Throughout the year, Angel Light is fortunate to have many special classes and events that compliment the Art of Healing School and our products. Each of these classes and events are designed to add new facets to our school, students, customers and community.





with Lesley-Anne Raven

Please join Les in these intuitive and enlightening art circles to connect in a new way to spirit and
your higher self while sharing the process of art together!

All classes are held on Sunday mornings beginning at 10:00 am.
Classes Limited to 10 Participants – Pre-Registration with Deposit of 50% required.

February 23, 2020
Birch Tree Chakra Painting –The Birch tree represents new beginnings as we look forward to the
approach of Spring. In this circle, we will create a beautiful acrylic painting on canvas of a birch
tree forest. This energizing forest, with a sky the colors of the chakras, holds a mysterious path
beckoning you to enter. (includes a special crystal to guide you in!) Add meaningful Ogham &
Runes symbols carved into the trees to help guide you on your life journey.

We will take a lovely visualization journey down the chakra path of your choice!
---Class Cost: $40.00 Materials Fee: $20.00 Time: 3.5 hours

March 22, 2020
Double Cobweb Broom - In the spirit of Spring-Cleaning Season, come and make your own
special broom in this circle! A Broom is a traditional symbol of clearing and cleansing what is
no longer needed…. It is also a symbol of protection and astral visualization journeys! You will
draw symbols of meaning on your broom, such as Runes or your name in Celtic Tree Ogham and
infuse it with crystal chips! And as this Double broom…. It will assist doubly good!

Then we will all hop on our new brooms and take a maiden visualization journey ride and see
where our brooms take us!
---Class Cost: $40.00 Materials Fee: $30.00 Time: 3.5 hours

May 31, 2020
Tree Mandala: In this circle, you will create your own personal Mandala and a Mantra, to express
your connection to the World and Wisdom of the Tree. Using colored pencils on black paper, you
will begin with a center crystal that deeply expresses you and your inner “seed” of the trees. Then
experience the outward flow of energy as you move and grow with the trees into the ever-
expanding cycle of life.

As you build your Mandala, so will a special Mantra become clear to you that you can use to
continue this deep connection created by you and your Higher Self every time you look at your
Mandala. Then we will take a visualization journey to connect to the natural growth energy of
the trees!
---Class Cost: $35.00 Materials Fee: $18.00 Time: 3 hours

June 28, 2020
Triple Goddess Moon Dream Catcher – Make a magical Dream catcher with Crystals and beads,
feathers and stones in the shape of a Crescent Moon…. then expand the energy by adding the Full
Moon and Crescent Moon to connect to the Goddess energy of the Midsummer! You will use the
colors that have a special meaning for you!

We will then take a special visualization journey into the dream world waiting to share insight
through special dreams locked in the beads.
---Class Cost - $40.00 Materials Fee: $27.00 Time: 3.5 hours

July 26, 2020
Four Elements Goddess Stones – Our circle will express a beautiful connection to your Inner
Goddess by creating four amazing Goddess Stones. These stones will express your connection
to the elemental energy, Earth, Fire, Air and Water. They will be a lovely addition to your sacred
space and very useful for visualization journeys to meet and connect to your Goddess Stones
through the elements.

We will each draw a goddess tarot card, to see what energy and advice they wish to share with
you as you create these lovely stones and take a visualization journey to the goddesses of the
---Class Cost - $35.00 Materials Fee: $12.00. Time: 3 hours

August 23, 2020
Chakra Tree Painting – In this circle you will paint a beautiful, tall spiritual tree. This tree will be
the special type of tree you are drawn to…. Pine, Oak, Maple? Then with the help of this tree
through it’s Ogham Few (stick), you will feel the spin of each Chakra and paint it within the trunk
and leaves of the tree. Its beautiful energy flowing and spinning outwards in all the shades of each
chakra color. We will place a lovely little crystal in the center of each tree chakra!

Then experience and connect to the tree to see which chakra is calling to you for attention at this
time in your life through a grounding visualization journey.
---Class Cost - $35.00 Materials Fee: $25.00 Time: 3 hours

September 20, 2020
Crystal Tree Sculpture – We will connect to the spirit of the Autumn Equinox through the magic
of the tree. You will sculpt a magical tree out of wires of gold, silver and copper. Then add the
autumn colors of the leaves with crystal chips of all the shades of the season. Add a mystical Full
Moon, nestled in the branches along with a crow or two!

