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Program Facilitator - Kathryn Rambo

Dowsing and the Pendulum - Certificate Series Level I

Dowsing Level 2

Dowsing Level 3

All courses require pre-registration. You may register in person or by calling the center.  

About your Instructor:
Kathryn Rambo is a member of the American Society of Dowsers and has been dowsing
for many, many years. She dowses homes for earth energies, geopathic stress and EMF
pollution. By creating the Wisconsin School of Dowsing, she hopes to create a Southeastern
WI Chapter of Dowsing as a way for local fellow dowsers to be able to come together to
network, share experiences, dowsing stories and learn from each other.

Dowsing and the Pendulum - Level I
Cost is $45.00 per class, $160.00 if paid in full prior to the first class.
Practice assignments will be given for each class.

Participants will receive handout material for each class including a booklet of charts
and supplementary materials that expand on information given in each class. Students
who complete all four sections, assigned homework, and demonstrate basic dowsing
competency with the pendulum will receive a certificate of completion.

Part One: Introduction to the Pendulum

This class will introduce you to the pendulum and basic dowsing techniques. During
this section you will learn a brief history of pendulum use; theories about how the
pendulum works to give a voice to your Intuition; selecting your first pendulum; devel-
oping a personal pendulum language and code; 3-fold permissions; shielding; and form-
ulating questions.

Part Two: Pendulum: Assessing, Cleansing and Balancing
                                  the Aura,Energy Centers and Chakras

In part two we will discuss progress developing the pendulum language. The focus for
this class will be on dowsing the aura and the chakras; how to do a "meta-physical" exam
on the aura and chakra centers; how to cleanse and how to re-establish balance in these
centers using the pendulum, crystals and sound.

Part Three: Pendulum and Earth Energies

Part three will cover the Earth’s energy grids (Ley lines, Curry lines, Hartman net,
Schumann waves) and geopathic stress. Noxious energy fields will be explored along
with their origins, causes, and their impact on human health. Students will learn the
process of locating positive and noxious energy fields and how to clear them.

Part Four: Pendulum and the Spiritual Journey

We begin the final session with an integration discussion covering what you have
learned, how you are progressing and will allot time to share what you have discovered.
We will explore the ethics of dowsing for others, the use of the pendulum for spiritual
growth, the seven stages of dowsing, linking this ancient art with inner growth, energy
clearing: spiritual house cleansing, re-balancing energy disturbances and dowsing as
part of your spiritual growth.


Dowsing Level II

Dowsing Level 2: L-Rods
Level 2 will explore the use of L-rods, also called swing rods or angle rods, for dowsing.
These tools are used typically for determining direction and location as well as for locating
water, energy fields (earth energy and other energy fields) Ley lines, energetic quality of
food, and other information. This four session course will cover: establishing a code/
language with the L-rods; measuring subtle body energy fields; dowsing earth energies:
vortex, Ley lines, geopathic stress; map dowsing; and techniques for dowsing homes and
land (property, areas in nature).

Dowsing Level III

Dowsing Level 3: Advanced Dowsing
Level 3 will cover additional dowsing techniques with the pendulum and L-rods including
determining healthy food and supplement choices, dowsing EMF fields and EMF pollution,
as well as exploring other dowsing tools like the Aura Meter and Bobber. This course will
also cover steps students can take to become a deviceless dowser.

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