Whether you prefer Gallery Readings or Personalized Readings, Angel Light offers several options for you.
Please note that for private readings, you must call the center to schedule your appointment time and make payment.




August 1st
Fee: $25.00

Each Spirit Message Circle begins with a meditation to awaken intuitive guidance. The circle will
provide an opportunity to receive a message from spirit as well as give others messages, if you are
so inclined. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in increasing their intuitive abilities or
just wanting guidance from realms beyond. No experience necessary.

Our very well know Angel Lady has been a fixture in the metro-Milwaukee area for over 20
years giving classes, lectures and readings to audiences that keep coming back for more.

The Circle is conducted in a "Gallery Style" environment. Seats are limited for these events. Please
pre-register with the Angel Light Center.


Availabe appointment times are between 11:00am and 4:00pm unless noted.
Readings are  ½ Hour - $45.00  |  45 min - $65.00  |  1 Hour - $85.00  |  1 ½ Hour - $120.00

Please read the Reader Biographies to see which reader best fits your needs. Our readers are
specialized in different areas including:

Animal Communication
Akashic Records
Energy Work

Angel Readings
Shamanic Readings
And Many more!

Please book in advance to reserve your preferred reading time.

Sunday, August 4th: Barbara
Saturday, August 17th: Ginny
Sunday, August 18th: Connie
Sunday, August 25th: Les


Aimee currently provides Animal Communication (including missing animal communication) for
your pets. She has an amazing ability to communicate with your animal friends that are in your
life now, have transitioned beyond, and those that could appear sometime in the future. She will
be offering animal communication readings monthly at Angel Light.

Barbara is an experienced spiritual intuitive and certified Akashic Records Reader. As the complete
record of every Soul and its journey, this spiritual resource can provide guidance and inspiration as
well as information on past lives for insights and resolution and healing of present life questions and
issues. The dynamic, radiant and compassionate quality of the Akashic realm comes through in a
reading, as received from the Akashic Masters and Teachers. Because of the vast amount of infor-
mation available, readings are most effective when directed by questions from the client which
provide a focus.

Connie is able to combine your energy, intuition, and the images of the Tarot cards to get a
deeper insight into your past, help you to understand what is presently going on in your world
and advise you as to what direction your guides are pointing you in. Connie’s readings will
provide guidance to your questions and you will leave your session with confidence and clarity.

Ginny is a well known Medium and Angel Reader who accesses the wisdom of the higher realms,
providing information from your angels, guides, ascended masters and loved ones. Ginny also
facilitates monthly Spirit Message Circles at Angel Light.

Lesley-Anne (Les)
Start your day off with a wonderful earth-based reading with Lesley-Anne Raven, who connects
with Spirit through the ancient tools of the Celtic Tree Ogham and Viking Futhark Runes. The
Ogham offers the gentle deep wisdom of the trees, the Runes, a solid strong knowledge of the
stone, along with oracles of Mother Earth, Animal Spirit Guides, Chakras and the Angels. These
intuitive energies of old share unique guidance that your spirit guides and the universe are happy
to offer you at this moment on your life’s journey. This reading will give you comforting clarity to
help you on your path and help with questions. Watch for those “ah ha” moments! Les has been
connecting with these wonderful tools for over 25 years, and they serve as an inspiration for her
artwork and music. She now looks forward to sharing their magic with you!

Patrice uses Rose Energy Readings to validate your connection to Spirit and explore the
experiences and energies that are co-creating “you” in present time. Look at how long you’ve
been on planet Earth; past lifetimes that may be affecting this lifetime, present time program-
mability, what or who in this lifetime is in the layers of your aura and may be influencing your
decisions and energy. Recognizing the connection to Spirit and various intuitive abilities from
an early age, Patrice has been on a journey that has led her to explore and experience many
spiritual and metaphysical practices- from channeling, trance mediumship and visions, to the
study and connection to the angelic realms, a ascended masters and stargates.

Dr. Sally is an energy healing practitioner and teacher with training and experience in shamanic
healing. Usui Reiki, the 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki, yoga and art. The Shamanic Readings are based
on our in-born spiritual connection to the land, on our natural ability to give and receive energetic
information through our chakras, and on the power of breath to carry intention. She may use sound
induction, breath, stones, crystals, sticks, coins and/or oracle cards in a reading, as the guiding
spirits direct. Intuitive shamanic readings may help you make a decision, understand the energy
of a situation, or confirm your own intuitive knowledge.