We will then experience and connect to this tree and the Moon through a crisp and clear autumn
visualization journey!
---Class Cost - $35.00 Materials Fee: $35.00 Time: 3 hours

October 18, 2020
Cobweb Broom - In the spirit of the Halloween season, come and make your own special broom
in this circle! A Broom has three traditional meanings and uses of old… First, as a symbol of
clearing and cleansing what is no longer needed…. Second, as a symbol of protection. Hang a
broom over the door of your home, and it will “sweep” away any unwanted energy, and Third…
which is the best… as a symbol of astral visualization journeys! You will draw symbols of meaning
on your broom, such as Runes or your name in Celtic Tree Ogham and infuse it with crystal chips!

Then we will all hop on our new brooms and take a maiden visualization journey ride and see
where our brooms takes us!
---Class Cost: $40.00 Materials Fee: $25.00 Time: 3.5 hours

November 15, 2020
Stone Henge Circle Tea Light Sculpture – In this circle, connect to the energy of the Druids and
your Sprit Animal! You will paint the hand sculptured ceramic Henge Circle, with Moon and Crow
and your personal spirit animal. Add meaningful writing on the standing stones in Viking Runes
and Celtic Tree Ogham.

We will then take a visualization journey to celebrate around the Stone Henge with our spirit
---Class Cost: $40.00 Materials Fee: $35.00 Time: 3.5 hours




Facilitated by: Kristina Nez Begay
Fee: $50 per class when taken individually.
        Take the entire weekend series for $160 - SAVE 20%.

Clearing the Road to Success

Students will utilize mapping techniques and journey work to uncover what is holding them
back. They will look deeper to find out how some of their habits may have become blocks
on their soul's path. Using intention, breath, and ceremony, attendees will begin the removal
process of these obstacles and clear the road to successfully manifesting the life they truly
desire. Learn about how the Law of Attraction and consciously participating as a catalyst
can bring about dynamic transformation in what we receive in our daily lives.

Using Crystals to Propel Your Dreams, Aspirations, and High Destinies

Students will discover how working with crystals magnifies their vibration and intention in
manifesting through breath, meditation, ceremony, and their own chakras. Please bring 3
crystals with you to work with for this class. Students will also journey with Creator and
their guides to uncover their dreams, aspirations, and high destinies to create a wish list
and explore how integrating a gratitude journal, manifesting log, and daily affirmations can
help keep them on the track to their desired destination.

Your Vision in Action

In this class, we will utilize the Law of Attraction by creating a vision board from our
personal wish list. This action partners the energy from the Universe with that of our Higher
Self to encourage movement towards all we are manifesting. Discover powerful tools and
techniques to consciously choose action in your vision and maintain a focal point for this
creative energy. Bring a picture (or photocopy) of yourself for your board and any magazines
or pictures you feel called to include.

Manifesting with Meditation, Manifesting with Sound

In this experiential workshop, students will Kristina Nez Begay will lead you with guided
meditation and shamanic journey to open the doors to creating the world they truly want.
Intention setting is the catalyst for witnessing and experiencing this life transformation. Theta
brain wave is a powerful state of consciousness and extremely powerful for this type of work.
Bring your visions and desires for what you want to see in your life!

About Kristina Nez Begay:
Kristina Nez Begay is a member of the Dine’ (Navajo) Nation. She has an Associate’s degree in
Liberal Arts from the Milwaukee Area Technical College, a Bachelor’s of Arts in American Indian
Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and has taken Master’s courses in Human
Resources at Ottawa University. Kristina continues her studies in Metaphysical Science and


Instructor: Monica Latus, Certified Aroma Therapist
Fee: $30.00

Positive touch enhanced by a loving essential oil blend is the perfect way to show someone you
love them! Aromatherapy can have an immediate effect on our mood, and when combined with
a hand massage known as the 'M' Technique, you can provide both yourself and someone else
with instant relaxation and the feeling of love and caring. In addition to having a big impact on
our physical and emotional well-being, blending the power of touch with aromatherapy also
provides a beautiful bonding experience between the giver and the receiver. Students will be
able to share the “M” technique with family, friends and significant others after attending this
class. What a great gift for yourself and your loved ones during the Valentine’s week celebration.

