Each of us possesses an inner sense of intuition. It may be that "little voice that is telling you something" or the "gut feeling" we get when making
an important decision or taking a leap of faith. These courses are designed to help us become more attuned with that sense and how to develop
new way of using what we already have.






Instructor: Kristina Nez Begay of Hozho’ Healing
Fee: $50.00

Come and take the first steps to developing a lifelong relationship with your own power animal
during this class. Meeting and calling upon your Power Animal is an important part of your healing
journey. Animals can and do teach us many of life’s lessons. We have access to guidance and
support from the spirit world - all we have to do is ask! As the word power implies, meeting and
working with your power animal(s) will help you to become more “power-full.” Kristina will lead
you with rhythmic drumming on a shamanic journey to meet your power animal.

Instructor: Kristina Nez Begay of Hozho’ Healing
Fee: $50.00

In this level l class, students will use exercises and meditations to move heavy energy that is
keeping them from using their intuition. They will learn about energy and start sensing different
energy fields. They will explore different methods to receive messages from the etheric world and
determine their strongest intuitive channels. Then using different perceptual levels, they will learn
to draw auras.

Instructor: Kristina Nez Begay of Hozho’ Healing
Fee: $50.00

During this class, additional work to identify and move heavy energies and negative emotions
held in the body that prohibit the full use of intuition will be explored further. Chakra clearing
meditations will aid in the releasing process. Students will also learn how to train their intuition
and begin validating their findings using individual and partner exercises. They will also explore
additional protocols that they can use in their daily lives to improve their intuition.

Instructor: Kristina Nez Begay of Hozho’ Healing
Fee: $50.00

In Intuition Development level 3, you will use guided meditation to focus your intentions on
beginning to recognize your energy body and draw in life force to empower yourself and your
intuition. During this class experience, you will learn to train yourself to notice minute shifts
within energy fields. You will create personal mantras to assist breaking through old belief
systems and thought patterns. There will be individual and group exercises that utilize writing,
intuitive reading, and psychometry (picking up information by holding someone’s personal item
such as a ring or a photograph). Please bring a physical item with you for someone else to read.

Instructor: Kristina Nez Begay of Hozho’ Healing
Fee: $50.00

During this class, students will take what they have learned so far and apply it to tracking energy
within the body using different levels of perception. Each person will have an opportunity to give
and receive intuitive readings will learn to use a pendulum to validate their findings. Students will
participate in additional partner exercises to refine their skills. Please bring a pendulum with you
to class or purchase one from Angel Light.



Facilitated by: Connie Kick

A certificate of completion will be awarded to each student who completes the 4-class Tarot
Series. The fee for the two introductory classes is $40 each and the Intermediate and Tarot
Journey classes, $45 each. A series discounted fee of $159 will apply when all 4 classes are
purchased in advance of start date.

Students should bring a journal or a spiral bound notebook to class and a Rider Waite Tarot deck.
A limited number of Tarot Decks will be available at Angel Light at a substantial discount off of
Retail pricing.


Students will learn about the History of the Tarot. An overview of the Tarot deck and how to look
at the cards along with a handout that has the basic meaning of each of the Major Arcana cards
will be presented. The focus for this class will be on learning about the Major Arcana, delving into
its mysteries, and working with your intuitive eye to see into the deeper landscape of each card.


The focus for this class will be learning about and understanding the Minor Arcana and the Court
cards. Students will learn to conduct a Past, Present and Future reading with a partner. The class
will include a sharing of their experience and a question and answer period. A handout with the
basic meaning of the Minor Arcana cards will be presented.


Participants will learn to read intuitively, understanding what a spread is and why the cards can
change meaning depending on where they fall in a spread.

The following will be explained and discussed:
    • How to put the book down and read intuitively – (We play a fun game here similar to the
      telephone game we played as kids.)
    • How to ask the right questions. Why it’s important to ask questions the right way. Students
       will work with a 90 question deck for practice and some scenarios that will be pulled from
       a hat.
    • What is a spread and why do cards mean different things depending on where they fall in
       a spread will be discussed. Students will also receive handouts for the more popular spreads
       including a Money spread, a basic Horseshow spread and a Yes/No Spread.


During this final class, students will learn about the Tarot Cycles and The Fools Journey – How
the Tarot relates to real life. They will learn about the why and how of Tarot Reversals through
the presentation of potential Tarot spread scenarios.

