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Meditation is a practice of going inside and connecting with
the Source that can reveal answers to assist in healing the
body, mind & spirit
. This series is designed for students
interested in learning how to incorporate meditation into self healing and the healing of others.

Mindfulness & Meditation Course with Kathryn Rambo
Spiritual Union Through Meditation
Summer Meditation Series for 2018

All courses require pre-registration. You may register in person or by calling the center.  

Mindfulness & Meditation Course
Kathryn Rambo

Introduction to Dowsing $40
This is an introduction to the spiritual art and practice of dowsing. You will learn the
history of dowsing use and theories about how it works to give a voice to your Intuition.
We will discuss selecting different dowsing tools concentrating on the pendulum; de-
veloping a personal pendulum language and code; 3-fold permissions; shielding; and
formulating questions.

Have you ever Touched your Soul?
Spiritus Breath Meditation -$20
Spirit, or Spiritus in Latin, means breath. It also means spirit or soul. Spirituality is a path that
we walk with a sense of purpose and direction. Our journey on this path gives us glimpses of
our Higher Self and aligns us with the Divine. This path takes us INTO the world rather than
AWAY from it. In this class we will look at ways to nourish our souls and through the
sacredness of breath, touch our Higher Self and the spark of Divine that lives within. The
class will conclude with a guided meditation experience to re-establish our connection with
the Divine.

Seven Sacred Directions Meditation - $20
Participants will learn about the Seven Sacred Directions as they appear throughout
shamanic and indigenous cultures. The class concludes with a meditation to experience
the energies and lessons that the Seven Directions impart to us.

Middle Pillar Meditation - $20
Balancing Mind and Magick. The Middle Pillar Meditation is an important meditation to learn
for all those who are doing group and/or personal ritual work and magick. Described by Israel
Regardie ,it is the groundwork of all actual personal developmental work. The Middle Pillar
meditation done daily as part of one's meditation and spiritual practice becomes a process
which is the basis of magic. Learning this meditation is important because it enables one to
work with the energy of the body for spiritual purposes. Participants will learn about Israel
Regardie, the Middle Pillar and then experience the Middle Pillar Meditation.

The Healing Sound of Tibetan Bowls Demonstration and Sound Soul Attunement Concert
Tibetan singing bowls have been used for centuries in meditation, spiritual practices and
to accelerate the body’s healing process. The bowl’s clear fundamental tone and multiple
harmonic overtones create an etheric sound which promotes s left/right brain synchronization,
deep relaxation and an opportunity to recover from stress and dis-Ease. Please bring a yoga
mat, pillow and or blanket if you wish to lie down during the sound meditation.

The Cosmology and Theology of Angels - $40
Belief in Guardian Angels became widespread in the Middle Ages and has remained strong
to this day. It is said that an Angel joins us at our birth and remains with us as our companion,
guide and protector throughout our life. We will learn about the evolution of belief in Angels
and how these were woven together over time into the beliefs we have about Angels today.
The focus of this class is on our Guardian Angel and the devotional practices and beliefs that
sprung out of the Middle Ages. The class will conclude with a guided meditation to meet and
deepen your connection with this Being of Living Light. Please feel free to come and share
your personal Angel stories, bring along your favorite Angel picture or statue also. We will
spend the evening in the company of Angels.


Spiritual Union Through Meditation with Russell Strelnick, LCSW, CYT

$20 or bring a friend for $35 with pre-registration 48 hours or more before the class.
Otherwise, fee is $25.00 per person.

The Twisted Hairs Cherokee Shamans believe that the Earth Mother is our first chakra and that Father Sky is our last Chakra. The source of life that is the earth in her relationship to the heavens is drawn upon directly by the use of breath. Taking in fully the prana life-force with chakra breathing is rejuvenating, cleansing and balancing. It is the core technique in the Cherokee tantric tradition of the Quadoshka as taught by Harley Swiftdeer. Simply put, it is the technique to receive love, light and healing energy from the true source of our existence, the Mother Earth. This workshop includes a Call to Spirit in Native Tongue, a short drumming to assist students to a deeper meditative state and a playing of the Native American Flute.

Dynamic Meditation with Russell Strelnick
$20 or bring a friend for $35 with pre-registration 48 hours or more before the class.
Otherwise, fee is $25.00 per person.

This mediation is designed by the great mystic Osho for our modern society's stressed out
and busy, busy mind. It is engagingly physical and consists of five segments including (Prana
Yama) breath work, (Kriya Cleansing) body movement, sounding (Hara-Power Center) work,
strengthening the diaphragm, silence and dance. It is a powerful tool to re-energize and
fully clear the heart and mind.

