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Where the Physical and Metaphysical come together.

About this Class Series:
This class series is designed to be an Introduction to Mind/
Body Medicine. According to the University of Maryland
Medical Center, Mind-body medicine uses the power of
thoughts and emotions to influence physical health. As
Hippocrates once wrote, "The natural healing force within
each one of us is the greatest force in getting well." This is
mind-body medicine in a nutshell.

All courses in this program require pre-registration.

What is the history of mind-body medicine?
Most ancient healing practices, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic
medicine, emphasize the links between the mind and the body. Western medical views
were shaped by systems of thought that emphasized the opposite -- the mind and body
are separate.

In 1964, psychiatrist George Solomon noticed that people with rheumatoid arthritis got
worse when they were depressed. He began to investigate the impact emotions had on
inflammation and the immune system in general. The new field was called psycho-
neuroimmunology ("psycho" for psychology; "neuro" for neurology, or nervous system;
and "immunology" for immunity).

In the 1960s and early 1970s, a physician named Herbert Benson, who coined the term
"relaxation response," studied how meditation could affect blood pressure. More
understanding of the mind-body link came in 1975, when psychologist Robert Ader showed
that mental and emotional cues could affect the immune system.

Today, there is renewed interest in age old traditions such as yoga and meditation. No longer viewed with suspicion, mind-body programs are now established at prestigious medical schools in the United States and around the world.


About the Art of Healing Mind Body Empowerment Program

The Mind Body Empowerment class as designed by the Art of Healing School of Energy
Medicine introduces the major components of the Mind/Body/Spirit connection along with
providing a strong basis of understanding of how the Mind, Body and Spirit can work
together in harmony to restore wholeness and healing, opening the pathways for living a
full and joyful life.

This program is designed for anyone interested in facilitating their own healing or for healing
practitioners, therapists, social workers and practitioners in the allopathic community that
want to provide services from an expanded knowledge base and a deeper level of


Class #1: Positive Psychology
The time worn advice to “think positive” may actually have a big impact on your mind/
body and spirit. Dr. Martin Seligman developed the Positive Psychology approach when
he found that people “want more than an end to suffering; they want to live meaningful
and fulfilling lives." The positive psychology approach focuses on three areas: positive
experiences, individual traits and institutions. This class will focus on the first 2. We will
also look at psychoneuroimmunology, basically how our immune system and nervous
system communicate and how a more positive focus actually strengthens our body, mind
and spirit.

Students are strongly encouraged to take the full VIA Strengths Survey prior to this class in
order to have a richer class experience.
Please bring the results of your full Strengths Survey
to class with you. (not the brief survey) You can access the VIA Strengths Survey at this
website: https://www.authentichappiness.sas.upenn.edu/testcenter
Instructor: Kathryn Rambo

Class #2: Meditation for Healing the Spirit
Meditation is not an esoteric practice limited to a select few who live on mountain tops.
Years of research clearly demonstrate that anyone can learn to meditate and the significant
health benefits for the whole person are very well documented. This class will cover: the
whole person health benefits, simple techniques to slow one's racing thoughts, the use of
progressive muscle relaxation prior to meditation, mindfulness techniques, the importance
of the breath, creating a personal ‘mantra’ as well as the role of visualization as a vehicle
to reaching one’s optimal meditative and altered state of consciousness.
Instructor: Kathryn Rambo

Class #3: Mandalas in Meditation
Mandala means “sacred circle” in Sanskrit. Circles appear in nature (flowers, snowflakes,
sun, moon, etc.), architecture and are also powerful symbols in cultures throughout world
history. In various spiritual traditions, Mandalas are used to facilitate meditation and are
used in sacred rites as a transformative tool to assist with healing. Tibetan Buddhist Monks
and Native American Indians all use Mandalas as a way of evoking spiritual energy,
meditation and healing. Psychologist Carl Jung used Mandalas with his clients and for
his own personal growth. His studies revealed their creation allowed a deep healing to
take place from within the human psyche. Students will learn about Mandalas as they
relate to meditation and the healing of body, mind and spirit. They will also enter into a
meditative experience by coloring a Mandala and simultaneously chanting a mantra to
bring more light and radiance into the soul.
Instructor: Judy Weiss