Other elements of this class include:
    • Where does your deck want to take you?
    • Deck interview spread
    • Code and ethics in Tarot

As a young girl Connie’s Omas would always tell her stories of the old country and her favorite
was that both of her Omas were gifted in divination. On her Mother’s side Oma would often read
tea leaves and coffee grounds. Her Oma on her Father’s side was the dream interpreter in her
hometown back in Austria. Connie has a strong spiritual connection to both of her Omas and has
always felt a pull to this type of work. She’s been reading tarot and oracle cards for herself and
friends since the late 80’s and has been reading professionally since 2011 and teaching tarot
since 2015.

Connie was featured as a Celebrity Psychic and was also one of twelve Study Group instructors
at the 2017 Tarot School Reader’s Studio in New York City, NY. She was a keynote presenter at
the 2017 Northwest Tarot Symposium in Portland, Oregon. Connie is also the author and creator
of the “Kickin’ it with Pugs and Kisses” oracle kit.

Connie is able to combine your energy, intuition, and the images of the Tarot cards to get a
deeper insight into your past, help you to understand what is presently going on in your world
and advise you as to what direction your guides are pointing you in. Connie’s readings will
provide guidance to your questions and you will leave your session with confidence and clarity.


Facilitated by:
Lesley-Anne Raven

Level One Series
You are invited to join us on this Spiritual Adventure to learn about the ancient wisdom of the
Viking Elder Futhark Runes! These 24 symbols of stone will guide you to a deeper understanding
and connection to your inner self on three levels: Body, Mind, and Soul…
And begin to find your own personal connection to each Rune.

You will do this through Visualization Journeying, Divination, Chanting, Runestance, Song, Make
your own set of Runes, Craftwork, and other activities!

Level I Classes are held on Saturdays from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm
Fee Per Session: $50.00
Full Series Fee (when paid in advance of program start): $140.00
Plus $30.00 one time supplies fee due upon registration.
We are looking forward to having you join us on this path of self-discovery.

Session I:
During this class you will learn about and experience the Runes of Norse Goddess, Freyja which
speak to the qualities of what it is to be a human in the physical world…
the realm of your Body.

Session II:
During this class, you will expand your connection of the Runes to the realm of your Mind. You will
work with Heimdall’s Runes which speak to the trials and challenges you will need to overcome on
your spiritual path.

Session III:
In this final Level One class, you will dive deepest into your Soul. You will work with Tir’s Runes,
which speak to a wonderful deep spiritual connection to your inner self.

Level Two Series
Learn how to connect to each Rune on a deeper spiritual level and build your own truth about
each Rune. You will explore all the many connections…. such as its color, element, Norse God,
Chakra, number, crystal, tree, Tarot, Spirit Animal and more! You will do this through meditations,
visualization journeys, chanting, runestance and other creative activities.

This class if for students who have completed the Level One Class and is also open to anyone who
has some basic knowledge of the runes.

Level II Classes are held on Saturday's from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Fee Per Session: $50.00
Plus $20.00 one time supplies fee due upon registration.

Session I:
During this class, one Rune will choose you to work with and show you how to dive deep and
discover your amazing personal connection to the Rune. You will also create a new set of runes….
Carving their symbols in wood!

Session II:
During this class, you will expand this connection to the realm of energy. You will experience the
energy flow of each rune and how they connect to each other. You will also be attuned to use
these symbols for Reiki healing on yourself.

Session III:
During this class, you will learn the ancient divination ways of the Vikings…. casting the Runes
within the Nine Worlds of the World Tree Iggdrasil and connecting to the ancient beings who
reside there. Also learn how to use runes to explore your past lives.



Instructor: Barbra Lewczyk
Fee: $50.00

What is the Akashic realm and how is it made available to us? These are questions that will be
explored in this class. Students will learn: How long has this realm been known to us? Famous
psychics who read from the Akashic records. Modern references to the Akashic field. What makes
up the Akashic realm?

How do we access it? How does the information come through? Guidelines for doing a reading.
Students will have an opportunity to experience opening to the Akashic realm and doing a
reading for themselves. The class will follow Linda Howe’s book, How to Read the Akashic
Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey.

Instructor: Barbra Lewczyk
Fee: $40.00

This class is the follow up to the Introduction to the Akashic Records class. Participants will
review general guidelines for reading for themselves and for others. They will have the oppor-
tunity to partner with others in the class to practice reading for each other. Each student will give
and receive 2-3 readings, as time allows. There will be time for questions about the process and
discussion of individual experiences during the practice sessions.

