The School of Spiritual Exploration is part of the Art of Healing program. The courses taught in this area help guide students as they explore their
and how to apply their new knowledge in every day life. Several classes include guided meditation and question and answer periods.




Instructors: Lucy Lucia & Michael Krajovic

A growing number of people are experiencing extraordinarily high levels of stress and anxiety and
are desperate for relief. Join us for this 3 part series where we will unravel the metaphysics of
personal energy management. Learn how to find the peace, joy, love, abundance and health you
desire, regardless of what’s happening around you. Classes will include tools, techniques, exercises
and meditations specifically designed to heal the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual com-
ponents of your energy field, and to empower you to sustain your own happiness and well-being.

Part 1: Understanding Your Power
Everything is Energy - including YOU. Therefore, understanding the nature of energy and culti-
vating mastery with it is key to neutralizing harmful energies such as stress, anxiety and fear,
which create disease. With a focus on brain science, you will learn that you can disrupt negative
thought patterns to vastly improve the energy you feel to sustain your happiness and well-being.

Part 2: Using Your Power
Expanding upon Part 1, you will learn how to quiet the noise and tap into your own feelings so
you can uncover the root sources of your stress and anxiety. We will also practice tools and
techniques to reduce and ultimately, release them.

Part 3: Living Your Power
The last class will deepen your understanding of the metaphysics of energy. You will practice how
to control and direct energy to heal your life. You will learn methods to align your heart and mind,
to reduce internal disharmony. We will also discuss the importance of self-compassion and self-love
in creating a fulfilling life.


Facilitated by: Lucy Lucia & Michael Krajovic

The 3 - Part Awakening Level deepens our understanding about ourselves, Life and the Universe.

Part 1: Cosmology and Life - A Grander Perspective
Have you noticed that for a while now, it seems like “we’re not in Kansas anymore”? Have you
wondered why certain events are now playing out in the world, in the U.S., in YOUR life? Why
does so much appear to be falling apart? Why is there so much chaos and fear?
(Are you still waiting for things to get back to “normal”?)

AND - What if the answer to all those questions was an inherently inspirational one? Would it help
shift your perspective? Your ability to cope? Would it even shift your reality?
(Hint: The answer is YES!)

We are experiencing a process often referred to as "The Shift In Consciousness" or "The Ascension
Process", and when viewed from a Cosmological and Spiritual perspective, it all makes sense!
Understanding the “what” and “why” of it serves to renew our faith and trust, in ourselves, and in
the grander plan.

In the first program of the Awakening Level, we offer a grander, more optimistic perspective of our
Universe and our role in it. Gain a deeper understanding of the Cosmology of Love behind current
events and how you can better embrace the energies to navigate your life. We close with a guided
meditation to anchor awareness’s gained, instill hope and to help you regain your personal power
as creator of your life.

Part 2: Quantum Consciousness - You Are So Much More Than You Think You Are
If you have ever seriously endeavored to understand your purpose on planet Earth, this workshop
is for you. Together, we will delve into that sacred question via the world of Quantum Conscious-
ness which provides the perspective and "physics" required to study the dimensions that lie beyond
our ordinary reality. In that process, you will come to better understand WHO YOU ARE and WHAT

The topics explored during this second program of the Awakening Level are: What is the Quantum
Energy Field? What is the Source of this energy? What is Quantum Consciousness? What constitutes
a "Shift in Consciousness"? What is Unity Consciousness? What are the relationships between
Ascension, Consciousness, Soul, Quantum Energy, Vibration, Belief, Thoughts, Emotions, and

This knowledge WILL help you become a masterful creator of your life. We close with a guided
meditation to integrate and experience concepts learned.

Part 3: Enlightenment - What Does Love Have to do with It?

"Enlightenment" has been the talk of the Spiritual community for ages now, but are we really any
closer to understanding what it is? Are we any closer to personally achieving it? Perhaps most
familiar are the Buddhist and Hindu understanding of Enlightenment as a complete comprehension
of life and the universe, which usually is accompanied by a detachment of all things impermanent
and a complete awareness of everything that exists, at the moment that it is. Others have referred
to this level of Enlightenment as "Christed".

However, in this third program of the Awakening Level, we explore a radically expanded under-
standing of Enlightenment - as a state of consciousness, as the healing and creative energy of
LOVE, and as a Divine Template for us to live as Spiritual Beings in a physical form to create
"Heaven on Earth".