Instructors: Janine Trede and Monica Latus
Fee: $50.00 per class

Aromatherapy - What's in the bottle?
Free Sampler Classes
It is important to know what essential oils really are in order to use them safely and to gain the
maximum therapeutic value from them. Discover the plants behind the essential oils, what is
actually in the bottle and all the benefits essential oils have to offer!

Introduction to Aromatherapy-Incorporating Essential Oils into your Everyday Life
Fee: $50.00

Explore a brief history of aromatherapy and its use from ancient cultures to today. Learn how
essential oils interact with our body on a cellular level to impart their innate healing and to help
restore the body's natural balance. Learn how to select and use essential oils safely and learn why
they can be beneficial to us in our everyday lives. Students will learn the essential oil basics related
to 11 commonly used essential oils--why and when to use them, who should use them, how to use
them safely, and what to look for when selecting essential oils. Attendees will also have the oppor-
tunity to create their own aromatherapy product that they will personalize for their own special

Aromatherapy-Moving Beyond the Basics
Fee: $50.00
***Prerequisite required: Introduction to Aromatherapy

This class will focus on learning advanced blending techniques, enhancing your aromatherapy
products and additional methods of incorporating aromatherapy into your life for your holistic
well-being. Become more proficient using your blending skills based on the blending order of
essential oils for synergy, odor note type, using a pendulum and based on intuition. Learn how to
enhance your aromatherapy products using music, crystals, Reiki, the power of the moon and
intention. Become comfortable with exploring the benefits of additional essential oils and
incorporating them into your life to support and improve your holistic well-being.

Aromatherapy for Stress and Pain Management
Fee: $50.00
***Prerequisite required: Introduction to Aromatherapy

Stress is everywhere! Some stress can be beneficial, but continued stress can wreak havoc on us

mentally, physically, and emotionally. Stress causes inflammation, inflammation causes 'dis-ease'
and continued mental, emotional and/or physical 'dis-ease' can result in disease. Stress and pain
management are areas where essential oils truly shine. Plants are exposed to environmental,
weather, animal and insect related stress throughout their growing life, they learn to adapt and
their immune system and innate stress management abilities are passed onto us in their essential
oils. This class will focus on essential oil blends to help manage and alleviate stress and its harmful
impact on us and explore essential oil blends to assist with pain management. You will also learn
aromatherapy based techniques to promote relaxation and to manage pain. We will close the class
with a guided imagery session for relaxation.

Balancing and Energizing the Chakras with Essential Oils
Fee: $50.00

Are your chakras out of balance? How do you know?
Learn techniques to balance and harmonize your auric field and energy centers using essential
oils, colors, crystals and sound. You will also create your own essential oil aura spray.

Create Skincare Products for Yourself or to Give as Holiday Gifts
Fee: $50.00

Treat yourself or create a holiday gift for someone else with Essential Oils. You will be using
chemical-free, all-natural skincare products that are nourishing and supportive to the skin. The
products include plant-based butters, oils, herbs, and essential oils that are invigorating for the
mind, body, and spirit! Students will be able to use recipes from class to create their own products
or to give decadent gifts for the holidays.

Holiday or Everyday Stress Getting to You?
Fee: $50.00
***Prerequisite required: Introduction to Aromatherapy

Take a needed break and learn safe and effective reflexology and acupressure techniques for relief
from tension headaches, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other stress-related issues for yourself
and others. Learn how to incorporate essential oils and crystals to maximize the benefits.

Janine and Monica are both Certified Aromatherapists from the Angel Light Art of Healing School
of Energy Medicine and hold certifications and training in a variety of healing modalities includ-
ing Reiki, herbal and mind/body medicine, chakra, crystal and sound healing, reflexology and
acupressure. Janine and Monica enjoy working together and, through their Angel Light exper-
iences, have found educational and healing synergy in working in tandem.


