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Robin offers acupuncture, energy work, and crystal therapy to
unwind knotty problems and balance your physical, emotional
and spiritual wellbeing. She uses both intuition and skill to help
people grow, heal, and remain happy, healthy, and active.

Robin is available Fridays 10:30-6:30

To schedule an appointment please call (414) 215-0887 or
email Robin at wellnessmke@gmail.com.

Robin Anderson
Robin is Wisconsin state and Nation Board Certified (NCCAOM) in Acupuncture. She is a
clinical Supervisor at The Midwest College of Oriental Medicine where she enjoys mentoring
her students. Robin provides support for your growth and healing while empowering you to
find purpose and satisfaction in your life. Robin's goal is to create a peaceful, safe, and
caring space where your goals can be addressed in a productive way.

I've been seeing Robin for a number of years now and have referred many people to her - she
has helped them with everything from insomnia to muscle pain to stomach issues to allergies.
Her demeanor is quiet and comforting, adding to the healing atmosphere.”

About your appointment:
Robin works intuitively and her framework for her diagnosis and healing is Traditional
Chinese Medicine (TCM). She has learned to read subtle energies and to manipulate
them to work on your everyday problems and concerns. Robin begins by highlighting the
underlying issues you are experiencing and proposes a holistic approach. Robin addresses
your body’s issues, emotional and spiritual influences, and lifestyle that affect you as a

For example, if your shoulder is having shooting pains, she may check your jaw, your neck,
your back, even your knees and hips - if anything is out of alignment it can trigger pain in
an area you wouldn't suspect - and proceeds to work on the affected areas. She may also
ask you about your triggers and look for patterns of behavior and mental thought that may
be contributing to our aches and pains and overall stress. Robin listens to everything else
you have going on in your life, to help her better understand your needs.

Each session Robin carefully listens to how your week has been and what your body has
felt like and then updates the treatment approach based upon both the current and all the
past accumulated information.

“My husband and I have been seeing Robin for over a year and half. I had debilitating back
pain. After, Robin started treating me I experienced much improvement. Over that time she
has treated headaches, colds, anxiety, stomach problems, allergies and eczema. It is always
so miraculous that she is able to treat all of these ailments with such positive results. Robin
deeply cares about the wellbeing of her cliental. She is a wonderful listener and healer. I do
not hesitate in recommending her to family and friends.”

Services available include:
   • Acupuncture
   • Acupuncture Plus
   • Acupuncture With Crystals
   • Acupuncture with Soft Tissue Manipulation
   • Acupuncture with Soft Tissue Manipulation and Crystals
   • Acupuncture with Aromatherapy
   • Crystal Therapy
   • Aromatherapy
   • Yin Tui Na

Robin has training in two different types of acupuncture. They can serve different purposes
and offer another way to personalize treatments. One is a more traditional Chinese style
that is extremely effective at creating change in problems manifesting on your physical
body. The other is a more energetic Japanese style if you are sensitive to needles or are
more responsive to subtle work. Both styles integrate and affect your mind/body/spirit
relationship. We can work together to determine which path is best for you.

“Robin is the best acupuncturist I have ever seen and one of the best health care professionals
I have ever worked with. I can state how skilled she is with great confidence as I have a
tremendous amount of experience with both western and eastern forms of medicine.”

“Robin's holistic approach is what keeps me coming back. She not only treats the physical
symptoms, but she listens to see if something else is going on. For me, the emotional often
affects my physical condition. Robin, also has background in Western medicine which has
proven invaluable to me. She got me to realize that I had adult-on-set asthma and to go in to
my general practitioner and get diagnosed and treated. Over the last few years and with Robin's
help, I have been able to cut my inhalor use in half and have continued to build and strengthen
my immunity. Symptoms of arthritis and fibromyalgia have also been improved.”

Acupuncture Plus:
With Acupuncture Plus, Robin allows extra time for coaching and counseling on lifestyle
issues. Because TCM is a mind/body/spirit medicine, the patterns of physical problems
have corresponding influences on the emotions. Our emotions and conditioned patterns
of response also affect our physical bodies. When we spend time looking at these influences
in your life and the patterns they present, Robin can offer guidance and empower you to help
yourself. It is Robin’s belief that helping you find those tools is one of the most powerful ways
she can contribute to your true long-term wellness program.

“I've seen a lot of health care providers become discouraged when I have not responded to
their treatment. Each session Robin carefully listens to how my week has been and what my
body has felt like and then updates the treatment approach based upon both the current and
the past accumulated information. I so appreciate her ability to change course when necessary,
a trait that is often lacking in many providers I have seen. I think her flexibility and attention to
detail are amazing. We can argue freely about numerous topics and she helps me think about
larger quality of life issues that both directly and indirectly affect my physical problems.”