We investigate the interrelationship of the quantum field of unlimited possibility (the unmanifested)
to the cosmology of our manifested Life (our creations) and explore how this process is enhanced
as Conscious Creators. We address questions such as: Why would you strive to become enlight-
ened? How do you become enlightened? How do you know you are enlightened?

We discuss how to harness the available power of the Source within you to transform yourself, your
life and heal the world around you. You will begin to learn how to be "in this world, but not of it"
...becoming masterful in creating YOUR life and reality from the consciousness of LOVE, thereby
en-LIGHTEN-ing everyone and everything you encounter. We conclude with a guided meditation to
integrate new awareness’s.

The 3 - Part Mastery Level is focused on expanding our understanding, experience and practice
of LOVE.

In a world of increasing turmoil, the need for LOVE is greater than ever. The obvious solution is for
everyone to be more loving towards each other. However, this can be quite difficult to do because
it is not possible to LOVE others if we do not LOVE ourselves first. Yet loving ourselves is often
thought of as being self-centered and selfish, and for some, it seems almost impossible to do.

All of us have been conditioned, at some level, by life experiences and false beliefs about what it
means to be lovable. Over time we have forgotten how to truly LOVE ourselves to the detriment of
our happiness and well-being, negatively impacting the quality of our lives and those around us. In
fact, the lack of Self-LOVE has been so prevalent on our planet for so long that most of us have
become blind to its damaging effects.

In this first program of the Mastery Level, we address misconceptions about Self-LOVE, and replace
them with new understandings. You will learn how to identify the obstacles to Self-LOVE and how to
clear them to create miracles in your life. This class includes self-reflective exercises and concludes
with a guided meditation to help you LOVE yourself.


Today it’s almost impossible not to feel anxiety about something in our lives. In addition to our
family and personal crises, natural disasters, war, terrorism, mass shootings, fiscal problems,
environmental challenges, etc. dominate the news. This can cause us to feel overwhelmed,
powerless and fearful.

In the second program of our Mastery Level, we redefine fear from the “inside-out” and learn how
to recognize the energies of fear in all of its subtle and not-so-subtle forms. We examine the many
faces of fear such as anger, despair, depression, jealousy, abnormal grief, etc. and learn what
actions we can take to overcome them.

This class helps you develop a higher perspective on your life and the world around you. It includes
self-reflective exercises, processes, tools and practices to overcome feelings of fear, anxiety and
stress. Learn how to be masterful in using the energy of LOVE to overcome your fears. The program
concludes with a guided LOVE meditation to integrate new awareness’s and help you release your fears.

It has been said that “LOVE heals all things”, but how often do we use LOVE to help heal our
individual conditions and illnesses?

A great deal of ancient knowledge is being rediscovered about the healing vibration of LOVE,
which is being proven through the new science of Quantum Healing. Thoughts are energy and
LOVE is its purest form. We invite you to discover just how powerful your thoughts and emotions
are in forming your bio-signature and energy fields.

In the third program of the Mastery Level, we explore the energetic nature of “dis-Ease” and its
correlation to suppressed emotions and negative thought patterns. This class offers a deeper
examination of our human energy anatomy and its relationship to our beliefs. You will leave with
a greater appreciation of how the non-physical “in-forms” the physical. Learn how you can use the
healing energy of LOVE throughout your body to improve your bio-chemistry and support better
health and well-being. The class concludes with a meditation that will guide you in directing LOVE
energy to help heal your dis-Ease.

The 2 - Part Avatar Level delves deeper into advanced spiritual concepts and how we can integrate them in our daily lives to create “Heaven on Earth”.


Building upon what we have learned in the prior classes, the first program of the Avatar Level
delves into more complex concepts about LIFE, the UNIVERSE and SOURCE CREATOR. We will
grapple with questions such as: Is there right and wrong, good and evil, in the Universe? Why does
GOD allow bad things to happen? Can two things that appear opposite be part of the same truth?
Are there really no conditions to unconditional LOVE?

We address some challenging spiritual topics that are often difficult to understand or accept from
the finite human perspective. Spiritual paradoxes will also be discussed, such as being one with
everything, while at the same time being uniquely individual; or the purpose of duality and non-
duality. Other topics explored include reincarnation, birth and death, miracles and what is truth.

