This amazing series of classes is designed to peel back the “inner and outer” workings of each “gateway of energy” known as a “chakra.” Each class
is divided into an instruction and experiential section where students will have an opportunity to apply their learning experience in a clinical setting.

Students will first learn the basics of the chakra system and then learn about each chakra center in depth including the traits of each chakra, the
related elements, ruling organs and glands, age of development, related senses, colors, crystals and the chakra’s relationship to emotions and the
subtle energy field.

During their course experience, students will learn to define imbalances in the subtle energy field and to apply specific corrective measures. They
will also learn to “tune in” to their sensing mechanisms of sight, feeling, touch, smell, hearing and even taste.
Meditations to assist with opening
and balancing each chakra are included in each of the classes.




An Introduction to Spiritual Ascension through the Understanding and Development of the
Chakra Energy System

Series teaching the Mysteries and Mastery of the Chakra system Physical, Emotional and Spiritual
Aspects Including: Healing Sounds, Scents, and Stones for Every Chakra

Class size will be limited to 8 students on a first-come, first served basis.
The fee for the Introductory Class is $45.
The fee for each chakra class is $50 when paid individually.
The cost saving fee for all eight classes is $295 when paid in full prior to Wednesday, March 20th.

Introduction to the Chakra Energy System/The Mini Chakra Experience
Facilitator: Sheri Bauer, RRMT, CAHP, BD
Pre-requisite: None
2 Hour Session
Fee: $45.00

Consciousness is awareness of your unique thoughts, memories, feelings, sensations and
environment. It is where you are at this point in your life in your development. However, your
conscious experiences are constantly shifting and changing. Where you are today in thoughts
and beliefs may not reflect where you will be tomorrow. That is because what influences us on
a daily basis is a catalyst for constant change.

In this Introductory Class, students will explore the different gateways of consciousness as
depicted by the Mayans and Aztec civilizations. Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness will be
introduced and, through the understanding of its structure, students will be able to see where they
stand in their current state of growth and learn how they can optimize their full potential through
working within this “critical framework” for Conscious Living. Students will experience basic
kinesiology techniques to help understand how their thoughts, words, and actions can affect their,
or someone else’s, state of consciousness in the most dramatic of ways.

An overview of each Gateway of Consciousness as it reflects the Hindu Chakra System will be
introduced. Through this examination, students will gain a perspective about how to maximize
on their own potential to achieve a harmonious balance of body, mind, and spirit and how to open
the gateways to “enlightened” states of consciousness.

This introductory class is a prelude to the 7 class Chakra Study series that will include the teaching
of the Mysteries of the Chakra System on a Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual level. The series will
include a hands-on healing experience for each chakra, the healing frequencies of sound that are
related to each chakra, the aromatherapy recommended to work with for each individual chakra,
and the Crystals or Stones best suited to the development and healing of each chakra.

The Root and Earth Star Chakras
Facilitator: Sheri Bauer, RRMT, CAHP, BD
Pre-requisite: CHP 100
2 Hour Session
Fee: $50.00

This class focuses on creating an understanding of the functions of the root chakra, and teaches a
basic meditation to open and support the Root chakra. Students will also learn to test the health of
each chakra through basic muscle testing. They will learn how to open and close each chakra,
sweep the energetic field, and release the flow of energy during a treatment session. They will also
learn and practice chakra clearing techniques. Students will also be taught the relationship of the
Root chakra to the spine, the emotional mapping of the Root chakra and several energetic and/or
healing techniques related to the root chakra.

The Sacral Chakra - Sexuality & Reproduction
Facilitator: Sheri Bauer, RRMT, CAHP, BD
Pre-requisite: CHP 100
2 Hour Session
Fee: $50.00

At the end of this workshop, students will be able to define the energetic function of the Sacral
Chakra including its relationships to the sexual organs and reproduction. Discussion on the age of
development, element, relationships to the physical body and emotional body, colors, scents and
healing crystals/stones will be introduced. Hands on techniques for Aura Charging for Energy
Depletion, Anger and Frustration, Sex Drive, Pregnancy and Childbirth will be taught and practiced.
An introduction to the subtle energy fields and the relationship between the Etheric Field and the
Sacral Chakra will be discussed.

