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All courses require pre-registration. You may register in
person or by calling the center.


Course in Intuitive Development

Meet you Power Animal
Instructor: Kristina Nez Begay of Hozho’ Healing
Fee: $50.00

Come and take the first steps to developing a lifelong relationship with your own power
animal during this class. Meeting and calling upon your Power Animal is an important
part of your healing journey. Animals can and do teach us many of life’s lessons. We have
access to guidance and support from the spirit world - all we have to do is ask! As the word
power implies, meeting and working with your power animal(s) will help you to become
more “power-full.” Kristina will lead you with rhythmic drumming on a shamanic journey
to meet your power animal.

Intuitive Development Level I
Instructor: Kristina Nez Begay of Hozho’ Healing
Fee: $50.00

In this level l class, students will use exercises and meditations to move heavy energy
that is keeping them from using their intuition. They will learn about energy and start
sensing different energy fields. They will explore different methods to receive messages
from the etheric world and determine their strongest intuitive channels. Then using
different perceptual levels, they will learn to draw auras.

Intuitive Development Level II
Instructor: Kristina Nez Begay of Hozho’ Healing
Fee: $50.00

During this class, additional work to identify and move heavy energies and negative
emotions held in the body that prohibit the full use of intuition will be explored further.
Chakra clearing meditations will aid in the releasing process. Students will also learn
how to train their intuition and begin validating their findings using individual and
partner exercises. They will also explore additional protocols that they can use in
their daily lives to improve their intuition.

Advanced Intuitive Development Level III
Instructor: Kristina Nez Begay of Hozho’ Healing
Fee: $50.00

In Intuition Development level 3, you will use guided meditation to focus your intentions
on beginning to recognize your energy body and draw in life force to empower yourself
and your intuition. During this class experience, you will learn to train yourself to notice
minute shifts within energy fields. You will create personal mantras to assist breaking
through old belief systems and thought patterns. There will be individual and group
exercises that utilize writing, intuitive reading, and psychometry (picking up information
by holding someone’s personal item such as a ring or a photograph). Please bring a
physical item with you for someone else to read.

Advanced Intuitive Development Level IV
Instructor: Kristina Nez Begay of Hozho’ Healing
Fee: $50.00

During this class, students will take what they have learned so far and apply it to
tracking energy within the body using different levels of perception. Each person will
have an opportunity to give and receive intuitive readings will learn to use a pendulum
to validate their findings. Students will participate in additional partner exercises to refine
their skills. Please bring a pendulum with you to class or purchase one from Angel Light.

Through the Eyes of a Tarot Reader – How to Live Along Side Spirit
Instructor: Bobbi Gamache
Fee: $40.00

Have you always been curious about spirituality? Ever wonder what your spirit guides do
all day? Or maybe you’d love to receive more “signs” in your life. Perhaps you just want
to learn how to work alongside your guides and angels to usher in more fulfillment and

This 2-class series is your good juju , feel good remedy.

In class #1, we’ll talk about exactly who your spirit guides are and how to allow them to
support and guide you through life. We’ll also sample methods for staying centered in your
power, staying connected to Spirit even in times of life stress, and learn how to strongly
connect with your intuition. We’ll also cover some easy life shifts that you can practice that
will help bring more good vibes into your life.

Through the Eyes of a Taro Reader Part II
Instructor: Bobbi Gamache
Description forthcoming.

In class #2, we’ll dive deeply into how to develop your unique spiritual gifts and use
them to enrich and bring harmony to all areas of your life. We’ll begin discussions about
how energy impacts your life (and what to do about it) and sample the various energetic
tools available to you.


Tarot Series
Facilitated by:
Bobbi Gamaché, a multi-certified energy healer, spirit channel, and tarot reader.

Through this 4 class series, students will become well versed in the energy, symbolism,
and power of the tarot deck while also strengthening their own psychic and intuitive
abilities. Each class will include tarot teachings alongside tools and practices that will
awaken a connection to spirit. Some of the topics covered include: how to pick the deck
that wants to work with you, introducing yourself to the light energies behind the cards,
an in-depth look at the different facets of the tarot deck, how to manage the energy during
a reading, and, of course, how to perform an accurate reading for yourself and others.

Class #1 covers the foundation of your entire tarot practice: the tarot deck. We’ll talk
about how to pick the deck that wants to work with you, how to use its energy, and
how to become deeply connected to it. We’ll also dive into the meanings of the Major
Arcana and start drawing cards to map out your personal life’s journey and purpose.

Class #2 is going to introduce you to the “who” behind the cards: angels, spirit guides,
totems, and other light energies. You’ll be walked through how to introduce yourself to
these energies as well as how to deeply connect with them. The wands and cups suites
will be studied.