Class #4: Meditation and Movement
Yoga is an art, science and philosophy. Ultimately it is the Science of the Self and has
withstood the test of time as a means for the individual soul to unite with the Divine soul.
The ancient seers of India recognized that the body is a gateway to this experience and
identified the eight limbs of yoga as a means to reach Samadhi or bliss. Yoga practitioners
recognize the need to properly care for and respect their bodies because our deepest
spiritual connection occurs within and leads us to awakening. The practice of yoga includes
a connection to the physical form and breath, leading one to the withdrawal of the senses,
deep concentration and meditation. Students will learn the history of yoga and the eight
limbs of yoga that is its philosophical foundation. Students will be taught basic awareness
of the body, nutritional support for the body, breath awareness, basic mudras (hand postures)
and simple meditation techniques that are accessible to anyone.
Instructor: Judy Weiss

Class #6: Energetic Techniques for Everyday Living
Did you know that there are certain energetic techniques that you can use to take care of
yourself? This class will teach some energetic ways to get grounded, work with blocks, and
go deeper using techniques from acupressure and EFT/ tapping.

EFT tapping is a form of psychological acupressure. It is based on the 5000 year old system
of acupuncture that uses energy meridians to treat physical and emotional dis-ease, but
without the invasiveness of needles. Instead, simple tapping with the fingertips is used to
input kinetic energy onto specific meridians on the head and chest while you think about
your specific problem - whether it is a traumatic event, an addiction, pain, along with the
voicing positive affirmations. This combination of tapping the energy meridians and voicing
positive affirmation works to clear the "short-circuit" - the emotional block -- from your body's
bio energy system.
Instructor: Cathy Dante

Class #5: The Power of the Sub-Conscious Mind
Hypnotherapy has been described as an alternative therapy that uses the power of medita-
tion and thought to alter feelings, symptoms, behaviors, thoughts and habits embedded in
the mind, body. Hypnotherapy allows us to turn inward and strengthen the connection of
mind and body, and is also an avenue for spiritual connection. Students will learn how
hypnosis works and how they can use it in their life and, with additional training, for the
well-being of others. Students will develop a self-hypnosis script and practice hypnosis
techniques in community.
Instructor: Jean Schoenecker

Class #7 Nourish Body, Mind and Spirit to Shine Your Light
We exist as Spirit and Matter, made of living energy that is reflected in the luminescence
of each cell. This wireless life-force anatomy affects our health, and the more we store light
energy, the greater our potential to be healthy, fulfilled and joyful. Learn about the energy
of nourishing foods and how to choose foods to expand our life-force and consciousness.
Learn how and why food choices influence our shape, moods and function, enhancing or
limiting our ability to live our purpose and mission. Learn to expand potential and create
a new normal with energizing choices to live a healthy, joyful, luminescent life!
Instructor: Amy Andrews, Feel Good Again Health

Class#8: Mind Body Spirit Integration
As humans, we are three part beings made up of the physical, non-physical and the meta-
physical. Our body, mind and spirit work together to create the combined human experience
we called Life. But in the higher truth, we are actually spiritual beings creating a human
experience. Your metaphysical body is the key, the SOURCE of your life-force. This life-force
is the energy of Love. Learning to love yourself increases the flow of LOVE in your body and
is crucial to living joy-filled and healthy life. By aligning your body and mind with your spirit,
all three parts begin to work together in harmony to create the LIFE you desire. Come join
us to learn how you can direct the energy of love to heal yourself and others.
Instructors: Lucy Lucia and Michael Krajovic, Sourceful Living

Alternating Class:
Class 9: Meditation and Movement Level II
Tai Chi & Chi Gong
Many cultures have designed systems of study that maximize on the potential to improve
health, balance the emotions and create a spiritual connection. The Chinese practices of
Tai Chi and Qi Gong offer many benefits that include improved balance and coordination,
a strengthened immune system and the reduction of stress. Students will learn about how
these powerfully profound and ancient practices integrate the mind, body and spirit.
Instructor: Lori Gamroth

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