Aromatherapy can enhance both our physical and spiritual senses allowing us to tune into
higher information. We all receive intuitive information in different ways and when we commit
to developing these spiritual gifts our information channels become more open and clear. We
often have one dominant clairsense, but we can enhance all of our clairsenses with aromatherapy
to heighten our awareness.

Individual classes are $25 or take the four class series for $89 when the series is paid in full by
January 21, 2020.

Tuesday, January 29th from 6:15-7:45 pm
Aromatherapy to Enhance your Clairvoyance

Discover the essential oils that can help you develop and enhance your clairvoyance or clear
seeing abilities and learn how to incorporate them into your life to expand your innate perception.
In this class we will explore how to manifest our psychic awareness using aromatherapy as a
meditative practice and in ceremonial ritual.

Tuesday, February 4th from 6:15-7:45 pm
Aromatherapy to Enhance your Clairaudience

In this class we will work with essential oils that can help develop and enhance our clairaudience
or clear hearing abilities and learn how to incorporate them into our life to be an open channel to
hear and listen to the messages we receive. We will explore how to manifest our psychic hearing
using aromatherapy as a meditative practice and in ceremonial ritual.

Tuesday, February 18th from 6:15-7:45
Aromatherapy for Clairsentience

Students will explore the essential oils that can help develop and enhance their clairsentience or
clear feeling abilities and learn how to incorporate them into their life to be open to what they are
feeling and to interpret this information. In this class we will learn how to manifest our psychic
feeling using aromatherapy as a meditative exercise and in ceremonial ritual.

Tuesday, February 25th from 6:15-7: 45 pm
Aromatherapy to Enhance your Claircognizance

Explore the essential oils that can help you develop and enhance your clairscognizance or clear
knowing abilities and learn how to incorporate them into your life to be open to this innate
knowing and be confident in what we know. Students will practice the art of manifesting their
psychic knowing using aromatherapy as a meditative practice and in ceremonial ritual.

Monica Latus is a Certified Aromatherapist with over 2000 hrs of education and experience working
with essential oils. She is also a Certified in Sound Healing and a Graduate of the School of Sound
and Healing at Angel Light. She is a Reiki Level III practitioner and currently apprenticing as a
Reiki Master Teacher. Monica has been teaching classes in essential oils for the past 5 years to
students who have demonstrated gratitude for her knowledge and teaching expertise.


Instructor: Lesley-Anne Raven

Held on Saturday mornings:
10:00am to 1:00 pm

$50.00 per class
$30.00 supply fee due upon registration.

You are invited to join us on this Spiritual Adventure to learn about the ancient wisdom of the
Celtics… guided by the Tree Ogham! These symbols and alphabet will connect you to the energy
of each of the 30 special trees. The trees are also a pathway to the Celtic Otherworlds and their
inhabitants… the Tuatha De Danann (Irish Mythology) and the Sidhe (Fairy folk).

The tree wisdom can help guide you to a deeper understanding and connection to your inner and
higher self as your life path journey unfolds!

You will do this through Visualization Journeying, Divination, meet a Spirit Animal Guide, meet
each tree, make your own set of Ogham sticks, Craftwork, and other activities!

February 15, 2020 - During this class you meet the trees of Middle Earth…. Alder, Holly, Broom,
Heather, and the Sacred Grove plus the four Sacred Tools and Gods.

March 14, 2020 - During this class you meet the trees of Second Level Upper World…. Rowan,
Oak, Ivy, Gorse and Spindle.

April 11, 2020 - During this class you meet the trees of First Level Upper World… Birch, Hawthorn,
Vine, Fir, and the Honeysuckle.

May 16, 2020 -During this class you meet the trees of Third Level Lower World… Willow, Hazel,
Blackthorn, Aspen and Gooseberry.

June 13, 2020 - During this class you meet the trees of Fourth Level Lower World… Ash, Apple,
Elder, Yew and Beech.


with Lesley-Anne Raven Please join Les in these enlightening circles to connect in a new way to spirit and your higher self
though the modalities of Visualization Journeys and Spiritual Dance.

In each class we will use these tools to start a deeper, amazing connection to the unique places of
spirit and natural wonder listed below. Come, share and explore together!

