Whether you are just curious, want to investigate new paths to your own health and healing, or are looking for career enhancement or a complete
change of direction, the Art of Healing School of Energy Medicine has classes suited to your needs. The Art of Healing offers simple basic instruction
to very advanced “teaching the teacher” studies. The AHSEM program is the first of its kind in the metro Milwaukee community. The classes are
taught by certified, degreed and very experienced teachers known for expertise in their particular area of instruction.

At the Art of Healing School of Energy Medicine we believe that knowledge, competency and professionalism must exist at the very foundation of
Energy Work. The classes at the Art of Healing School of Energy Medicine are designed to set a standard of education and experience for those
pursuing a path of self healing or for students that wish to apply Holistic practices within the scope of their own careers or to work in the field of
Energy Medicine and open their own practices. The Art of Healing School of Energy Medicine offers certificates of study that reward levels of
accomplishment measured by credit hours and hands on experience.

The Art of Healing School of Energy Medicine is located within Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts in historic downtown Elm Grove, WI. It has
approximately 2500 square feet of space with two classrooms, two treatment rooms and an excellent retail area. Classes are small and personal
and range in size from 4-20 students.


The logo for the Art of Healing School of Energy Medicine is the Lotus Blossom. The blossomed lotus flower symbolizes spiritual growth, an
awakening or transformation. The lotus grows out of mud, our ignorance, to blossom above the water, into enlightenment. As it grows upward
in aspiration toward the light, its petals open out into a beautiful flower.


    • Please allow enough time to get to class by the designated class start time. Coming late may disturb the flow of the class and require teachers
       to take time away from the instruction to repeat information.    

    • If you are unable to make a class due to unforeseen circumstances, please call the Center at 262-787-3001 so that we may pass this information
      on to your instructor prior to the start your class.

    • No make-up classes are offered at Angel Light. Students who wish to make up a class may do so with the next series of classes offered.
      Some classes are repeated twice within a given year, however, many classes are offered only once per year. Therefore, attendance

very important.     

    • The teacher, at his or her discretion, may assign outside reading and activities, research papers, and/or the completion of case studies to
      meet the
requirements of class attendance. The granting of this dispensation would be at the discretion of the instructor and the exception,
      rather than the rule.


    • Certificates of Completion and/or Certifications will be granted upon the completion of any given class or class series provided
student has fulfilled the attendance requirements and has completed the assigned homework, research papers, experiential
      assignments, case studies and practicum as designated by the Art of Healing School of Energy Medicine and its instructional staff.

    • Certificates will be awarded by the Art of Healing School of Energy Medicine on the final day of a class series provided a student has
all the class requirements at least one week prior to the final class in any given series. Students who have not met the
      7 day parameter, will be issued their certificates via mail or may pick them up in person when the instructor informs the School Director
      that all attendance requirements and all assigned class work has been completed and gives the “go ahead” to release the certificate to
     the student.


    • Students must be pre-registered for each class that they wish to participate in. Pre-registration includes a 50% deposit to secure a seat.
      Because many of our classes have maximums, the supply of seats may not meet the demand. Therefore, seating priority will be given
      to those students who have pre-registered and have made their deposits in advance.

    • Students who are making payment in full for a certificate series will be awarded a 10% discount for the series they are enrolled in. Payment
      for a
series must be made on or before the start day of the first class in any given series.
    • Students may take the first class in any given series to make sure that a class series is a good match for their needs and goals. However,
      students who have committed to taking the entire series will be given seating priority.


    • Parking is available in the Angel Light parking lot adjacent to the building, or the Silver Spur parking lot across the street where we
      have 13 secured parking spots. Street parking on Watertown Plank Rd. and on the west side of Elm Grove Street is permitted.


    • Full refunds or pro-rated refunds will be issued if a student incurs a medical emergency prior to or during a classes series providing
      that he/she has a signed statement from their physician.

    • If a student has a non-medical emergency or a personal situation which prevents them from competing a class, workshop or class
      series, a pro-rated refund may be issued in the form of a credit towards a future class in the amount of their deposit or payment in
      full as long as this request is made with at least 3 days (72 hrs) notice prior to the posted class or event. Students may elect to take
      the same class or have the amount of their payment credited toward another class of their choice as class availability or seating permits.

    • A cash refund may be granted upon written appeal; however, each refund granted will be subject to a $10 administrative fee and
      each request for a refund must occur at least 3 days (72 hrs) prior to the class, workshop, class series or scheduled event.

     • If a student no-shows for a class, workshop or special event, no refunds will be disbursed or credits applied for future classes.
      Some Classes/Events may have a no-refund policy.    

    • Students will be refunded their class deposits or payment in full when a class minimum of at least (four) students has not
      been reached.

     • If the City of Milwaukee and outlying communities declare a snow emergency and the Milwaukee Public Schools are officially
      closed, Angel Light and the Art of Healing School of Energy Medicine will close as well to ensure the safety of all students.
      Students will be advised via email or a personal phone call if a class should need to be cancelled.

    • Classes will not be cancelled as long as the roads are passable and snow emergencies have not been declared.

    • If your instructor needs to cancel/reschedule a class due to circumstances beyond their control, your instructor will notify
      Angel Light and the Art of Healing School of Energy Medicine to procure a unified decision to cancel. An email or phone
      call to you from the instructor and/or an Angel Light staff member will then be made to advise you of the cancellation
      and to let you know the make-up date for the cancelled class.


    • Your instructor will provide his/her contact information to you at the beginning of a class or class series. In case of any concerns
      regarding the Art of Healing School of Energy Medicine, the facility, the School policies, class instructors and/or the curriculum
      content, please contact the school Director, Sheri Bauer, at sheri@angellightllc.com or by phone at 262-787-3001.
      All concerns and information provided will remain confidential.

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