KIRTAN, PUJA for the coming year, and AARTI - Hindu Mass with Aamod and Yamina.
$10 with pre-registration and $15 at the door.

Puja is the act of showing reverence to a god, a spirit, or another aspect of the divine through invocations, prayers, songs, and rituals. An essential part of Puja for the Hindu devotee is making a spiritual connection with the divine. Arti is a morning or evening chanted devotion that includes the ritual of a flame, the ringing of a bell and the burning of incense.

$20 or bring a friend for $35 with pre-registration 48 hours or more before the class.
Otherwise, fee is $25.00 per person.

The body, heart and mind are intrinsically linked. As we learn to talk to the body and listen to the heart we reunify all parts of the self. This reunification is the source of inner peace and inner balance. Stop waiting to unconditionally accept and love yourself exactly as you are. Weight loss is easier when you are coming from self love instead of self rejection.

$20 or bring a friend for $35 with pre-registration 48 hours or more before the class.
Otherwise, fee is $25.00 per person.

Come pick up some new tools to enhance yourself and your relationships. 70% of what we communicate is nonverbal. Enjoy exploring verbal and non verbal ways of relating that open the heart and deepen our sense of trust, safety and bonding.

$20 or bring a friend for $35 with pre-registration 48 hours or more before the class.
Otherwise, fee is $25.00 per person.

Yoga Nidra or "yogi sleep" is a sleep-like state which yogis report to experience during their meditations. Yoga Nidra, lucid sleeping is among the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness. Attending this Meditation will ddeepen your capacity to really let go of everything and relax fully. Relaxation returns us to composure and clarity of heart and mind. Our most valuable inner resource is our ability to feel and think clearly. Stop chasing and reacting and open to a life style that appreciates and enjoys this moment.

$25 per person.

Learn a wonderful and easy flowing technique for facilitating profound relaxation and let go in another human being. The instinctive mother wisdom to rock the baby to comfort and sooth the body can be used on adults as well. This workshop is for professional and novice body workers. Bring blankets and pillows.

$20 or bring a friend for $35 with pre-registration 48 hours or more before the class.
Otherwise, fee is $25.00 per person.

Take back your power. Access your heart as an incredible resource to move past your barriers and limitations. Fear is what holds us back from manifesting what it is that we want. Anger is the counter measure to the limiting effects of fear. This is an advanced course for people who are ready to feel all their feelings and take back their power.


Summer Meditation Series 2018 with Kathryn Rambo
Each workshop will be approximately 1 hr and 15 minutes in length.
When taken individually, the Mediation workshops are $20 each. Take all four Meditation
Workshops for only $70 when registered and pre-paid in advance. Each workshop will be
approximately 1 hr and 15 minutes in length.

Thursday, June 14th
Taking a Vacation from Stress
Facilitator: Kathryn Rambo
Fee: $20.00

Join us for a mini-vacation from the land of stress. Participants will learn the health
benefits of meditation and also how meditation short-circuits our flight-fight-freeze
response. The class will conclude with a meditation to reduce personal stress levels.

Thursday, June 28th at 6:30 pm
Taking a vacation from Worry
Facilitator: Kathryn Rambo
Fee: $20.00

Take a Mini-vacation from the Land of Worry. This class revolves around worry, and its
impact on our health and well-being. Participants will learn a meditation to calm the voice
worry-wart and create a place of inner peace.

Thursday, July 12th at 6:30 pm
Taking a vacation from the Blues
Facilitator: Kathryn Rambo
Fee: $20.00

Take Mini-vacation from the Land of the "Blues". We all find times in our life when we
feel emotionally run down, overwhelmed, forgetful and no energy. This is different from
depression. The blues, instead, is transient, it passes. Participants will learn how to identify
when "the blues" is starting to take hold as well as techniques to prevent it from moving
you into the Land of the Blues. The class will conclude with a meditation to change the
"blues" energies into positive, uplifting energies.

Thursday, July 26th at 6:30 pm
Giving your body a vacation from Tension and Pain: Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Facilitator: Kathryn Rambo
Fee: $20.00

Investigators found that deep relaxation practices produce immediate changes in the
expression of genes involved in immune function, energy metabolism and insulin
secretion. The findings underscore the value of deep, physiological relaxation. This class
will cover the benefits of incorporating this practice, how to do progressive muscle relax-
ation (PMR) and how easy it is to do! Come and have a relaxing evening - this is probably
the only class you can fall asleep during and the instructor will give you an "A".

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