All classes are on Sunday morning beginning at 10:00 am to 12:30 pm (2 ½ hours)
Cost: $35 each class
Classes Limited to 15 Participants – Pre-Registration with Deposit of 50% required.

February 16, 2020
THE Moon
The Moon has always been with us… it is the same Moon we have looked at in awe, amazement
and magical wonder… through the many past lives we have experienced here on this earth.

March 15, 2020
YOUR Inner Child
Rediscover and experience the simple joys of childhood. Time to play in the attic and dance in
the rain and daydream!

April 19, 2020
THE House on the Hill
We are like a house….Basement of old stuff, 1st floor daily living, 2nd floor self & family and attic
of cobwebs! But there can also be endless halls, underground tunnels, secret passages and towers
of surprises!



Fee: $45.00
Instructor: Sheri Bauer, RMT, CCRMT

This workshop is all about using the power of your own breath to help maintain balance for your
body and promote relaxation and healing. Students will learn what type of "breather" they are,
why breath is so important on a physical and emotional level, how breath works in the human
body, and why breath can be one of the least expensive and most effective tools we can use to
benefit our bodies, minds and spirits. Several breath techniques will be taught including the
"Letting Go" breath, the "Morning" breath, the"Wind" breath, the "4/7/8/" breath, and the "Rolling" breath.

Fee: $45.00
Instructor: Sheri Bauer, RMT, CCRMT

Balls of Color, Streams of Light! Through color we receive all the energy we need to maintain a
healthy body, mind, and spirit. Color therapy is an ancient art believed to have been used by the
Ancient Egyptians who built their homes with colored panes of glass in the roof through which the
sun could shine and treat the person sitting inside. Light consists of the seven color energies: Red,
Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Each color is connected to various aspects and
areas of our body and can affect us differently emotionally, physically, and mentally. By learning
how each color influences us, we can effectively use color to give us an extra boost of energy, heal
our vital organs, and sooth our nerves when we need it.

In this class, students will learn how to create colored balls of light to help heal the physical body
along with its emotional, mental and spiritual counterparts. Students will explore seven different
colors and learn how to use each color to boost their energy, help strengthen a vital organ and
calm their nervous system. A color healing protocol will be taught and experienced during this
workshop that can be used for self treatment or when working with others.




Learn how to create the “Reiki Bubble” of loving energy to surround your pet within a healing
environment on their terms. This class is for the animal lover who has a natural connection with
the finned, furred, and winged ones! It is a wonderful complement to previous Reiki classes, and
provides a deeper understanding of how to approach a variety of animal species through subtle
energy techniques.
*Must be at least Reiki I Certified.


Create a healing connection with animal clients based on the Five Reiki Precepts, learn how
deepening your personal meditative practice enhances spiritual understanding, and hone your
skills within offering Reiki to a variety of species. This is a comprehensive class, combining both
lecture and meditative exercises geared toward the Reiki Professional.
*Must be at least Reiki I Certified


Did you know nature is constantly giving us assistance within our daily lives? It’s true! We must
only pause to listen to the sounds, hear the messages, and see the signs. Maybe it’s the song of
the Blue Jay reminding us of our independent attitude, or the the industrious squirrel teaching
us to plan for a long winter, or maybe the wise willow is sending helpful energy toward our
home. Whatever the signs and symbols, the messages are as close as peeking out the window
or opening the back door. Nature is our constant teacher... calming us down in a chaotic world.
This is a fun workshop, offering delightful reminders to put your feet to the earth, touch the trees,
and listen to the drumbeat of our glorious planet!


Animal Totems align us with our Highest Self by integrating the qualities of their essence
through journeying . Our Animal Totem sees what potential we have, and helps us with personal,
or professional goals, love relationship issues, or the relationship with one’s self. Animal Totems
are the keepers of wisdom closest to earth, and rely on the principles of the Shaman to guide us
through the terrain of worlds unseen. Learning how to read Animal Totem Oracle Cards enhances
intuition while offering important daily guidance and healing.
No special skills or previous experience needed to attend this fun and interactive workshop!

Learn how to use specific meditative techniques to create a bridge of communication between
you and your pet. Everyone can learn these amazing telepathic tools. Strengthen your “psychic
muscles” through developing your intuition, discerning information, and understanding animals
on a spiritual level. This workshop is broken down into three separate modules to build on content
and practical application.