The requirements for attending the advanced class include the following:
   • Students should have read Part I of Linda Howe’s book, How to Read the
      Akashic Records (chapters 1-4).
   • Students should have practice reading the Akashic records for themselves.



Instructor: Kristina Nez Begay
Fee: $50.00

Do you notice that you take on other people's heavy energy? Do you feel someone's pain and
emotions, even when they do not physically show it? Are people drawn to you for advice, but
you often find that their problem has somehow become yours? If you recognize yourself in this
description, chances are, you are an empathic person.

In this class, you will learn ways to clear the heaviness of others from your energy field through
movement, visualization, and intention. Students will experience grounding meditations along
with a clearing and healing journey to restore their reserve of personal power. Join Kristina Nez
Begay and discover how to set healthy boundaries and stand in your own Light to develop a
discipline that serves your highest good.

(Please note this is a two part course)
Instructor: Kristina Nez Begay
Fee: $125.00

Our loved ones are around us even after they die. They let us know in a variety of ways, including
passing messages through a medium, or a person who can communicate with those in the spirit
world. During this class, you will learn how to bring evidence of the continuation of life after death
in the physical world. You will learn how to use your innate intuitive abilities to engage with those
already crossed over. You will learn and practice a variety of techniques to help you blend with
the spirit world and bring messages of love and compassion from those already crossed over to
family and friends that remain on the earth plane. Students will work individually and in partner
exercises to practice these new skills.

Fee: $150.00

This level 2 class will build on the foundation of level 1 and delve deeper into merging and
blending our energy with that of spirit. We will be focusing on providing unique evidence that
life continues even after the physical body passes, strengthening the use of different Clairs, care
for the medium, and compassion for the spirit world. Individual readings, platform opportunities,
inspiration and style, craft and building personal power will be discussed. We will use a variety
of exercises and meditations to sharpen our skills. This is highly experiential and involves
meditations and group exercises.


Kristina Nez Begay is a member of the Dine’ (Navajo) Nation. She has an Associate’s degree
in Liberal Arts from the Milwaukee Area Technical College, a Bachelor’s of Arts in American
Indian Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and continues her studies in
Metaphysical Science and Parapsychology. She is a spiritual medium, shamanic energy medicine
practitioner, Reiki Master, Access Consciousness Bars practitioner, past life regression facilitator,
instructor at a sound healing school, drum maker, and ordained minister.


(An Introductory 2-part Series)

Fee: $59 per class or take both for $99
To reserve your seat for this 2-part workshop, call Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts
at 262-787-3001 or in person at 13300 Watertown Plank Rd in Elm Grove, WI.
A 50% deposit is required when registering.

Class I: Introduction to Soul Astrology

Students will learn how Soul-Aligned astrology can assist in defining the soul’s purpose as it
journeys through its current life time. During this workshop information on different chart styles
and drawing the birth chart using online programs and important information including the exact
time, place and day of the birth will be discussed.

Included in the workshop will be:
   • Interpreting the Chart
   • Basic Overview of the signs and their archetypes
   • The Elements and Modalities (Fire, Earth, Water, Air/Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable) and their influence      on the signs

Class 2: Soul Centered Astrology

This class will focus on Soul Centered Astrology, - interpreting the soul's path by looking at the
archetypes present in the chart and how the tools of the chart can be used creatively to move
forward the evolution of the soul indicated by the sign/house placement of the north node of the
moon, and the soul gifts that you bring into this life indicated by the south node of the moon.

Included in this workshop will be:
   • Houses (the areas of life in which all of the action of the planets and signs are playing out)
   • Planets (sun, moon, mercury, Venus, mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto/ their      archetypes that they represent in life)
   • Axis points as sensitive points in chart as sensitive points of activation in relationships and by      transit of the planets
   • Transits of planets as activation times for the evolution of the soul


Jeannette Mary Gomes is an astrologer, tarot reader and reiki master based in Chicago, IL. She
focuses on soul-aligned astrology, interpreting the birth chart as a tool for self-understanding and
aligning your life with your soul's purpose. She incorporates elements of archetypal energies of
the planets and signs, artistic and creative practices as tools of transformation, and energetic
healing tools into her readings.
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