Class #3 is all about how to establish, nurture, and maintain your psychic connections.
We’ll talk about things such as connecting to specific energies, how to know what’s
channeled information versus mind judgments, and how to approach challenging
messages. The swords and pentacles suites will be studied.

Class #4 is when we put it all together! You’ll learn how to choose your spreads (and
make your own), what card placement symbolizes, and how to ultimately perform an
accurate reading for yourself and others. The series will finish up with partner and
group readings.


Elder Futhark Runes Class
Facilitated by:
Lesley-Anne Raven,
Wooden Ships Inner Journeys

Classes held on Sunday’s -10:30am to 1:30pm
Fee Per Session: $45.00
Full Series Fee (when paid in advance of program start): $125.00
Plus $20.00 Supply Fee (for whole series)

You are invited to join us on this Spiritual Adventure to learn about the ancient wisdom
of the Viking Elder Futhark Runes! These 24 symbols of stone will guide you to a deeper
understanding and connection to your inner self on three levels: Body, Mind, and Soul.
You will do this through Visualization, Journeying, Divination, Chanting, Runestance,
Song, Craftwork, and other activities!

We are looking forward to having you join us on this path of self-discovery.

Class 1
During the Level I class you will learn about and experience the Runes as they connect
to the physical world of your Body. You will work with Freyja’s Runes, which speak to the
qualities of you as a human in this physical life cycle.

Class 2
During the Level 2 class, you will expand your connection of the Runes to the realm of
your Mind. You will work with Heimdall’s Runes which speak to the trials and challenges
you will need to overcome on your spiritual path.

Class 3

In the Runes Level 3 class, you will dive deepest into your Soul. You will work with Tir’s
Runes, which speak to a wonderful deep spiritual connection to your inner self.


Akashic Records

Introduction to Reading in the Akashic Records
Instructor: Barbra Lewczyk
Fee: $50.00

What is the Akashic realm and how is it made available to us? These are questions that
will be explored in this class. Students will learn: How long has this realm been known to
us? Famous psychics who read from the Akashic records. Modern references to the Akashic
field. What makes up the Akashic realm?

How do we access it? How does the information come through? Guidelines for doing a
reading. Students will have an opportunity to experience opening to the Akashic realm
and doing a reading for themselves. The class will follow Linda Howe’s book, How to Read
the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey.

Akashic Records Level II
Instructor: Barbra Lewczyk
Fee: $40.00

This class is the follow up to the Introduction to the Akashic Records class. Participants
will review general guidelines for reading for themselves and for others. They will have
the opportunity to partner with others in the class to practice reading for each other. Each
student will give and receive 2-3 readings, as time allows. There will be time for questions
about the process and discussion of individual experiences during the practice sessions.
The requirements for attending the advanced class include the following:
   • Students should have read Part I of Linda Howe’s book, How to Read the
     Akashic Records (chapters 1-4).
   • Students should have practice reading the Akashic records for themselves.


Mediumship Training

The Empath’s Toolbox
Instructor: Kristina Nez Begay
Fee: $50.00
This class may be taken as a stand-alone class for $50 or as a part of the Mediumship
Series on November 10th & 11th at a reduced cost of $150 for all three classes.

Do you notice that you take on other people's heavy energy? Do you feel someone's pain
and emotions, even when they do not physically show it? Are people drawn to you for
advice, but you often find that their problem has somehow become yours? If you recognize
yourself in this description, chances are, you are an empathic person. In this class, you will
learn ways to clear the heaviness of others from your energy field through movement,
visualization, and intention. Students will experience grounding meditations along with
a clearing and healing journey to restore their reserve of personal power. Join Kristina
Nez Begay and discover how to set healthy boundaries and stand in your own Light to
develop a discipline that serves your highest good.

Mediumship Training Level I (Please note this is a two part course)
Saturday, November 10th & Sunday, November 1 from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Instructor: Kristina Nez Begay
Fee: $125.00
OR $150 when you take The Empath’s Toolbox on Friday Evening, November 9th

Our loved ones are around us even after they die. They let us know in a variety of ways,
including passing messages through a medium, or a person who can communicate with
those in the spirit world. During this class, you will learn how to bring evidence of the
continuation of life after death in the physical world. You will learn how to use your innate
intuitive abilities to engage with those already crossed over. You will learn and practice a
variety of techniques to help you blend with the spirit world and bring messages of love
and compassion from those already crossed over to family and friends that remain on the
earth plane. Students will work individually and in partner exercises to practice these
new skills.



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