As we refine our level of consciousness, each of us has the potential to become an Avatar who is
able to understand and accept, with deep faith, divine truths that once seemed impossible to accept
or comprehend. In fact, most of us have experienced Avatar states of consciousness or Oneness, if
only for a few moments. We all have the inalienable right and sovereign power to become Avatars
in this lifetime. It is our divine destiny. The only decision left for us is to choose which experiences
will get us there. The program will close with a guided mediation.

In this second program of the Avatar Level we focus on what it takes to experience and sustain a
more loving level of consciousness. As we have learned, the more refined our state of conscious-
ness is, the stronger our connection to Source Creator becomes. Our connection to Source is our
internal GPS guidance system and our link to communicating with Angels, Ascended Masters and
other non-physical guides who are available to help us. While many of us have experienced the
feeling of Oneness while being connected to Divine Source, sustaining that connection has been
difficult, especially in these challenging and chaotic times.

This class includes exercises and daily practices that you can use to help discipline your mind, stay
present and maintain your connection to “All-That-Is”. Mastering these practices will help you be
LOVE and express LOVE in all circumstances. Avatars know that LOVE is sourced from within. It is
not limited, nor is it found outside of them. We will practice how to command and direct your
infinite supply of LOVE energy to help you address different life situations and create the joy-filled
Life you desire. The class concludes with a guided meditation.


Facilitated by: Lucy Lucia & Michael Krajovic

This is an uplifting, joy filled monthly gathering designed for YOU as an awakening soul who
desires to deepen your understanding of yourself, your life and the world from a spiritual
perspective. We begin with a brief discussion on a specific theme relevant to current events,
celestial energies and planetary alignments, followed by an interactive exchange where
questions are encouraged and answers are shared. The content always involves channeled
guidance from ascended masters with a clear intention to create Heaven on Earth within and
through YOU. Each gathering closes with a guided meditation.


Facilitated by: Lucy Lucia & Michael Krajovic
FREE program

We invite you to ‘take a time out’ to reset your mind, relax your body and rejuvenate your soul
within a nurturing environment. With so much uncertainty and stress in our world, let us share with
you some of what we have learned about the Energy of Love. Love is so much more than we have
ever imagined. Its vibration is so powerful, it can and will change your life - because Love is the
only true path to the peace, joy and well-being we all desire. The program will close with a guided


Facilitated by: Kathryn Rambo

The first class may be taken as a stand-alone class without further obligation.

All of the world’s religions contain some reference to Celestial Beings we call Angels. Angels
transcend every religion, philosophy and creed. These Beings of Living Light encircle us, guide
and inspire us and assist us on our spiritual journey. Each class is 90 minutes long and concludes
with a guided meditation to form a deep, meaningful connection with the Angels in our lives.

I: Guardian Angels
Belief in Guardian Angels flowered in the Middle Ages. A Guardian Angel joins us at our birth and
remains with us as our companion, guide and protector. This class introduces us to the history and
traditions of beliefs about Angels in the world’s major religious traditions and focuses on the role of
the Guardian Angel in our lives. The class is 90 minutes long and concludes with a guided
meditation to form a deep, meaningful connection with the Angels in our lives.

II: 9 Choirs of Angels through the Visions and Teachings of Hildegard of Bingen.
St. Hildegard, a 12th century Benedictine Abbess, author, physician, poet, politician, prophet,
adviser to kings, musician, healer, composer and artist was also a mystic and visionary. This class
explores her life and Angels as they appear in her paintings and visions. The focus is on her
theology and cosmology of the 9 Choirs of Angels. The class is 90 minutes long and concludes with
a guided meditation to meet Hildegard and travel through her mandala of the 9 Choirs of Angels.

III: Archangels.
Belief in Archangels is present in Christian, Jewish and Islamic faiths. In these religious traditions
the Archangels play important roles as great messengers. Most of us are familiar with 3 Archangels,
however there are many, many more. This class focuses on the Archangels both greater and lesser
and the gifts they bring to our lives today. The class is 90 minutes long and concludes with a
meditation to meet and talk to the Archangels.

IV: Our Father: raising our consciousness and connecting with God.
Prayer appears to be a universal human activity. There is archeological and anthropological
evidence that show that humans have been praying since our earliest days. In this class students
will learn the history of the Our Father and the origins of this prayer taught to Jesus. Students will
also experience the prayer from the Aramaic language of Jesus in contrast with the Greek
translation that most are accustomed to. Carefully examined, the Lord’s Prayer sets out a structure
of cosmic descent – the Divine is brought to Earth. The class will also cover the 8 Attunements of the
Our Father and will conclude with a meditation experience using the Our Father.

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