Acupuncture with Crystals:
Robin has found that the addition of crystals and stones can create a change in your body’s
vibration and facilitate transitions--not only in the physical, but in the emotions and spirit.. If
you are under stress, recovering from trauma, or trying to improve your ability to flow easily
through life, you may find that crystals promote a deeper sense of relaxation and peace that
feels more profound than acupuncture alone.

“Robin’s crystal treatments have made a believer in the healing ability of crystals when used
by a gifted healer like Robin. I have experienced deeper states of relaxation with crystals than
I have achieved with acupuncture alone. I have also experienced physical benefits similar to
what I have experienced with acupuncture. In contrast to acupuncture, though, which feels like
it works mostly on the physical body, I have felt the effects of crystals on the emotional and
mental bodies as well: feeling much more rested, relaxed, and optimistic after treatments. It
feels like the crystals help you achieve a deeper and more in-tune state of consciousness.”

Acupuncture with Soft Tissue Manipulation:
Robin has developed an extensive specialty treating joint stress and pain related to work,
lifestyle, aging, and sports. This type of treatment may help you unwind old tight and painful
muscle patterns. This can help to rebalance your posture, restore free movement of your
joints, speed healing, and decrease or eliminate your chronic pain. The combination of
acupuncture and deep tissue work with fascial stretch can release your old tensions and
pain--even patterns pain and tightness that you have had for years!

“Robin has helped me in a number of ways. I first visited her regarding chronic back pain.
After 5 months of treatment, I have seen very good improvement in my mobility and posture,
and my pain has been lessened to the point where I'm now able to be more active than I've
been in years. Additionally, my stress levels have significantly improved, which is great!”

“Robin is an incredibly skilled acupuncturist and who has been carefully treating my pain
every week for almost a year. My problems and imbalances are slowly but surely improving
and Robin has been able to coax my muscles and spine in ways that no other health
professionals have ever been able to do, despite their use of trigger point injections, drugs,
and even Botox. She is incredibly gifted with her use of needles and has been able to alleviate
problems in my upper body by inserting needles in my lower body.”

Acupuncture with Soft Tissue Manipulation and Crystals:
Recent studies have shown that the changes in neurochemicals in our brain when we
experience our emotions and pain are reflected throughout the body and our entire
nervous system. If you are recovering from trauma--physical, emotional, or spiritual--it can
be beneficial to you to unwind and release your physical body while using crystals to help
raise and stabilize the vibration. Using all three tools creates a cradle of energetic support
for you during your transition towards balance and wholeness.

“Adding crystals to the treatment actually made the process a lot more relaxing. Somehow
they have a calming effect on me”.

Acupuncture with Aromatherapy:
The Body-Feedback System is a Traditional Chinese Medicine based system for using
Therapeutic Essential Oils in treatment. These are two treatments work wonderfully
together. During the acupuncture treatment, the therapeutic essential oils may help support
and even improve the outcome of your treatment. Like herbs, essential oil treatment can
be used to help continue and support your treatment after you leave. Like crystals,
aromatherapy can help raise and stabilize the vibration of your body as you process your
physical, emotional and spiritual change.

"When Robin uses essential oils in combination with an acupuncture treatment, I find I am
able to accept better the change in energy and relaxation that the treatment should have. It’s
almost like my body and mind have a toolkit to process and welcome the change, and it seems
easier to let go of stuck energy or pain. I also find it to be a more soothing experience - the oils
smell wonderful!"

Crystal Therapy:
Crystal therapy or crystal healing is a form of vibrational medicine. The application of
crystals or gemstones in a pattern or grid may help stimulate and support your return to
balance and harmony. Robin uses a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine
assessment, intuition and energy sensing to create a matrix that is personal to you at the
moment. Distance treatments are also available. Contact Robin for more information.

“My back released and I felt much calmer. It was really quite amazing what it did for my
back. Almost like being on the table. I went to sleep at around 8:30 and slept soundly until
5AM, with good dreams after having nightmares the night before. Amazing. This morning
I feel more optimistic and able to handle everything.” --Distance Crystal Therapy client

Robin recently added therapeutic-grade essential oils in combination with a TCM derived
Body-Feedback System to support health and healing. Are you looking for a way to use
essential oils more effectively? Using your body as a feedback system, Robin uses your
pulse, specific muscle groups and acupuncture points to determine a TCM diagnosis. She
then tests those points against your response to the oils to determine the optimal TCM
Essential Oil approach.

Yin Tui Na:
If you are unable to tolerate needles or require a soft energetic touch, Yin Tui Na allows
Robin to manipulate the energy meridians and acupuncture points of the body. This may
release your joints and energetic channels where energy frequently becomes stuck and
knotted. Similar to Reiki, using elements of Qigong, this treatment involves pulsing energy
between the hands with support and occasionally making small gentle movements. This is
performed clothed and comfortable, loose clothing is recommended. Areas that are treated
are determined by the TCM meridians and patterns involved.

Other services are available at Robin’s Third Ward location. Go to RAenergetics.com or
milwaukeeacupuncture.com for more information.

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