In this workshop we will discuss what telepathy is, how it relates to Animal Communication,
why it is important, and what the benefits are. Energy as a concept, as well as practical exercises
to learn how to discern information will be discussed. We will practice basic telepathic and
meditative techniques.


Building on applications discussed in the Introductory Workshop, we will deepen our under-
standing of telepathy through intention and meditative practice. We will learn how to discern
information, read animals through photos, and use evidential techniques to validate information


In this workshop we will learn how to offer a complete Animal Communication Session for your
animal, a friend’s pet, or an animal client. Telepathic information is a means to better understand
animals on their level, lend insight into their world, and improve our relationship within
companionship. Ethics, etiquette, and goals regarding the practice of Animal Communication will
also be discussed.

JILL MILITZER is a Freelance Writer, Author & Illustrator, Reiki Master Teacher, & Animal Reiki Practitioner. She has received the Munay-Ki Rites and is currently studying Shamanic Healing
in the Peruvian Tradition to be a full mesa carrier.



When: Wednesday, February 12th
Time: 6:30-8:30 pm
Fee: $40.00
Instructor: Dr. Michael Hecker

It is possible to know who someone is with:
   • No conversation
   • No prior knowledge
   • No tricks or cold reading

Everyone has a unique personality and it’s written all over our face and body. Learn to read
what personality someone has so that you can determine how to interact with them for the most
positive results.

In this training you will learn to spot the 5 personality types, their physical features and their
unique characteristics. Understanding different personality types helps you to “tune in” to the
energy of all the people you come into contact with.

This is a great learning experience for anyone who needs to interact with other people in all
areas of life including:
   • Complementary Therapies or Allopathic Medicine
   • Personal Relationships: Opposites may attract but understanding your partner will
     keep you together
   • Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: Know how to connect with your clients
     and customers
   • Healers/Therapists/Medical Professionals: Connect with your patients to build the rapport
     that helps to heal
   • Sales People: Speak your clients language and gain their trust

When: Saturday, February 29th from 1-4 pm
Fee: $75.00 or $65.00 Early Bird pricing before February 15th

Join Dr Michael’s “The Principles of Healing” workshop where we will break down how healing
works. Regardless of how you give or receive healing, there are rules to the process of healing–
and that’s what this workshop is about.

This workshop is for practitioners that seek long term results for their clients. It is also a very
informational experience for those receiving treatments as clients, or those that want to learn
about treatment plans that go beyond hit or miss, or results that only last a few days. Learning is
the Key during this workshop. You will be taught a framework rather than any type of script or
equation, because healing is always an individualized process.

This workshop will help you to:
   • Learn the (2) requirements to gain rapport for long term results
   • Learn the(4) rules to planting the seeds of healing
   • Stickman and how concepts get accepted
   • Being magnetic (Dr. Fleets 8 ways)
   • Before and After Tests
   • Life and Death in the Tongue (studies & Hypnosis)
   • Learn when small talk during the session is appropriate
   • How concepts in the subconscious influence health
   • The art of healing suggestions
   • Visualization during Treatment 7+/-2 language patterns
   • The Law of Polarity to Shift Focus
   • How to keep the focus on healing, not the disease
   • How your own concepts influence the client’s results
   • Think less/Your words/Vibe heal more than your hands

If you are an energy worker, massage therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, work in allopathic or
complementary medicine, or are simply interested in improving your results, this is the workshop
for you.

Since 2015, Dr. Michael Hecker, DC has helped clients reduce post-surgical pain, reduce their
dependence on medication, avoid surgery and injections, eliminate seasonal allergies, balance
their blood pressure, increase their energy, and resolve long term neck or back pain.

Michael’s main focus as a chiropractor and wellness practitioner is to help people who have had
a health issue for 3+ months and are relying on medication to manage it. This includes chronic
pain, digestive problems, breathing issues, imbalanced hormones, constipation, uncomfortable
sensations in arms and legs, and circulatory problems. Dr. Hecker’s approach includes using the
Zone Technique chiropractic method, practical dietary advice, and techniques and strategies to
reduce stress.