The Solar Plexus Chakra - Seat of Intuition
Facilitator: Sheri Bauer, RRMT, CAHP, BD
Pre-requisite: CHP 100
2 Hour Session

Students will learn to define and understand the organs and glands that relate to the Solar Plexus
Chakra and their role in the digestive process. The emotional correspondences that can be housed
within the digestive organs and their potential for the manifestation of very specific illnesses will
also be discussed. Students will learn to energy test the spleen meridian as well as meridian tracing
techniques for the Stomach, Liver, and Kidneys. A chakra balancing technique will be taught along
with a hands-on healing technique for Detoxification and Digestion. Exploration of the related
Astral Plane and discussion of the related senses, elements, colors, crystals, traits and fragrances
of this chakra will be introduced.

The Heart Chakra - The Bridge to the Divine
Facilitator: Sheri Bauer, RRMT, CAHP, BD
Pre-requisite: CHP 100
2 Hour Session
Fee: $50.00

The relationship between the heart chakra and the physical body and human spirit will be taught.
Students will learn to distinguish between the traits of the lower heart chakra and the higher heart
chakra. Techniques to treat the emotions of the heart and simple exercises to assist the heart to a
balanced state of being will be introduced. The process of learning to sense the subtle energy fields
begins during this class as students focus on “feeling” the energy of the heart chakra in the auric
field. Students will also learn how to use breath to increase the body’s receptivity to energy during
this class. Information is also included on specific energetic treatments for diseases of the lungs
and cardiovascular system.

The Throat Chakra - Creating Your Akashic Record
Facilitator: Sheri Bauer, RRMT, CAHP, BD
Pre-requisite: CHP 100
2 Hour Session
Fee: $50.00

The physical and emotional traits of the Throat Chakra will be discussed during this class. The Five
Levels of Sensing Energy at the physical body (Byosen) will be introduced and practiced along with
hands on healing techniques for neck and shoulder pain and specific treatments for the throat and
tinnitus. Students will also be introduced to the very basic steps of being able to see the aura and
using the sense of “sight” to detect energetic imbalances during a healing session.

The Third Eye Chakra - Communicating with Your Angels & Guides
Facilitator: Sheri Bauer, RRMT, CAHP, BD
Pre-requisite: CHP 100
2 Hour Session
Fee: $50.00

The physical and emotional traits of the Third Eye Chakra will be discussed. Students will be given
exercises to increase their perception though the “awakening” of the third eye chakra. Each
student will have an opportunity to have their aura read as well as participate in reading the auras
of fellow students. Included in this class will be an introduction to how “thought forms” influence
our state of being and treatment plans for Headaches, Vision and Concentration. Discussion of the
related senses, elements, colors and crystals will be included.

The Crown Chakra Unification with the Divine
Facilitator: Sheri Bauer, RRMT, CAHP, BD
Pre-requisite: CHP 100
2 Hour Session
Fee: $50.00

Students will learn about the Spiritual traits of the Crown Chakra and how these traits relate to
their personal connection to “Divine Consciousness.” Students will then learn to “sense”and
“identify” the various imbalances in the subtle energy field and, during an experiential clinic,
they will practice several techniques designed for Auric Field repairs, the charging of depleted
energy fields, and the correction the flow of energy.


Advanced Chakra Healing
Facilitator: Sheri Bauer, RRMT, CAHP, BD
Fee: $55.00 per Class

Students completing the Advanced Chakra Series will receive a Certificate of Completion in
Advanced Chakra Healing.

Advanced Chakra Healing Class #1

Students will review the main protocols learned during the Chakra Healing series including: the
Energy Field Sweep, Releasing the Flow of Energy; Opening and Closing the Chakras; Aura
Clearing and Aura charging for Energy Depletion. Students will also learn the new techniques of
Brain Balancing, Chakra Charging with Color; and the complete protocol for the Hopi Technique
including the Spinal Flush.

Advanced Chakra Healing Class #2

This class will begin with some energetic tidbits and a review of Muscle Testing and Sealing Leaks
and Tear techniques. Information on Spine and Chakra imbalances and their root causes will be
presented. New protocols will include Energy Diagnosis using metals, sound and magnetic

Advanced Chakra Healing Class #3

The focus for the final class in this three class series will be Color Healing using the frequencies of
colors related to the Chakra system. Students will learn about the relationship of each color to the
chakras and how each frequency of color can stimulate healing at the physical, emotional, mental
and spiritual levels. Students will learn a complete “hands on” protocol for healing the chakras
with color.

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