,
Ireland, Scotland, and Wales) spiritual tradition. Keeping Spirit means to preserve, retain, main-
tain, sustain, conserve, hide, conc eal, keep safe, and guard Spirit as necessary. Those who
“walk the deer trods” are following the Awenydd path, listening, noticing, watching over, paying
attention, observing what is true. They follow in the footprints of the antlered deer goddess, Elen
of the Ways, just as ancestors of today’s Europeans did from Paleolithic times, beginning 14,000
years ago. Many still follow these ancient ways; it’s just hidden. The Awenyddion “journey to bring
wisdom and enable healing for creatures, people, plants, and the land Herself.”(Elen Sentier,
Following the Deer Trods) It is a path that affirms and celebrates the deep wisdom of the feminine
principle and helps us return our spirits to wholeness.

This two-part class, taught by shamanic teacher and healer Dr. Sally Stanton, is highly experiential.
In Class 1 , students will be guided through ritual practices to understand how to walk The Deer
Trods, including the Sit-With Technique, Befriending Subtle Bodies, The Six-Armed Cross, Opening
The Interface, and the Web of the Trods. Optional homework will help students anchor and ground
their learning. In Class 2, students will complete rituals and experience a series of traditional
Brythonic shamanic journeys to sacred space, the World Tree, to Meet a Familiar Spirit, and to
Meet a Teacher.

In addition to the class fee, students must purchase the book “Following the Deer Trods: A prac-
tical guide to working with Elen of the Ways.” Information on other items to bring to the classes
will be emailed to students signed up in advance.

This is an ideal class series for someone interested in shamanism to “try it out.” Practitioners of
other shamanic traditions will also find this class useful as either continuing education or a
refresher in shamanic practices.

The Rite of the Womb: the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki

2014, shamanic healer and teacher Marcella Lobos received the Rite of the Womb from a group
of indigenous women from the jungles of South America. The 13th Rite is now shared from person
to person - once you receive it, you may share it with anyone in need of it, and doing so strengthens
and heals your feminine power.

Join Dr. Sally Stanton, shamanic teacher and healer, for this beautiful healing ceremony designed
to help us reconnect with the Sacred Feminine and allow us to more fully embody our spirituality.

The lineage of women who have freed themselves from suffering want us to remember: The womb
is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life. This creation and
birthing can take place on any level, from energetic to physical. Women of all ages and life stages
are welcome to this ceremony.

There are no pre-requisites to receive this sacred Rite. You do not have to have received any of the
other Munay-Ki Rites. This Rite is open to all, including men, who also can benefit from this healing
energy transmission.

More information about the 13th Munay-Ki Rite is available at
Suggested Donation: $25-$35 per person


Your Karmic Blueprint: Healing Our Ancestors, Healing Ourselves
Instructor: Holly Emmer - BSN, Shamanic Practitioner
Class Series Overview
This class series is inspired by Steven Farmer’s book, “Healing Ancestral Karma.” During this
three class series students will begin an exploration of how their ancestors influence their lives,
right up to the present day. They will learn how they can connect with their ancestors to access
their ancient knowledge and how to heal their ancestral karma, thereby assisting them in reaching
their full potential in this lifetime.

Learning How Our Ancestors Influence Us Today
In this class, we will explore how ancestors influence our lives from cultural, scientific, and ener-
getic viewpoints. We will discuss three types of ancestors and begin to establish our relationship
with our ancestors through the creation of a family tree and experiential group work. Via a
shamanic journey, we will also establish a relationship with a spiritual guide whose intention is
to help us with healing our ancestral wounds.

Creating a Deeper Connection with Our Ancestors
This class will focus further on exploring our family trees, and we will create an ancestral altar in
order to deepen our relationship with our ancient ones. We will also practice some ways in which
we can communicate and experience the lives of our ancestors through various meditations and
the use of messengers and guides.

Healing Dysfunctional Ancestral Lines, Healing Yourself
In this class, we will bring together what we have learned about our ancestors and use several
different modalities and protocols for healing ancestral karma which will help unravel the un-
healthy family patterns that affect us and, in turn, our descendants.


Drumming to Access Higher Realms of Consciousness
Learn Three Drumming Protocols

Students will learn how to utilize sonic driving to shift to theta brain wave state. In this state,
they will be able to access higher realms of consciousness to obtain clarity and a deep sense
of relaxation in their busy lives. Intention and journey work will be incorporated to magnify the
information and visualization students receive from their higher self through drumming. Students
will participate in a series of journeys to drum their emotions, release and relax, and bring clarity
to a specific aspect of your soul’s journey. If you have a drum bring it, otherwise let us know and
we will have one for you to use.

Early Bird Registration and Payment $44.00 otherwise normal fee is $49.00

About your Instructor: Kristina Nez Begay of Hozho’ Healing:

Kristina has an uncanny ability to guide people in meditation and shamanic journey with her
drums and rattles. Her teaching style quickly gains students’ trust and excites them throughout
the class. She explains abstract concepts so everyone can understand them and encourages
people to find their own answers from within themselves. Kristina has dedicated her life to ful-
filling her soul’s purpose and will continue to touch many lives. She currently lives on a farm in
Wisconsin. Much time is spent connecting to the Earth and land. She leads many ceremonies
here and teaches her children to honor all life and live in right relationship. Intent, love, and
gratitude are at the forefront of daily life.

Kristina Nez Begay is a member of the Dine’ (Navajo) Nation. She has an Associate’s degree in
Liberal Arts from the Milwaukee Area Technical College, a Bachelor’s of Arts in American Indian
Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and continues her studies in Metaphysical
Science and Parapsychology. She is a spiritual medium, shamanic energy medicine practitioner,
Reiki Master, Access Consciousness Bars practitioner, past life regression facilitator, instructor at
a sound healing school, drum maker, and ordained minister.